POSE Episode 3: Giving & Receiving

POSE Episode 3: Giving & Receiving 

“Deck the halls 

With balls of holly

Fa La La La La La La La La

HOMOS aren’t welcomed here 

I’m not sorry!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

The holidays is a time for families to embrace another with love and kindness to rejoice in the spirit of all things joyful. 

Unfortunately for some Black and brown queer and trans persons holidays can be a time in remembrance spending time with families opening gifts and singing those holiday classics from The Temptations to Jackson 5... or reminders of loss in family, loss in homes and loss in love or being loved.

“Mink... Chinchilla... I better see Bugs Bunny on your got damn back!”

The category is...

Best Dressed High class in a fur coat!

Best Dressed is a fashion category paying homage in style to execute a glamorous look.

Ricky is bound to make his ballroom debut yet unsure if he’s ready Damon seals his confidence with a kiss 💋 to send him on his way to the runway. 

“Who’s coming next?!”, asked Pray Tell, as Ricky’s answer was a pure serving of “butch” appeal and “masculinity” in the name of Billy Dee Williams. 

✌🏾 🔑 essentials for establishing “realness” in an category appealing to heteronormativity; ie: STR8 SHIT

He is the surrounded by femininity, 🌊 waves of 👐🏾 fans to waving fingers. And the scores are... 🔟,🔟,9️⃣, 🔟, 9️⃣ complimenting Ricky on a 🏆 for winner up. 

The function ends with Pray Tell announcing 🗣 for the girls to wear their best winter white for the enchanted 🌬Snow ❄️Ball.

It’s nothing like holding your first 🏆 in competitions especially ballroom because it’s a reward within itself that you worked for among your “own” peers.

“I’m not his Mother!”, a stern Blanca says to Damon in mention of Ricky helping with the house theatrics.

Wishful thinking💭 Damon has hope that she’ll consider him for the House of Evangelista since ‘he has a trophy’. 

Memberships within houses can happen either two ways: 

Participant is sought after House due to their performance skills on the runway possessing great talents and attribute to enhance their house.

Participant believes a specific house is the perfect fit for them. They are able to have their own niche in the house and provided a family; team atmosphere.

The first house I joined was EVISU which then transitioned in LANVIN when combining with House of Lacroix. I was later released from the house taking time away from ballroom to focus.

I didn’t have ⚖️ balance... wanting to be a punk!

I will share more about those list📜 of events ⏳soon.

“Where you get the coat🧥?”🔦

“It was my 👵🏽grandmothers.”

“Don’t bullshit me... it offends me!”💅🏾

Exchanges between Blanca and Ricky are important yet familiar such as an interview or interrogation pending your preference style of communication. Blanca questioned Ricky on the whereabouts of the fine fur he had. After he confessed to “mopping” it from a coat check 💁🏽‍♀️MUVA reiterates “that’s not what the House of Evangelista is about” and “building a legacy”. She admits to his talents and areas of concerns as 👨🏽‍⚖️👩🏾‍⚖️👨🏾‍⚖️👩🏿‍⚖️ want ‘confidence not cockiness when it comes to winning Grand🏅Prizes.’ Taking him in on a trial run purpose she informs him of not being in Damon’s studies🎒📚 to working on his runway.

They cheers🍻 to MOTHER!

Two lives. One 🌎 . Zero time⌛️. Same agenda. 

Pray Tell and Helena St. Rogers meet on the 🏥 elevator in silence 🤐. The 🚪 open walking to the sign-in desk leaving different directions. Picking up a lonely lunch🍲tray in the hallway Pray asked “Is this your lunch?” He ask his partner Costas. “Must be Mary Ann on duty she never brings it in.” He replies. In that moment I felt the need to find the nearest Mary Ann and let have 😤🤬! During this time our community was a plague and most people felt that even the slightest of touches could be contagious or they’re homophobic as fuck! Care met concern in the matters of Helena’s visit viewing a entrance to an angelic dance of the holiday spirit. “It’s Christmas 🎄 , I’m a prince 🤴🏾, dance with me...”, she is instructed to do. Interjecting with inquisitive she caresses the hand of the 🤴🏾 suggesting he rest, but prince becomes upset rebelling against her advice.


Both Pray and Helena scream out in help, in love, in what the fuck is going on as these two 👥 individuals in my 👀 were witnessing their loved ones suffer from mental 🧠 to 💪🏾 physical health concerns.

TBH hospitals didn’t have care nor health professionals with a heart for at least a human race. 😔

During this time gay men dealing with the AIDS virus weren’t supplied with the right 💊💉supplements from mental evaluations and medicine to 🍎🥦🍗🥛nutrition and proper eating habits. Without those two adequate advances generations died drastically. When I speak drastically it’s within the seconds lives were lost.

