POSE Episode 5: Mother's Day

Pose Episode 5: Mother's Day 

“Behold the new daughters... calling for all the pretty girls 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ and future of the community.”


The year 1️⃣9️⃣8️⃣2️⃣.

“Anybody else walking?!” 👀🤷🏾‍♂️

Blanca comes down👡👡 the runway and the music is cut. “Blanca! My name is Blanca from the Bronx”, she is ridiculed with commentary from being in ‘drag’ to her ‘shake and go wig’ by Pray Tell and company.

“Can I have my score please?”, she says with confidence. The scores are between 6️⃣’s and 7️⃣’s as Elektra 👀 on, she is pleased of her nerve

Did you catch that stubble under the💡💡?

The girls gather to read Blanca being less than real after the function. Blanca tries to read back yet her reads don’t stick. As they laughed 😂...

😏 “Now Keshia!”,

Elektra👠👠 comes through to send the bad hand job hookers back on their way. “Thank you Ms. Elektra, I’m sorry a legend like you had to be in the presence of such pettiness”, she thanks Elektra unfortunately unable to 👂🏾 due to the overwhelming 🔊sounds of an empty stomach. An invite to the 🍽diner🍽 we see Blanca devour the dinner before her as if it’s her last meal. Reminding her that indigestion isn’t flattering Elektra quickly guesses the “see what had happen was” of the illusion before her, as it’s too familiar. 

‘Mommy kicked you out the 🏡 after finding you in a 👗’

“I wanted to be pretty... to belong I guess!?” Blanca confides to Elektra of what possessed her to step out on the floor tonight. The warmth of the 💡💡 gave her the feelings of safety in her femininity despite her acknowledging not having a polished look and in her beginning stages of womanhood. Elektra responds in care making sure to mold her look before the next time she hits the runway in front of those 😎shady😎 bitches. 

As their ❤️ to ❤️ continues Blanca reveals in her honesty how she could never be as beautiful and believable as Mother Abundance. 

Though seeking to be seen and respected as the woman before her... the being of herself inside to reflect outer.

“Now what is it you want my child?”, Mother ask Blanca. Her answers were so truthful and in the moment of what she yearned for. “I don’t wanna be cold🌬. And I don’t wanna be laughed😂 at.” Mother Abundance grants🔮 her wish calling for the check informing Blanca that she is coming 🏡 with her. 

“I am your👉🏾👉🏾 mother!”, confirms Mother to daughter. It so reminded me of my first Pose blog entry when mentioning how I met my mother Bambi, who took me in and became my parent. The way it felt to be taken it ⚡️struck⚡️ with me as I believe Blanca had portrayed it on the screen in a moment of shock and awe for feeling kept in a sense of safety.

The times⌚️👉🏾 return👉🏾 to present its ⌚️ for some Spring🌸🌼🌺 cleaning 🚮though doing the job half ass seems to be the move. “I’m your mother 🙅🏾‍♀️ not cha’ maid!”, Blanca repeats to the 🧑🏽🧑🏾🧑🏾boys as they pile around the room to “straighten up”.

After a few rebutted jokes Blanca leaves to the next room inquisitive about the quick clean up. “I’m efficient!”, a poised Angel says laying across the bed reading a magazine. Mother E scopes the room turning to the closet while Angel 👀 up. She opens the 🚪 it all falls down...

covers, 👚👙, 👠👡👢, 📚 , 🧢 , a mule... you naaaaame it! 😂😂

“Get cha’ ass up and this clean room right... I thought yo’ yuppie white👨🏻boy got you a fancy apartment🏢?”

Blanca says to Angel in questioning her return back 🏡 . Her stance against Stan is one for self identity and obtaining a relationship no longer wanting to be a side line or secret 🤐🤫. “We’re not done here.”, she says to Angel’s thoughts of playing hard to get.

