Trumpisha, Trans and To Whom It May Concern:




as I begin with a great big F-U-C-K...

seeing as these past few weeks I have found myself "jumping fences" between social media and CNN exhausted by the constant broadcasting of hate, horror and hindrance among the human race in capacities unable to cope with. 

(cue herbal)

Between "Trumpisha" or in translation "Trump-Impeach-Her!", TRANSPHOBIA and the revamped '2017 Ode To Revenge Of The Nerds' (KKK/White Supremacist) I caaaan't believe that the common denominator in the entire situation has been the use and misuse of FREEDOM OF SPEECH for one's HUMAN RIGHTS.

Since when did we start crafting hate into safe havens to intrude those cringing on the last freed rights as humans? But then again some rather be cringing on their last than unable to breathe!

#LetThatMarinate #CatchIt #EGRIP🙏🏾

Trumpisha’s term (code name: Error 45) thus far has been nothing short of a reality show spin-off to The Apprentice, filled with drama, weekly cliffhangers, unanswered questions to unresolved issues. However, this here has no reunion gowns, throwing of champagne glasses nor catchy phrases yet in real timeline form with the #TwitterFingers... BLOOP❗️ #CmonWig #ToucheToupee

I recall the CNN news anchor reading over a 2-3 week period of actions done on the behalf of Error 45 from hiring, firing, failed plans to bans and the seeking to remove individuals (i.e. transgenders) based upon "cost".

How did this conspiracy even become a conversation for misusing the word "cost" to cover the truths that lies behind a person's Transphobia?!

If you haven't been sleeping Eyes Wide Shut with hate or malice then one would be WOKE to the countless (and unsolved) murders, misgendering, mayhem and more against the transgendered community, recently in particular transgendered women of color nationwide. #TWOC #TransLivesMatter #KiwiHerring

Now that the White House is bizzzaaccKKK to being #AllWhiteEverything, "fine people" have been coming out their confederate corners covered in 'Continue The American Hate Again!", spreading taught behaviors towards gender and race like a scene from the horror film, The Purge.


Side Bar: Now, I've already said we about 3 DVDs and a VHS Cassette Tape away from that movie Rosewood. You know the movie when that negro had hid under Big Momma from Soul Food's body in that casket, so the white man ain't kill him even though the woman lied about being raped when she actually was cheating and got beat by the man she was creeping with for doing the (fucking) most! #CheatingWhiteFemale LOL

“Now let me bring you back to the subject!” -Pepa (Salt N’ Pepa “Shoop”)

Authenticity has created a platform for "living in truth" watching the Charlottesville videos of white supremacist sporting the Legendary Jesus Sandal aka Your Daddy's BBQ Classics, paired with everything that could NOT be coordinated except for the HATE in their hearts 'igniting' their Hawaiian Tiki Torches, used to keep mosquitoes away last time I checked a LOWES or the Home Depot outdoor section, but nonetheless the SH-I-T-E was tacky. #GuysForGazebos LOL

The recent scamming for presidency has done nothing for me, but it has brought out the hands to unravel the fold that's been blinding America to finally place eyes to heard voices of radical racism.

Freedom of s(UPREMACY)peech is giving voices to violence in exchange for labels, such as those “fine people” who gathered in combat, against what they believed was their human right freeing society of abnormals according to their mold of acceptance.

Funny, it's in the same way "Trumpisha" was feeling some type of way freely banning immigrants, transgenders and even shamming legacies, but still granting human rights due to one being "white", "male", and a "nationalist"... like the man tried to have 5 BLACK MALES wrongfully committed to death for a crime they were years, Years, YEARS released for not committing. TO BE CLEAR I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR THAT APOLOGY TO THOSE "FINE" BLACK MEN for his disposition, slander and defamation as he robbed them of 'Manhood' at an early age for mere press and scrutiny. #CP5 #CentralParkFive #ManhoodforSale

If it's time to start (mis)using these free rights to humans for speech and advocacy in return with chaos and corruption then shouldn't it be the "solution" that is removed from the position and/or situation? #RemovingYourselfAccordingly #StageRIGHT #ALT-RIGHT 

(coughs Trump out 1600 Pennsylvania)
(coughs white male supremacy in America)
(by any means necessary)


...until then I'm catching up on John Singleton's Snowfall on FX!