The scene ends with Pray and Castos sharing plans for Christmas and looking forward to living more in life.

“Don’t you dare treat me delicate.”, Blanca says to Pray, discussing holidays plans and HIV. He shares how he is used to loves going in to hospitals and never coming out. “As if this life wasn’t hard enough.”, says a carefree Blanca to get a giggle out of Tell. Things move a little further sharing not to disclose her status to her children in fear of them losing a goal to focus ‘not’ on her personal health.

“This is so beautiful!”

Angel is smiling 😁 ear to ear being surprised by Stan’s 🎁 in a place of her own. I must say Angel flexed her muscles and made a money move to benefit herself and 🔒 secured a few things 🏡 💰 while on the way. She states her feeling of being ‘safe’ in something that is of hers to an extent. The moment continues, Angel ask if Stan could find time in his holiday schedule to spend some time to see her on Christmas Day. Stan Bowes replies in agreeing to come through being rewarded with some...




and whatever else you wanna call it... I would say THEY FUCKED or THEY FUCKIN’!

To witness this scene, in particular, showcases trans women as “humans” or becoming “humanized” (no disrespect) in the sense of being one with a human race with intimacy, as they are typically seen as hidden agendas and paid for pleasures.

Side note: why she have on black 🧦 ... I mean I’m guilty of getting some sex while wearing black socks too 🤷🏾‍♂️😂😂

plus loving the Janet Jackson "Let's Wait A While", as the soundtrack/score to that scene #LOVE

Lemme get my soap bar and clean my 👄 out of filthy words. 🚮

“Time is not your friend. It’s coming. For👉🏾👉🏾 you. For all 👥👥👥 of us. It’s show no mercy and it always wins! And then you’re gone. Forgotten.” 

Helena firmly plants onto Damon’s mental after arriving late and then using his area as an excuse. 

using two tools encouragement and shame.

Prior to the late arrival she received📞 news of the Prince’s deaths revealing to the receiving end of the phone📞 call that she isn’t family yet only his former dance instructor. 😢 

(Idk about you, but that telephone call made me rewind back and take in the his divine for dance as he graceful danced around connected to IV cords.) 😭😭😭

The conversation between Damon and Mrs. St. Rogers ends with her asking Damon to GET OUT of her classroom❗️I believed she seen the Prince that passed, in Damon wanting him to reach his goals and DANCE not ball.

It’s was that moment she showed her hand in seeing ballroom as a fictional reality... though it is our sacred space or Hollywood in the upside down! 

(Stranger Things reference 😉)

“It’s a super power I have.”, Matt Bromely stated about in his privilege 👱🏼‍♂️ in gender, race and class to a mere secretary’s pubic hair color. These were the days of male chauvinist and egos taller then Trump Towers 🏙, oh wait... we’re still in these times! 😒


Greed ran the business 🌎 and high class meant only for the top dollar and anybody close to even the coin could be ✂️cut loose. In this case it would be Bromely feeling less “Man of the Year” and more “Clean-Up Woman” when noticing Bowes leaving from an top executives counsel meeting. He confronts Bowes about what had taken place without his knowledge. Bowes shares his idea 💡 of working with the industry to feature Trump in their film🎞 content if choosing to film on their lot. The executives were very interested in the thought and presented him to Trump to which he agrees. 

“That’s my lane buddy” (Bromely)

“I didn’t mean no disrespect. Nobody stopped you from coming into that meeting.” (Bowes)

The gentleman have a “pull of position” conversation very much in remembrance to Talledega Nights classic quote “if you’re not first your last”, as Bromely pulled the “boss card” without actually being the BOSS.


Elektra is contacted per her former doctor’s recommendations to come in to visit specialist being at the top of the list for sexual reassignment surgery or 💉💊SRS. 

•term is gender fluid in trans experience

applaud the writers ✍🏾 and producers 🎥 of the episode sharing the beginning stages of womanhood for most trans lives first seeking a medical professional like a doctor.

I didn’t have the luxurious to sit around waiting.”, Elektra gives with much attitude of why she never taken the offer prior to the day’s visit. The doctor ends the conversations with follow-up instructions on completing her needed procedure. Looking out her window she sits in deep thought 💭 from her visit, interrupts Candy and LuLu bringing a holiday wreath in hope of holiday cheer.

🙍🏾‍♀️Candy begs to differs reminding us all “Christmas ain’t nothing but a sad ass reminder of what we done have!” Along with pushing for Elektra to reach out to her “Big Poppa” (NeNe Leakes voice)

Elektra pushes back daring them to think and understand the fight she too even has to put up with as Big Poppa counts every single cent, every single got damn gift and anything I manage to steal away goes to Abundance, the rent 🏠, the lights 💡, the food🍱.

Candy and LuLu take in her insights suggesting they go out and get in the mood to assist MOTHER to DECK THESE FUCKING HALLS.