The ☎️ rings

A 🗣scream fills the 🏡 . The children 🏃🏾 to Blanca’s rescue. Blanca reveals that her mother has died Damon wraps his arms around her. I don’t know what it is like to have lost a parent however to have been friends with individuals who have, I have seen some experience as we were considered a “bonus child” among our families.

👧🏽 “Ma, some lady at the 🚪 .”, she goes to visit her sister. The visit doesn’t start off well at front the 🚪*head tilt* Blanca’s sister misgenders and disrespects her even speaking her dead name. 

deadname is term used for trans person when establishing identity losing their form names.

Their conversation continues as her sister has complications on how to explain who Blanca is. “I’m a woman!”, Blanca states defiantly. Then her sister says how can she explain how Blanca isn’t 💀 as her mother shared with the family that Blanca was dead due to leaving home.

“That was our special time.” Pray Tell and Blanca sit with one and another a table eating 🍴dinner. She reminisces about the times she spent in the kitchen with her mother. Though I ask how she burn the 🦃 then? Nevermind nevermind. Nonetheless Pray Tell reminds her that she’ll always have the memories both good and bad... as it’s a chipping🔨 burden we fix ourselves. He shared his own feelings of pain from his father with every 🤜🏾pounded fist🤛🏾 and finding forgivingness pending the day.

“You have us now.”, he says to Blanca as family is there to support her in this time of need planning to accompany her to the funeral. 

It’s then we learn Pray missed out not only on time, but his fathers funeral as well.

“No such thing as late when you close like I do.”, speaking of time 👱🏻‍♂️Bromley is late to a unbeknownst Trump meeting to which Stan was apart of. “He asked about you.”, Stan says to Bromley, who didn’t seem to take that so well. He learns of Stan’s promotion and feels betrayed as his mentor and hire. Matt schools Stans ass quick on points and showing him who he is as now he must do the same.


Category is.. Perfect 🔟... 

This category is only for the one who beholds three elements in one. 

Face. Body. Realness 

Pray Tells speaks on passibility to the kids as Mother Abundance is signed✍🏾 seal and surge💉 ready to go!

Scenes sway from ballrooms to the 🏥.

Matt is BIZACCKK at the Bowes residence sitting with the Mrs. 👩🏻 doing what he does best... being a fucking 🕶🕶 shady lady. He reveals to her about Stan’s relationship with another woman outside of her. 

Leaving a card with Angel’s information as well as his. Mrs. Bowes wasted no time in going to buzz number 🔟.

The landlord informs her that the tenant is no longer there yet the rent is paid up for three months. She speaks further with the landlord of who she is and wanting to know about her husbands business, he gives in having four daughters of his own handing over the lease agreement. 

Signed✍🏻 Stan Bowes it reads.

She request a forwarding address.

“You ready girl?”


Candy🍫 and LuLu🍭 are dressed to the 9️⃣’s for 🔟’s. The House of Abundance challenges The House of Mugler.

The category is... Model Effect as a House. 

Mother 🌹 Mugler and Candy🍫 Abundance start the battle off as the remaining house children follow.

“Y’all ready for some scores”

House of Mugler 🔟, 🔟, 🔟, 🔟, 9️⃣

House of Abundance 🔟, 🔟, 🔟, 🔟, 🔟

“Yassss Mother Fuckers!” screams Candy to their winning 🏆. Pray Tell speaks of ⚠️ wherever Mother Abundance is to get up off that hospital 🛏 as her 👑throne👑 may be up for ✋🏾grabs🤚🏾. 

“More like about time.”, Elektra says to the 👩🏼‍⚕️ applying her 💄.

“What the fuck are you doing here?”, she says to Blanca’s entrance.

I had laughed 😂😂 so fucking hard when the nurse asked if it was a problem. 

