POSE Episode 6: Love Is The Message

Pose Episode 6: Love Is The Message

I, highly suggest playing this song to set the opener of this blog entry's beginning where we had left off WOMAN to WOMAN at the last blog's end.


“This isn’t the first married man you’ve fucked?!”

questioned a stern set that is 👩🏻Mrs. Bowes to 👩🏽Angel after coming through to the function creeping up on the girls.

Angel answers “The Pier... he 🚙picked me up”, referring to the nightly stroll spot he would cruise passed until finally stopping to engage in a fruit claimed to be forbidden. Mrs. Bowes continues to interrogate Angel, from questioning about sexual offers and Stan’s paying💵💵 for sexual favors. Angel injects that they didn’t have a sexual encounter the first date, as he wanted to talk... nothing dirty or nothing she insist. 

“Who am I to judge👩🏽‍⚖️ what goes on between 💑 people.”

Angel says to Mrs. Bowes when wondering about the conversational topics and if his concern was he care. Her informative responses was very much 🖕🏽fuck yo feelings with 0️⃣ tolerance hence she isn’t the one wanting the teas it’s Mrs. Bowes.

Side note when she spoke of who is she to judge I instantly thought of STL's unfortunate own...


“You did have sex?”


“You did use protection?”

“Every time!”

The ladies discussion goes further as Angel reflects of their time which she broke off with Stan and feeling kept as a doll and she no longer wanted to be a collectors item.

“Do you think he can love you and me at the same time?”

The question I will leave unanswered🤭 until we go further into the episode and possibly closer to the end of the season.

“What were you doing in that big hall with all those gay men and ummm drag queens❓”

Mrs. Bowes questioning soon makes it obvious that she isn’t in the know of it all as she doesn’t put ✌🏾 and ✌🏾 together with Angel and the community she engages in.

“I’m a transsexual”, Angel says with such confidence and PRIDE🏳️‍🌈 as she takes the compliments of REALNESS very highly deeming to be passable in WHITE (right) AMERICA🇺🇸. “Prove it!” Patti says in disbelief of Stan’s secret fetish though Angel refuses to allow the interrogation to continue as makes it clear that 👩🏽 she isn’t the ☝🏾 to be finding yet it’s 👩🏻 her finding to figure out Stan.

"Love is the Message”

A ballroom favorite by MFSB fills an empty room of two 👥bodies bounded in love. Pray Tell sits bedside to his Castas in his hours of need watching a love one live a life less wanted.

The mood carries over in to the night’s of cocktails🥂 and 🍹concoctions🍸 as the category is

“Butch Queen Body”

yells a liquor courage Pray. 

“Did you buy them pants on sale?

Because at my house they’d be 💯% off!”

Pray continues to 🔑 until a new competitor enters.

It’s Ricky walking yet a new category sending the crowd into a 🤯🤗😱frenzy winning yet another 🏆 ... I see he is trying to get his OTY status!

🎤 “Love is the Message” Pray Tell requests of the 💿DJ📀 along with scream of “sauce🍸” replenishing.

Arriving back to his house members ready for celebration 🎉 Ricky ponders upon faces of disappointment 😕😟😒

“What?! I just snagged a 🏆 !”, he says to lighten the mood. Mother Blanca and the house of a Evangelista correct Ricky in feeling bothered by the repeat of a song and drinks suggesting it’s time for an intervention.

👋🏾 “Bye-Bye Brick❗️”

The ball is over and Mother Elektra sends Blanca off in style as she walks away trophies, children and all. Blanca prepares to light a 🚬 until...

“Where you come from?!”

She is greeted by a possible 🧔🏾male companion seeking for Blanca in hopes to take her out for drinks.

As a true child, 🧑🏽Papi interrupts the conversation taking Blanca away heading home Darius stops Blanca to say

“Cupid called📞... tell em to send my ❤️ back!”

Can we all say the line was 🌽 🌽 yet needed to give a good feeling 😊 to some one deserving.

“I’m feeling a little run😰🌡down.”, Patti says to her 👨🏻physician. She came in for a check up as the doctor confirms she is fine as every other 💍housewife however once she pushes for 💉testing he then is told of her martial matters and starts the HIV testing process.

Self care is the best, but some don’t believe it.

“No I’m thirsty🥃”, Pray Tell is 🍻drinking filthy as fuck and getting 😵 as a skunk at the dinner table among Blanca and the kids. His liquor🥃 courage continues though at that age as my gay Uncle Q would say “that bitch is ✂️cutting!” and ✂️cutting is what he did reading the 🏠’s up keeping and telling Blanca to put the kids to work. Emotions take over even more tearing into Angel and the rest after she says to put the bottle down. Blanca interrupts putting the 😾cattiness😼 to a 🛑 .