Mariah Carey is the score. The ladies hide with a plan in mind to do some “canning” of their own. Elektra directs the girls one by one to execute a plan worth of taking $2300 from 🎅🏽 and The Salvation Army... Merry Christmas! 

Oh yes! Absolutely all of your Christmas dreams will come true.”, Elektra selfishly says to Candy and LuLu discussing wigs... the human kind and shopping at Bloomingdales. She walks to the window, cash in hand gripping it tight in efforts of executing her plans. Her grip loosens when arriving to the clinic to make her deposit telling the secretary to “Sign me up!

“There’s a different thing to be a mother who chooses their children. We gotta deal with our mistakes and also the mistakes of the mothers who brought them into this world... we don’t get the benefits of a clean slate.”

Blanca and Helena St. Rogers sit discussing Damon’s time in school vs his gratification of being rewarded in ballroom. Helena shares a narrative on difference between inspiration and distraction with cuts coming at the end of the semester. 

Parents (gay or house) take on a great weight as they did not birth up, but in a way “re-raise” us up in a way similar to how most parents seek out childhood for their children. The only issues come when not knowing what environment some grow up in or their upbringings.

Damon arrives home to a fierce Blanca as “MOMMA DON’T TAKE NO MESS!”, informing Damon of his consequences including 🙅🏾‍♀️NO BALLS! He becomes upset and rebels saying he will still participate. Blanca sends him off to his room after letting him know if he walks the ball his SHIT WILL BE THROWN OUT ON THE STREET.

That scene in particular reminds me of when I went against my mother’s orders traveling out of state and losing my wallet for a ball. 

One of many lessons I learned being a punk in love 😍 with ballroom not having balance.

⚖️Balance is something Mr. Bowes is learning to master quite well I must say while making purchases at the mall jeweler💎.

Though didn’t you find it funny too when the sales clerk clocked tea 🐸☕️ on him needing to gift ‘the other woman’. 

If you’re not calling him then who is?” 

Mrs. Bowes asked Mr. Bromely to confirm he isn’t the one that Mr. Bowes is reporting to. The scene is so shady 🌴🌴 as Mr. Bromely arrives unexpected with gifts and a 🍑 in the back of them pants when they caught the side view at the fire place in them vintage style pants. 🤪 

🍷🍷Glasses of red wine and not so good conversation they communicate in discussions of success; ie the American Dream🇺🇸 and experiencing something brand new and only for... YOU.

Bromely goes forth kissing😘 Mrs. Bowes, who 😎shades his efforts, as Mr. Bowes gets home inquiring his presence and the aftermath.





Home from the ball Blanca walks in on Damon in front of a dim lit 🌲 sad and lonely. He told her how he sat in the dark thinking while they were away as he thanked her for doing the damage he felt she done by not allowing him to go to the ball. 

I wondered what would have happened if I didn’t loose my wallet traveling or even stayed home as my mother instructed, as she didn’t send for me since I went against her rules!

Christmas Day is here Damon with 🥞🍳🥓🥛in bed for Ricky. They share gifts and kisses😘 under the mistletoe soon commencing to have their first sexual encounter.

Things aren’t so festive at the Bowes' household as Stan is in disagreement with his wife and mother in law. She shares how Matt claims Stan doesn’t report to him all the time and wanting to know who is the other woman. Revealing that she knows about his time in the jewelry store Stan then basically shut his wife up by gifting her both items he purchased in order to keep his agendas hidden from her.

That 👧🏼 daughter don’t gives no fucks as she spilled the tea. 🐸☕️

Angel is setting the mood to “Santa Baby” by the Iconic Eartha Kitt, baking 🍪 🍪 and pouring glasses of 🍷 in hopes that she’ll have the man of her dreams for Christmas. Though her dreams like many aren’t the reality as they can’t have that life according to heterosexuality and things un-godly. She cries out in the window to a snowy night in shambles.

Giving and Receiving ends with a round table of Chinese cuisine after Blanca burned the 🦃.

She gifts each child with a gift, but two gifts stood out to me the most.

Pray Tell’s 📸; as a reminder to keep hold of your memories best in color and don’t let them fade away to the dark, so for him to capture the moments and keep them capsuled.

Angel’s red 👠; as a reminder of her childhood to which she first found authenticity, she was beaten by her father for knowing her identity.

The last 💝 from the children to mother was important as it gave the physical entitlement to Blanca as to know she is not just MUVA, but their MOTHER. 

It’s important especially around the holidays to keep family intact especially persons of LGBTQ as holidays can be difficult times for one if not having a welcoming family due to living in ones truth.

Until we meet again on the runway... make sure you tell at least two Hetero to Homo houses to watch Pose!

Oh, Yeah! Teyana Taylor’s Work This Pussy #SisSoBallroom #DJMikeQ