Eyes closing to envision May 15th, 2010, having an experience among friends dancing to Hip-Hop beats departing into time.

The excitement of the evening still in your rear view recalling memorable moments like a favorite song being played to even that crush coming through to see you in that outfit you had to be seen in. When the weekend was over and Monday arrived you knew you’d be the trending topic for the #TURNUP that would have everyone talking at school the following week.

Did you ever trend? Did you see that crush again from the party in class to flirt with? Did your homeboys 🤡 you for having too much fun? Did you get caught sneaking passed moms to get to your room?


What if my one answer could suffice a slew of inquiries: NO❗️as you are met by the 👮🏻‍♀️LAW👮🏼‍♀️ and 🚨LIGHTS🚔 sowing you into a system meant to keep you kept.

Name: 👦🏾Kalief Browder🙏🏾
Birth: MAY 2️⃣5️⃣, 1️⃣9️⃣9️⃣3️⃣
Crime: ✊🏾BLACK✊🏾

“Are You My Brothers Keeper?!”

We’ve heard this in many inquisitive ways from biblical cues between Cain and Able to fictional film moments like Nino Brown questioning Gee Money after slurs of #HOEBITCH (definition: scandalous being) before igniting a #BlackOnBlackBullet in New Jack City.

Oh, I can’t mention #BLACKONBLACKCRIME⁉️ Tell me how you really feel 💅🏽 #soontotobetopic🤐 #ivegottime💆🏾‍♂️

However the keeper of the ✊🏾BROTHERS👨🏽👨🏾👨🏿 is being kept in many forms throughout this blog entry, so the 🔑 is to keep focused on further reading KIA❗️

Kalief Brown, sixteen years old in solitary confinement for a crime never convicted nor confessing too over a 🎒 not in possession during time of the arrest. Spike 📺 and Netflix’s TIME: The Kalief Browder Story, is a documentary of a black boy who was racially profiled, policed, and imprisoned inside Rikers Island’s (for most part) solitary confinement.

Are your 👀 still closed❓See that clock on the wall as you're sitting in discomfort while being kept at a table... which has kept many brothers as a signature to being sold. An unwanted voice reminds you of the date and time though not in your favor yet to record in regards to your initial incrimination.

TIME: 7:47 PM
DATE: MAY 10TH, 2010

at ten minutes ‘til eight, the interview has concluded as it’s said you’re more then likely to be going 🏡 shortly⏳... though it’ll be 😳 THREE FUCKING YEARS LATER❗️

THREE HUNDRED DAYS IN SOLITARY CONFINEMENT, is the mind💭 still the keeper of a brother’s mental state?

Isolation is a keen way of keeping my brothers kept in a mentality which the mind is enslaved erasing all socialization that interacts them (physically) with the outside world. The blood shed ⛓shackles⛓ passed as heirlooms clinching on a reoccurring capital has my brother’s keepers in a superior state of supremacy. They’ve mastered fields into facilities of entrapment not to enhance the mind yet elevate their earnings by increased stocks supplying a demand in my brothers.

Self fulfilling prophecy or a selfless act?

I didn’t know black boys and black men were volunteering as tribute to be incarcerated as if some reenactment of, The Hunger Games; discharged involuntarily to take the heed.

My brother’s keeper has garnered generations into the judicial system as it caresses systemic corruption and violence with the seal of approval in forms of unlawful verdicts suppressing victory. To know that the courts flexed their judiciary muscles to hold Kalief Browder hostage for so long without any evidence (not to mention no key witness) is DEAD ASS WRONG❗️ Viewing footage and reading articles (The New Yorker) by Jennifer Gonnerman, included dates and delays in this young 🤴🏾’s trial showed how disgustingly the judicial system failed him... and they who mirror his reflection.

Can you comprehend within the 7 x 12 rectangle leaving you intertwined with contemplation? Thoughts of alternatives and solutions fill a declining mental state consumed on confinement yearning for a release. 

(translation: freedom)

**D O O R S O P E N**


Now released from confinement yet still confined entering into a society taught by torment, tools used as torture to gain higher levels of entitlement you're now in a socialization struggle seeking survival in a system to still keep you kept my brother, Kalief.

While you remain in this place, I recommend you prepare yourself for the journey ahead in the continuation of this entry’s second half as Kalief combats with civilization reprimanding black livelihoods (code: “Black-Lives-In-The-Hood”).