Reminds me of a time when the nurse asked my sister was she safe when I started going off at the hospital. 😂

“Because I am.”, claims Elektra of her superiority after being told of how her room should be filled with laughing girls👩🏻👩🏽👩🏾👱🏼‍♀️👩🏿, 💐 and children doing her 💆🏾‍♀️hair yet she is left to be alone. Blanca shares how she had lost one mother, but won’t lose another one without knowing their impact. “How does it feel?”, Blanca asked Elektra of her procedure and she confirms the best lived dream. 

“We made a mistake coming.”

They arrive to be funeral of Blanca’s Mother with family in tow. She stands at the ⚰️ with her siblings as her brother begins to reach Blanca strikes back. Pray Tell injects reminding them of she too being a child and woman that needs time with her mother.

Taking a moment to reflect, Blanca spoke of love, sincerity and forgiveness as that peace was needed. Leaving out her aunts joke among one another, but like a girls with gaydar a gurls ear always catches the 🍵 as Pray over 👂🏾 them speaking ill of Blanca... he reads them a real one real quick, so quick they were invited to come 🍴eat afterwards. 

Talk about a change of ♥️ .

While at her mother’s house she sits and eats with family. Packing a plate to go she stumbles across her mom’s cook 📖 of old recipes. Her siblings ambush her not allowing her to take anything from their mother while the sister wears a 💍 from the deceased. Their exchange becomes heated 😡🤬 and Blanca storms out when her brother comes physical.

“Look who we have here. My Victorious children.”, Elektra gifts 🎁 the House of Abundance with a 🖐🏾⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ dinner after realizing her faults and failures, but making sure they know... “you are appreciated.” The gift giving continues as she debuts fine fashions for them to wear at the Mother’s Day Ball. 

The House of Evangelista also prepares walking in the remembrance of Blanca’s Mother.

Ball day arrives as Damon and Blanca are cooking 🥓🍳🥞breakfast planning for a feast. A knock arrived at the 🚪 it’s her sister with the cook 📖 of recipes. Her sister confesses to the death rumor not being true and how her mother spoke highly of her and wished for more between them. She shares her feelings toward Blanca in taking care for her when she wasn’t asked and in return Blanca thanked her.

Did you notice when she invited her in for breakfast she stepped back... like to soon sis!

Blanca sits on the 🛋 and flashback back to her time in the kitchen with her mom, but the memory is interrupted to Damon not making the improper🥣 mix meeting Mother Blanca’s recuse.

“I love you Mother”

“I love you too... forever”

Blanca and Damon’s moment was touching and very needed for Blanca in that moment being a mother and losing a mother.

Mrs. Bowes is dolled up and ready to go, but solo as Mr. Bowes is staying at home playing daddy daycare. I instantly thought she is going to see Matt Bromley, but she gagged me.

🎤 “The category is Mother Daughter Realness!”

Yes, she is coming to the ball honey after stopping by the House of Evangelista, Papi insist that she come to the ball since missing Angel there.

Elektra is fresh and 🐟 on the runway in a tight black cat suit.

Draped in a long sleeved yellow cape she reveals the daughters behind her for a worthy moment of 🔮abracadabra✨ bitch!

Next is Blanca and Angel as they serve in their complimentary looks Mrs Bowes 👀 beyond in awe of Angel’s beauty and the crowd response. 🙌🏾👏🏾🙌🏾👏🏾🙌🏾

Grand Prize. House of Abundance. 🏆

Next function E-Vans!

The ball ends with Angel poorly congratulating Elektra on a win. 

Turning around exhaling her 🚬 she is approach.

“I’m Patti. Stan’s wife. Can we talk?!”


And scene🎬❗️

☝🏾Biiiiitch if that was a not a Barbra this is Shirley type of fucking moment... Mrs. Bowes a real goon about hers! 😂😂

Mother’s Day Ball was an episode of celebration, confrontation and confusion. We witness a Elektra’s heart grown an inch Grinch size to Blanca experience death to rebirth of her family ending with a Red Table Talk I don’t think Jada is ready to handle. 

Until me meet on the runway..,

nah sis meet me at the diner I’m trying get the ☕️


-Justin Michael Hendrix