POSE Episode 7: Pink Slip

POSE Episode 7: Pink Slip

“Hey, have ya’ll seen my yellow 🧥?”

Blanca asked walking through the house. It’s a typical morning in the House of Evangelista as Damon leaves for school🎒 an eager Papi is destined to follow. “No! You don’t have a maid service wash your damn 🥣.”, a motherly Blanca says stopping Papi in his tracks.

“Blanca! I’m out see you later!”

“Okay be safe” she replies applying her 💄 

The 🚪 closes


Blanca stops her morning makeup routine to scan the room in search of the sound. She finds a beeper on the counter in disappointment picking it up and walking to the 🛋 in disbelief. 

The 🚪 opens

“Back so soon?”

“Yeah I forgot something”

“What is it maybe I can help you”

“Nahhh I got it”

“NO I THINK I GOT IT!” a gag worthy Blanca shows Papi the desperately searched for item

“Why the hell you need a pager? And don’t lie to me”, she ask Papi, but he insist it’s to keep up with ‘his boys’ that she seems to not know. 

“I told you about my rules!”, mother reiterated to Papi about a zero tolerance on drugs💊💉 in the 🏡 using to distributing.

“How come you going in on me, but you ain’t saying nothing to Angel about selling her ass 🍑⁉️”, he rebuttals about being given the seventh degree. "You don't get an opinion about what she does with her body!", making things perfectly clear that Angel's choices are self made decisions not made to harm others injecting poison into their bodies. Papi also fails to realize the lack of committed legal employment for trans persons as well, which is scarce.  

“You get caught doing anything illegal... don’t make me your ☝🏾phone ☎️ call.”

Blanca plants onto Papi before puffing her 🚬 and 🚶🏽‍♀️ away.

Sade’s “Sweetest Taboo”, scores the set scene as Mr. Ford arrives willing, ready and able to take the dive. “I’ve had plenty of 😋 bites and 🍹.”, Elektra says to Mr. Ford in a ✌🏾 month drought of needing some love and affection not wanting to wait ☝🏾minute longer. 

Keyword: TABOO

The two 💋 and touch until Mr. Ford discovers a new finding. “Are you tucking?”, he asked her. “My tucking days are over!”, she replies. Resentful Mr. Ford pushes away while Elektra suggest to take a ride in a brand new pussy.

IDK why Pebbles “Mercedes Boy” played in my head at that moment, but it’s a jam!

😡 “I asked you for ☝🏾 favor that I was willing to give you everything.”, he says upset about the enhancements. The verbal agreement between the two benefactors kept one dining in luxury while the other dined in dick calls to define his desire. “Was this just about the sex?”, Elektra questions Mr. Ford, stating her yearn for womanhood to complete her experience.

  • transitions vary according to the person’s destination of completion.

“I’m in control here!”, Mr. Ford states as he can get pussy anywhere as what he wants and likes he can get it anywhere that he pleases. His motives were perfectly clear to Elektra when she agreed to take her in his private matters nonetheless once completing her transition the contract became void.

“You ruined it!”

“I’m not ruined”

The two go back and forth in declaration as Elektra action’s of rebirth and authenticity was categorized to be selfish and stupid. Though I must say MUVA did make mention to the MISTER about her plans, but how involved was he to be in the decision making honestly?!?! 

“So what happens now?”

Elektra asks wondering if she’ll be throw out in a hefty bag like last night’s take 🥡🥡🍱containers. “I hate you 😤 because I love you ❤️.”, he answers going on about the space between them was his cocoon and she took it away knowing the rules and breaking them.

“Good luck 🍀 finding another girl 💃🏽 like me!”

Elektra starts to take a stance in acting defiant yet defeated in the matters as Mr. Ford dressing himself, gathers his belongings and leave the penthouse.

The 🚪 slams as she looks on lost.

1️⃣, 2️⃣, 3️⃣, 4️⃣... 5️⃣, 6️⃣, 7️⃣, 8️⃣

The House of Abundance is in preparation for the ball as they practice their movements. “The theme is Bazzar not Halloween 👻🎃!”, Lemar says to Candy🍫, who’s abilities aren’t skillful on the dance floor at the moment.

Mother Abundance storms in as the children 👀 stare. “What?! I can’t enter my abode without you gawking at me!”, reaching for a bottle of brown liquor 🥃.

