Arms stretched wide

Like church 🚪 🚪 

One enters for new life 

Granting entry 

As for the sanctuary ⛪ is home🏡

The rededication has begun as there is nothing like entering the ❤️ of a mother’s love.

👋🏾Welcome Home 🙍🏾‍♂️Kalief❗️

I know it’s been a long, long, long time coming (too long) and unfortunately TBH #NoChange gonna come (#BlackLivesMatter), but let’s rewind back to your homecoming🎉... to gather around family and close friends that once invaded those adorn spaces (including personal perimeters; we all have those distances between human/human boundaries of being to close). 

However the edge hasn’t been pushed yet merely leaving an opportunity of sanity at staying sane. 

The new 🌎 in real time meets a new age of societies ran by social media interest and bad fucking politics which includes a corrupted ⛓judicial system⛓ one for certain isn’t new to society amongst the two. 

Normalities catered in ways to carefully caress the connections to those that have been far in disconnect, but immune to confinement. It becomes a “norm” to be solitary in order to suffice from spending countless hours alone in a room to asking for personal matters such as the bathroom; the mind 🧠 marinated in the moldings of an inmate.

Enrolled. Embraced. Enhanced yet can’t be erased... erase the life affects from a blindsided situation that binds you into submission without thoughts to strive for more. 

“You might of me seen in the video, you might of heard me on the radio”

Entertainment entered enlarging the territory of presumptions as if 👖 pockets were filled with paper💸 from a meeting with Hip-Hop’s elite to interviews on prime time networks and being featured on daytime talk shows. 

Speaking to share a story in the midst of things without being saved is a son-of-bitch! 

Imagine altercations drawing blood on the streets to even serve hallucinations having had those thoughts always in the back of one’s head confirming that feeling of “somebody’s watching 👀 me”.... as predators prey on a prisoner's prosperous truth. 

The mental has maneuvered into the health making 😡 attacks at the mind and heart unable to bare the system’s “No Love Lost” ledger caused only more conditions leaving one not wanting to cope in continuous LIFE.

Looking outside my window
Never seen something so free
Gripping the grain
Tightened the neck
Looping 📿ropes📿 on remembrance
Soon to be in remembrance of... 
Whats to be next
Taking my last breath
Spirits fly
Body leaps
In remembrance of me... 
I am... Kalief!

💥BANG! Foot steps👣 rushing of a mother in panic to the bedroom as there is no one visually insight.

The air blows💨 through the window where the AC once set in place as winds blow back the curtains to reveal a destination that leads to the outside.

Lunging down stairs and through the back door to be welcomed above by a lifeless vessel in variations of strange fruit hung from a 🌲 . 

The judicial system👨🏼‍⚖️⚖️ has wrapped its rooted religion of privilege around black and brown ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 bodies to be suppressed throughout life that there isn’t much life to live. Generations have suffered mentally, physically, socially and economically controlling narratives to create conspiracies and chaos to cease a common factor. #BlackLivesMatter 

The life of Kalief Browder, is a series of life changing events that led to an elimination on a life to gain, grow and be something great in the world. Sadly, these are very much everyday situations we face never knowing when selective seconds in time could be a loss forever in life. 😢

-Justin Michael Hendrix