She tells Pray of their worries and the wanting to intervene in the matters to make things better any way possible. “You could’ve done this shit in private?”, Pray Tell asks Blanca shaking his head. Pissed off Pray speaks on security and secrets that he withheld in honor of loyalty between Blanca and him. 

Leading then to speak to the table as a whole to get things into their thick ass 💀💀💀💀 as there’s a procedure to the mastery that is 🎤commentating. He opens up about the death coming of his boyfriend wishing he could go back into time when life was care free and death wasn’t a worry, as he has lost many friends. Standing up from the table, he excuses himself reminding them to mind their fucking business walking down the long hall. 

“Another day in this fluorescent fucking hell!”, his mood continues into the next day while walking to visit Castas.

The 👩🏻‍⚕️nurse, Judy and Pray Tell go back and forth in a catty style of conversation. He discovers that his 🥘 is sitting to the side of Castas’ 🛏 and it’s cold. He is told that Castas’ throat has been sore and unable to swallow due to pain. Pray Tell comes to the side of Castas as he awakes. “Let me tell you a funny story”, he catches Castas up to speed on last nights dinner with The a Evangelista. “I didn’t give the magic✨ of that song away.”, Pray says in rewinding back to 1️⃣9️⃣8️⃣0️⃣ when they danced to “Love Is the Message” all night long and more.

love without worrying you’re gonna die.

The two cuddle on the hospital bed, he rubs Castas’ head speaking myths and wonders of freedoms true existence.

Leaving the hospital Judy wishes him to have a beautiful day. Pray Tell and Judy have another round of catty convo and it was funny to see Ms. Judy give Pray his news to then come up with the idea of a benefit for the ward.

“My ears👂🏽 are bleeding” LuLu🍭 says which only mean LOVE IS STILL THE FUCKING MESSAGE! 

The House of Abundance sits in the crowd of dancing bodies under the disco lights. “This song is a classic”, Mother Abundance reminds LuLu of the songs magnitude.

Candy🍫 unresponsive by the beats is amazed by the eye candy🍬🍬 before her as the category is... well damn he didn’t say so I’m guessing Sex Siren 😂😩 and Grand Prize Candy leaps in arms of the Sebastian.

“If a 🌟 fell every time I thought💭 about you this week the sky be empty.” 

It’s another time for 🌽 line time. 😂 

Darius returns to the halls and approaches Blanca from behind. He again tries to invite her out which claiming she’s scared yet beautiful and stunning. Blanca finally gives in and agrees to their date on Saturday night. She smiles. He goes in a 😘 in the cheek. 

Once again Whitney Houston is the score to the scene.

Who ever is doing the 🎼music knows their 💩 to make you feel it in a scene and they better literally throw them fucking accolades at you.

I 😊 for Blanca like:




“Easy now.” Pray Tell says to Blanca coming in for a 💅🏽manicure. He apologies for his recent behaviors and actions towards everyone and not speak to Blanca last night. He mentions Castas’ health issues, hitting the sauce a little to hard and an old dusty 🎹 that is begging to be played sharing with her the musical inviting her to sing. 

Unfortunately the dates are both for Saturday and she can’t commit to it. Pray Tell suggest to never pass up a man or some good 🥩 (🍆) though haven’t had thoughts about sex sense his diagnosis as Blanca agrees. 

“I have to follow through with his one”. She says in about being open to Darius if their love gets to that place of promise to share her status yet still being protected throughout.

“Hello Dolls!”

LuLu🍭 accompanies Blanca for a round of shopping for her date. LuLu in shock of Blanca’s announcement of going on a date finally having time for herself and not her children. “How long you hoes been here?!”, Candy interrupts the conversation as I assumed this is her place of employment. 

The ladies all learn of Blanca’s “corny, but cute” date. 

*shout out to Trace Lynsette (Mizrahi) and Jiggy Caliente*

She describes his speaking in pick up lines as the girls look at each other recycling those same lines to Blanca she once heard before from Darius. 

That’s right you’ve guessed it. Darius is a “chaser”. 

  • A chaser is one who particularly seeks a specific kind of person for sexual pleasures and pleasures only. Honestly no different than Stan only frequents the scene though.

Blanca speaks of morals and wanting to share something with someone who has more. Though in their eyes the more Darius has 🍆 isn’t the more Blanca is looking for. 

The next part was so funny as Blanca asked Candy if she fucked Darius. They play a game of eyes 👀 rolls 🙄 and smirks 😏 to the finally announce, “Girl we all fucked him!”, the manager followed up by saying the time is worth.