  • I wonder if she’s a Crown Royal or Jim Bean kinda gal? Maybe even Brandy or Courvoisier.. I know she ain’t a E&J girl that more so a dirty girl drink! 😂😩

“We weren’t expecting you”, says LuLu🍭, as their informed of Elektra staying the night and needing the room. 

“Where we suppose to 💤 ?”, Candy asked. 

“We have futons or fold up some blankets and make a bed on the floor!”, Elektra answers following with why as she pays the rent.

“What aren’t you at Daddy 🍆Dick’s place?” Candy then questions.

In true Abundance fashion Mother says she is exercising a right taking a stance for her independence to fuel his desires. 

“Until he misses me?”

“What if he doesn’t” 

The conversation becomes deeper as the children worry about their living circumstance. As they are to told fret not as mother will never a let a single man be in hate of her destiny. 

“Shut the fuck Up!” Shouts Elektra To Candy’s slut shamming.

Her notice to the children is that Mr. Ford will come to his sense by the end of the week along with gives some rule to make sure her stay is up to par with her standards of living:

No sucking your teeth

Only mother smokes💨 in the house

No gum chewing

No late night 🎶

No 😴 in after 1PM

Shouting demands. Looking out the window.

“Thank god you’re 🏡.”, Angel tip toes to Damon and Ricky’s arrival. She informs them that Mother Blanca has been cross examining and tearing up the apartment looking for evidence of Papi’s wrongful doings. 

“You didn’t tell the truth?” - Damon

“No!” - Angel

Ricky slams the 🚪 

“Damon is that you?”, Blanca asked. He replies, “Yes mother”, entering the room. Sitting across from from Blanca in a dim lit room she begins to speak. “Do you know why I let Ricky join this house?” she asked Damon as his entry was built on the strength of his words when he vouched for him.

“In this house I expect all of you to tell the truth... is Papi on drugs?” she questions Damon after denying drug usage he is then asked to leave to have Ricky enter. “This is the first place I ever been I consider home.”, Ricky says to Blanca to than also deny Papi intertwining with drugs. She then implies street code doesn’t apply in her house coursing Ricky to snitch... spilling tea of Papi’s hustle. 

She storms out again in her yellow blazer after Papi. 

That’s that bitch cape! 😂 No Shade I want me a yellow blazer hoe. She is wearing it!

“Drink some water💦 you look thirsty.”, Papi says to a customer at the Pier.

Sending the fiend on his way with directions Blanca confronts him.

“I knew it! You lied to me.” 

She continues to read Papi on finding a real job and not turning to the hustle. Papi counters saying she wasn’t complaining when the drug 💰 was suppling 🥘 for the house.

“You told me you worked at a bodega and I believed you”, she says to Papi. 

“You put your family at risk.”

“What family?!”

Papi’s becomes emotional pissed about isolation and not having family being on his own since 13 in and out of foster home not had been given shit!

“Food. Shelter...” Blanca continues until he interrupts,

“Yo! STOP acting like my moms cause you’re not.”

Such disrespect toward the motherly figure she has been to Papi since Episode 1. 

“I want you out by morning. And if you don’t pick up your shit I’m a put it on the street myself!”, Blanca says walking away from Papi.

“I didn’t mean it!”, he cries 😢 for help and forgiveness in second chances for allowing his feelings to outcome without thought thinking in the now. 

The scene was heartbreaking 💔 as you see Papi as a child losing his parent and wanting them back. I recall moments with my mother to where I said hurtful things that I learned to be forgiven for as she did more the what she had to do for me.

“I got all my stuff”,

Papi says turning to a room of silence, cold shoulders, sadness and confusion.

Angel and Damon stand up from the breakfast🍳🥞 table to wrap their arms around their brother. 

“Where will you go?”

“I’ll figure it out. I always do”, Papi says to Damon with such conviction conveying the sadness as if in that moment I felt like I was Papi losing a home. 

  • In my life I have suffered from losing a home financial and by 🔥 during my childhood.

Living in that moment of not knowing where to go, but knowing you’ll find a way is a true feeling of experience and experiment as I could understand Papi in that scene. 

He hugs Damon and apologies to Blanca before Ricky returns the gratitude with a “Peace!” Papi turns back to Ricky in claims of looking out for him and having his back even if means informing Damon not to get involved with a hit it and quick it type.

The boys go 🥊 at it as Blanca and Damon separate the two, he reaches for his belongings and leaves.

