POSE Episode 4: The Fever

POSE Episode 4: The Fever

"🌬Winter is gone

The ice has melted💥

Are you ready for those cut off 👖’s 

That displays half of that big ol’ 🍑 of an ASS❗️

Cause the category is...

Luscious Fem Queen Body💃🏽" 

Pray Tell🎤 calls for the most worthy possessing the womanly figure and frame. 

The category... BODY is a category revolves around the sin of lust yet leaving enough for the mind to only imagine💭 ones sexual sensations and pleasures portraying a fetish for more

Male figures categories range from Body to Sex Siren showcasing muscles, abs, chest and legs mirroring famous physiques like a Greek God.

Female figures categories range from Body to Sex as well however it’s about the curves, BUTTAH smooth skin to the infamous T&A! 

- Tits & Ass

Candy believes this category is her calling for the night dressed in her sexiest suit for the night. “...I could crack a walnut🥜 with that ass.”, a furious Elektra says in disagreement with Candy’s decision to walk the category.

  • Candy is played by businesswomen and actress Angelica Ross, who has created an Emmy nominated series Her Story and creator of TransTech Social Enterprise. Excuse me for giving resume... lastly you've seen her throughout first season of, Claws along Emmy nominated actress Niecey Nash, playing Relevance.

Russian🇷🇺 🔫Roulette on the runway she plays as the crowd is in laughs, kikis and mad giggles. 

“The category is Body.”, Pray Tell reminds Candy strutting down the runway. She continues ⚠️ warning him to come down and see if he’s unable to squeeze 🍋 into a pixie cup🍶. 

He rebuttals leaving it to the judges and it’s 6️⃣’s across the board. Humiliated she 🏃🏿‍♀️💨runs out the hall. Angel comes out to her aide having a conversation over 🚬🚬 about the desires of having that figure deciding they’ll go any route to be the BAWDY.

(The conversation between Angel and Stan about curves and him admitting to being on his list of pros only fueled her thoughts on a less statuette, but feminine frame.)

5️⃣, 6️⃣, 5️⃣, 6️⃣, 7️⃣, 8️⃣








Dean of dance gives the count as Damon and class pivot and sway to the count of her beat in number and snaps💥. 

Wrap, and twist, contract to the right.

Push, push, push

she guides them in a pace to final positions and pose.

Class dismisses as she tells Damon he’s done a nice👍🏾 job. After taking in her words he approaches her about the sign for the Spring Showcase. “I don’t think you’re ready, but I’ll let audience determine that when you perform.”, Helena St. Rogers answers. He hugs 🤗 her in excitement.

“Okay, so who am I working on?”

Angel and Candy are in the home of an 🕳underground black market for cosmetics from injections💉 to surgical✂️ procedures. 

The “Pump 👩🏾‍⚕️Doctor” is the usual term used for an underground profession like this one which people pay under table prices for illegal to legal enhancements. The market is very lucrative yet a loop hole for lost ones in losing⚰️⚰️⚰️ their lives to body complications and more. 

I learned from my mother Bambi and beautiful cousin Sh’Dyna🌸 to always go the professional route with actual doctors in actual licensed 🏥buildings and though if having to go the black market route as health care is scare like the love for black and brown #TWOC...

then👉🏾 DO 👏🏾YOUR 👏🏾RESEARCH.

“What do you do?”, Candy ask the doctor. “Well I help girls like yourself, who don’t have the means to get work done uptown, but still want great results.”, she answers and then continues, “What I do is legit. I work with a white doctor uptown who used to do this for the girl who could actually afford it. Everything I know I learned from him.”, to confirm she knows her shit as White 👱🏼‍♂️👩🏼 America Is Right America🇺🇸! Consulting them through each step she informs them of precautions and emergencies ⛔️ to avoid including the need for super glue to stop blood and leaks💧 in the after effects. 

Angel and Candy jump at the table as she lets them know WHAT’S THE PRICE. “$1,000.”, the Doctor says as Candy replies, “I thought you were injecting me with silicone not gold!”, in shock 😱 at the prices. 