“Trust me this is gonna make you feel much better!”

Pray Tell and Casta stroll down the hall. It the day of the cabaret and his excitement is showing as he is pleased to host for the hall. They enter a room filled with streamers🎊, refreshments🥤 and peers🧔🏾👨🏻👩🏽👱🏼‍♀️ of the same pressures. 

Pray Tell’s first selection is “For All We Know” by the incomparable Donny Hathaway. Singing with his all to his lover it was amazing to see this scene as lyrics and life reflect.

Blanca surprises Pray Tell by passing up on her date to come for a greater cause.

He announces over the 🎤 “Blanca Evangelista”, as she comes to sing a selection of her own.

Home by Whitney Houston

If you don’t know. MJ Rodriguez who plays Blanca can actually sing. If you watched Saturday Church as I suggested you would have seen a few scenes of Ms. MJR flexing her vocal muscles.


The song continues as Pray Tell makes the solo a duet making the moment even more meaningful.

Like Home!

“Hi honey 🍯 !”, Mr. Bowes says to Mrs. Patti, arriving to a location he unsure of. She informs him of the location being of a psychiatrist for couples therapy in a sense as there are some things to discuss.

“I followed her!”, Patti says to Stan to confirm her knowledge of Angel disclosing her identity and gender. Patti continues making the move to have Stan move out for the month to finish out the last month on the lease he signed 🏢 for Angel. 

“There are consequences for those actions.”, the counselor stated as Patti follows up with finding her own and becoming self made yet pondering the 👫sexuality👬 of Stan while still loving him not wanting to live a lie.

Sadly Stan doesn’t know. Yet knows to 😭.

“Turn this off.”, Castas ask Pray Tell needing to say something. “I’m not leaving this place.”, he says as Pray shouts not wanting to hear the harsh realities, but Castas continues wanting Pray to 😢 his ass off then find love again.

He also says he knows Pray has he virus with the look in his eyes as if he is looking at himself though reminds him to hold on to that feeling of life and not loss.

The lovers cry in each other’s arms.

**RINGS** ☎️ 

Pray Tell receives the call of Castas’ passing and if wanting to see him then he needs to come now. 

🏥Hospitals and 👬Homosexuals didn’t mix with health as they weren’t give the adequate care. The mercies of 💊💊medicine at that time weren’t as effective then compared to now due to research and studies, but those times were harsh to see their loved ones parish. 

Matt Bromley still at it with his manly moves and vulgar moods suggest the size of his dick within the ✋🏻measurements🤚🏻 of his hands. Speaking of hands things get way out when Stan arrives 🤜🏻attacking Bromley for telling Patti.

They go 🤜🏻blow for blow🤛🏻 exchanging punches and words as Stan learns of his wife’s time with Matt, who states Stan’s image doesn’t exist.

The category is


Bring it like a bangie boy

The house children learn from Blanca that Castas has passed while enduring another night of love is the (fucking) what? ___________ (you say) 👉🏾 🗣message. 

Tonight is Papi’s night to hit the runway giving very much RUN DMC👟🕶🧢 light skinned 🧔🏾🧔🏾🧔🏾🧑🏽fourth member... Grand Prize!

“I think it’s time to liven this bitch up!”, Pray Tell says over the 🎤 requesting a new track.

Diana Ross - "I’m Coming Out" 💃🏽🕺🏼🕴🏾

“Oh I get it you wanna be chased.”, Darius approaches Blanca upset about her 🌧 raincheck. He is then ⭕️ by her girls as she states what she deserves yet Candy still remind her that the dick is good!

End of the night Blanca waits for Pray after the ball to take a walk 🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏾‍♂️. While walking she learned why he chose to 🛑 playing the message as that love and that promise is who he claims to be.

“Well lookly there goes my tips for the night!”

The peep show is open and Angel is on the clock. With a couple quarters 💰 Stan is reunited with his fantasy 👩🏽.

Moving forward I wonder what Mrs. Patti Bowes has up her sleeves as it’s nothing like a woman scorned.


I have a feeling she’ll be seeing Matt sometime soon before the season is out, if not the next episode 🤦🏾‍♂️. Is Stan willing to separate fact from fiction to have a dream become reality rewarding Angel of that relationship? I would say risk it all though shits already been at risked 🤦🏾‍♂️ 

Love is the message y’all so make sure to spread it by checking on your loved ones and making sure they ain’t being chased! 🤣😩🙃

I wanna close this entry out by saying congratulations to the POSE family an THANKS to FX Network for being renewed for a second season! 🎉 

-Justin Michael Hendrix