The Introduction


The Movement:

Homo Is The New Homeboy

Homo; a contemptuous yet possibly derogatory term (if used) to stereotype a male into a category of individuals exhibiting feminine traits that aren’t expected of the adequate male species. Homeboy; a continuously familiar acquaintance that shares bonds and experiences that lead to a compassion of trustworthy friendship in the “urban” world.

What is the difference between the Homo and the Homeboy?

It’s a very simple answer…. NOTHING as for NEITHER are accepted without having to struggle and stride for human rights so effortlessly as love and advocacy. Growing up in a “century old melted pot” still NOT mixed I witnessed, watched, worried and wondered about the views broadcasted across the masses... “I” have been portrayed without any kind-hearted efforts of potential professionalism for understanding, acknowledgment and most importantly respect. Allowing the multifaceted outlets such as the media, television and other mass markets to have the abilities of assumptions painting these stereotypical portraits displaying crime, miseducation, poverty and neglect.

Characteristics in which I believe are not of my kind; unable to stomach their ideologies on life.

Homo/Homeboy initiative is amongst the cultures. From inventing to reinventing styles of “what’s in” with fashion to an even deeply darker rooted influence of complexion, creativity and cultivation diversifying multitudes that is of the hip-hop essence.

#hitnhomeboy -

Justin Michael Hendrix