Unable to afford the cost of cosmetic enhancements they leave.

Temperatures rise as Damon regurgitates🤢🤮 while in class and encouraged to leave once feeling his temp. “What are your 🤒symptoms?”, a worried Blanca asks Damon. She checks his body and notices his glands are swollen, sit backs then leans in to ask if he’s been 🍑🍆sexually active with Ricky. 

“Yes, but ☝🏾 time it came off.” he says as Blanca interrupts. She discontinued her scolding to comfort him as a he laid down to rest. Awaken to Angel he sits up as she rubs his head. “I feel like shit!”, he confessed as Angel tries to feed him. 

They have a conversation about Blanca’s motherly rule inquiring about their sexual habits and prevention. Angel says it’s because Blanca was scared of Damon converting. “People be fine and looking good. Then they get like a bad flu. Lots of times that flu 😷 means you start converting, which means the virus.” Damon realizes she is speaking of AIDS, but reassured him that he’ll be fine.

“So what do I owe the honor?”

Elektra asks her Big Poppa. Played by the one and only Christopher Meloni of Law & Order: SUV. 

  • I wanna shoutout Meloni for his wide range of diverse acting from 🎩Oz to Underground✊🏾 and now Pose✨.

This unexpected arrival is in favor of Mr. Ford wanting his favorite girl, since leaving early🛫 from business🛬 in London. The two have a session 👅 and lay up in reminisce of an old Hollywood Classic movie. 📽🎞

“You’ve been good to me.”, Elektra says to Mr. Ford as he suggest she only wants something from him. She declares her desire for an operation and wanting to complete the procedure. Mr. Ford interjects that he 🙅🏻‍♂️refuses to allow her to do such, as it’s what he👈🏾👉🏾wants and likes to get a away with something no one else knows about.

He questions her loyalty flashing back to their beginning and where they are now saying how he took her from the streets to stability. Elektra states that she is doing this on her own without Mr. Ford though he asked her when was the last time she actually tried to do something on her own.

🤭🤭 (was that a read⁉️)

At that moment I believe he meant financially since he waves the bag over her head that she secures to keep your lifestyle dreams come to fruition. 

“Lovergirl” and lights fills the room as Pray Tell calls forth the BEAUTIFUL, BODACIOUS, BAWDY!

The children of Abundance prep mother for her category while LuLu is trying to find reason for helping Elektra since using the money they mopped from Santa and the Salvation Army to make a down payment on her SRS. Reassuring of her mistakes Elektra confessed to the kids that her man likes her the way that she is, as for she is a unicorn. 

I ain’t tryna fool nobody... I’m serving bawdy!”, a confidence yet cushioned Candy says to a Elektra walking forth with padded frame. Mother Abundance shatters her fantasies of dreams of being a curvy woman. 

“If you’re going to serve a look it must be suited to you. It must be streamlined. It must be flattering and most of all it MUST BE REAL❗️”,

Elektra says with such poise.

“Fuck her LuLu!”, a lunging Candy says walking away to dictate her own reality and sadly the odds weren’t in her favor. 

After a reading session from Pray Tell she walks away giving Elektra her walking papers, but Elektra informs her of already being given the 👢!

Next category is Fem Queen Realness.

Walking out first is Mother Abundance, but not for long as Aphrodite Extravaganza is at the back of the runway ready to compete. She struts refreshed head to toe as she stops to give her whereabouts to the kids like Carmen San Diego...



The two battle down with Extrava coming out as victor. The ladies kiss-kiss as Elektra invites her out for a nightcap in celebration. At the cafe Aphrodite shares her early years of how Elektra had impacted her life becoming a woman and participant in ballroom. 

The conversation goes deeper👇🏾👇🏾 into the lives of trans women in regards to physical attributes. “I don’t see incomplete, I just feel inconvenienced.”, Elektra says about going through with SRS and not wanting to live in the “in between” for him. 

this scene in particular with Elektra have to “tuck” and cutting tape was a truth scene for a lot of trans women in admiration of completing their womanhood.