After war comes ❤️ love, as Angel and Stan enjoy a microwave 🍱 meal by candle🕯light as Angel is surprised that they have the entire night together.

“Are you gonna get a divorce?”,

she asked as Stan doesn’t give solid answers yet knowing two things:

  1. He is a shitty husband🤵🏻

  2. He is a great father👨‍👧‍👧  

“See we can do anything.”, she says after Stan confirms her Realness once again, as Matt Bromley didn’t know if she was a black woman or Cuban woman, but knew she was the cunt! “So what do you wanna do this whole night here?”, Stan wonders what Angel will say next, laid up and watching 📺 he says that he wants to see a glimpse of Angel’s life. Her life as in the balls and 🏆‘s hence his 🌎 is the blueprint on 📺 and 🎥 of the 🇺🇸American Dream.

“I’m not your date. I’m your boyfriend.

😘 Angel into the night.

“You spent every last penny on that pussy!”, a pissed Candy says to Elektra. 

They have received the Pink Slip 📃 as in eviction notice. The notice has arrived since Mr. Ford is no longer financing the House of Abundance via Elektra. 

“My finances are none of your business!”, Elektra fires back. 

But Elektra bitch you took the🎄Christmas money and pocketed everything else to risk living without for living with.  

Teach it own, as one must be prepared.

The children rebel against the Mother as she considers them ungrateful they leave taking their final exits from the house.

“Fools!”, Elektra calls them as they consider leaving the nest on their own.

“Bring it Bitch!”, LuLu says to Elektra 



Is Elektra who is hemmed up by the elevator server after attempting to by pass to “collect some items”, but unfortunately they all belonged to Mr. Ford and his new piece arrived to replace what Elektra once had.

She leaves in defeat. Again.

Papi arrive to the ghettttto chile whew! Car 🚗 🚨 alarms, 🔫 shots and trap 🏚🏚 houses. He see an old acquaintance and offered a spot as a stick up kid, but no longer on the Pier, but in the hood. 

Sadly, his first attempt is a bust and he is caught by the 👮🏻‍♂️👮🏼‍♀️.

Released for only questioning he is picked up by the Plug🔌, they drive away. 

“I’ve come here before to see the girls.”, Elektra is greeted by a gentlemen👨🏼 upon reading her 🗞ad as Jody Watley’s “Looking For A New Love”, plays to the background at the Kitty Bar Lounge. 

I’m assuming it’s a convenient spot for picking up the girls nonetheless they sit at a booth much pretty swiftly in conversation. 

“So you have a boat.”

“Goddamn! You are beautiful”

“Brandy Alexander!”

“Two please.”

Elektra already in awe taking control on the situation totally disregard his 👰🏼wife’s 💀 on a 🛥. 

How could you be so heartless 😩

“What kind of business are you in?”, she soon discovers that he is very wealthy💰 and of her caliber, as they get right to the point and negotiation are laid out on the table.

“I am a lady after all.”, Mother says in closing of her list of love in 🎁 💝’s and living 🏢 quarters between South of 60th or East of 3rd Ave with 💵 allowances.

He adds in 🚗 service and more with demands from nail 💅🏾 color to no other men... ending with “once and a while when we have sex I want you to urinate💦 on me.” Her reply of being a full woman rubs Joe the wrong way, leaving the table from it being messed up not mentioning that in the ad.

  • people have crazy fetishes and as nasty as that sounds it some that are worse, but I won’t mention those you find that nasty shit yourself!


“Girrrrrl! I am done!” 👩🏽🍭

“You ain’t the only one bitch!” 👩🏾🍫

Candy and LuLu sit bar side discussing the building of a house even without the mean. If Elektra can use just two pennies to create the house of Abundance then it can be very possible for LuLu and Candy to venture out navigating an expression of their own and not of someone’s delusion. 

“I like the sound of this.”, Candy nods to LuLu’s offer of being co-mothers of the house like 👩🏽‍💼👩🏾‍💼business women, making a first in history. Setting out a plan they think of potential prospects for the house and decide on a house name...

“The House of Ferocity!”

“How long you go without 🤷🏾‍♂️ speak to me?”, Ricky pleads for Damon’s interaction. “Papi, was my friend.”, Damond says wishing he hadn’t been honest.

“Well I’m fucking 🙍🏾‍♀️ pissed off!”,

Angel says after closing the door. She blames Ricky for cause Papi’s exit in result breaking up the family and the one responsible if anything happens to him on the streets. He gave in scared thinking Blanca would have thrown him out for lying even though he didn’t want this for Papi, himself.

“I blame👉🏾👉🏾 you. And Blanca for this! Y’all broke up our family.” Angel says as Blanca listens from outside the 🚪... again.

“How do YOU do it?”

Blanca and the Dean of Dance, Helena St. Rodgers, take a walk having a heart to heart talk in regards of children and punishment. Though we learn the Dean of Dance has no children of her own she acknowledges Blanca’s great will to be assertive in allowing no offenses to go unpunished as her qualities are what a great parent posses. 

“They will earn your respect.”

Ending the conversation.

“The category is... 👽 Intergalactic Best Dressed Bazaar”

👹🤖 Bazaar is a category strictly for the creatives who are able to visualized and then execute futuristic to mind blowing wearable pieces.

Stan looks on from the balcony out of place and totally 🙎🏻‍♂️ uncomfortable. “You okay?”, asked Angel. He says he is, but his face gives it away. She has him stay put while she goes to grab beverages. 

Stan looks on in a trance a la twilight zone as 🗣echos and cheers🎉 fill the room to match the speakers volume.

“You that white boy that’s taking care of Ms. Angel. Got her fixed up in an apartment and everything.”

“Are you a friend of hers? I’m Stan”

“I’m Summer”

“Like the seasons”

“No sweetheart, the season one comes once as year I prefer to come💦 every night.”

  • Side Note: These Hoes Ain't Loyal!

Stan is greeted by a local, 👩🏾Summer who works the stroll with Angel. After small talks and a pass to shoot her shot Angel interrupts👉🏾 “Back to the corner bitch!”

“Maybe we should go?”

“But you haven’t seen me walk first”

Feeling overwhelmed Stan wants out yet Angel persuades him to stay promising to tuck him away in a corner, so nobody can find him. 

“You nailed it!”, Stan says to Angel, sitting on the stairs to catch a breather. He shares his feelings on the ballroom atmosphere not being accepting of him and that’s her world as the office and his daughters are his. He continues referring to their bond or secret as a bubble that they’ve been living inside this whole time that’s been keeping them together.

“I just wanted a taste of that you have.”, he says to her wanting to feel authenticity and truth for a moment in life unfortunately he can’t.

He expressed his love for Angel as she lays her head on his shoulder.

IDK why Tony Toni Tone' came to mind 

“Hi, how you been?”,

Blanca greets Papi sharing how fucked up it was and he can return as long as he promises not to return to the hustle. He responds informing her of his arrest to then repeat what he told her.

“Don’t make me your one phone ☎️ call.”

She shows remorse for her actions going for a hug with promise of items being gathering first thing. 

However it all was unwanted.

“I have new mothers now.”, walking away from Blanca.

“Who?!” she questioned.


Appears LuLu and Candy announcing their house and a cute spot in Harlem with needs of a beverage 🍹 before reading a bitch.

Blanca affirms that before it’s said and done he’ll be back a Evangelista.

🎼Classical Sounds speak to the fluorescent lit scene as the company we keep are no longer there. Elektra finds herself alone and lonely returning to the days of boxed windows and lustful men. She drinks 🥃 away her pride and parades around the pint sized room with potentials to pocket from.

Reflecting those same moments Angel arrives to a vacant apartment with her belongings in a bag with a note🏷 attached.

She changes her clothes, picks up her items and returning to the street life where they first met.

Angel puts on that legendary pink 🧥

Tina Turner's "Private Dancer", was a great choice to pick for ending out the episode I must say as it gave depth to both scenarios sharing a similarity. The network is spending all and any kinds of monies it takes to get us a good soundtrack going and they do! #KUDOS #POSEPlaylistOnSpotify

  • https://www.fxnetworks.com/shows/pose/music - link for music per episode.. Thank Me Later!

I have one question to ask... 

“Do you wanna see me shimmy again?!” 

I ❤️ that part of the song!

Pink Slip was truly an episode of eviction and evoking as everyone’s decisions have place in situations that leave them thinking in the now as never is not an option. 

I can only imagine what this final episode will bring. Will Elektra bounce back? Does Blanca have what it takes to be Mother of the Year? How will the Bowes move forward? Can Angel find love and life away from the streets forever? And his will the House of Ferocity play in this?

Can’t wait to see. Until we meet again on the runway. ✌🏾 

- Justin Michael Hendrix