She continues to talks about completion and cries 😭 as Aphrodite exerts that they are the real Dreamgirls and to never feel sorry for obtaining authenticity.

Ricky is at Damon’s side playing Dr. Love checking his temp that still at 102🌡. Damon starts getting ready for class as Ricky stops him. They share a conversation of testing and HIV statuses. Damon begins to freak out at partner numbers, as Ricky tries to soothe him, Blanca played nosy 👂🏾 mother snooping outside their 🚪 listening. 

She links up with Pray Tell to spill the 🍵 as he lets her know he stopped getting tested himself along with Ronald Regan choosing to not acknowledge AIDS nor say it along with health care not available for this “plague”. Their heart to heart at the pier they make the decision to have everyone tested and they’ll make it through.

They guys meet up with Pray Tell at the diner to the 📢announcement of going to go get tested all together including Papi:

who is an example of two things: 1) gay for pay and 2) comfortable with the culture and community.

“WHEW CHILE... THE GHETTO!” is where we find Candy and Angel on the search for a feasible doctor.

“Don’t be jealous of a perfect mug!” says Miss Orlando inviting the girls to either get beautified or to not steal her secrets as she adds her own ingredients to the mix 🥘 she disposes💉. Candy pays the 💵 as Angel skips this go round to see how it works in Candy.

☝🏾THERES POWER IN KNOWING as the fellas go and get tested.

The night falls as Candy is ready to roll and on 🔥... literally fanning herself committed to relax after she snatches the 🏆. Debuting her new derrière 🍑🍫she is given her 🔟’s across the board!

Spinning in ⭕️ ⭕️ ⭕️ and lights beam down, she is thrilled at the crowds cheer then she faints 🤯. 

“I hate when I look in the mirror.”, Candy says to Elektra coming to her side medicating her with antibiotics💊💊 as she dwells in her insecurities. Elektra admits that she too has insecurities however won’t allow it to overcome who she is known herself to be.

“What’s the matter baby?”, Angel ask Stan as her give him some oral👄👅 pleasures though he’s unable to get it 🆙 He starts to deny Angel’s accusations as she starts to speak about his 👰🏼wife’s nice hips and boobs after giving birth. The argument continues, the confronting becomes confrontational in Angel becoming unsure of who Stan is after he shares his first time seeing a pornographic magazine. She insist that he sees her as that pornographic fantasy kicking him out.

Another example of how trans women are see as sexual objection and hidden agendas.

Agendas continued to be hidden as Pray Tell lies to the boys of his status after everyone’s results were negative. Reality hits 😰🤯😨 him as he asks the doctor for some time to gather himself before exiting the room. 

“I Lied.”, he says to Blanca later when finalizing her 👗 he made her. He starts to believe he’ll have the same experience as Casto in Episode 3. Blanca says to Pray Tell that they will get through this and will out live it.

Elektra meets with the doctors to start the process of her procedure signing ✍🏾 documents 📋 as she takes a moment to cry 😢 out of bittersweet emotions the doctor reiterates the freedoms she have.

The time as come to make or break... so break out! 

Damon does the damn thing at the recital to a standing ovation and a proud mother Blanca standing among the other proud parents in approval.

Mrs. Helena looks back at Blanca as she mouths “THANK YOU!”, I must say the relationship and growing bond between these two woman for Damon is a testament to sisterhood woman to woman.

The Fever leaves me wondering how far will Elektra, Angel and Candy go until they feel complete? Understand every trans living/lives experience is different and we must respect the transition. 

I also have a feeling about Bromely and his motives towards Stan realizing he is now a threat to him and an important assets (possibly) to the Trump company... we can already see he can be a SAVAGE pulling up to the Bowes’ household playing “Daddy”.



Until we meet again on the runway... BITCH YOU ALREADY KNOOWWWWW! (Big Freedia Voice)