POSE Episode 8: Mother of the Year


My, My, My (Johnny Gill VOCALS SUS)

How the tables have turned as odds aren’t in ones favor.

I’ll keep holding on, is the adjusted mood as Elektra moves is the finale's opener. 

She has lost all, her 🏡 , her pride, her dignity, but she didn’t lose her fancy clothes👚👗👠 to be in a struggle as she had them bags💼👜👛👝 clinched while sleeping💤 in the park⛲️. 

She works nightly at the Peep💃🏽 Show🎟 for every Tom, Dick and Harry until the final customer that comes to court her is one unwanted... Blanca.

“None of us win when one of us get beat down even some who have the beat down coming to them.”

Blanca sits Elektra down to have a talk at the diner. She fears for Elektra’s livelihood as resources are lacking and income isn’t enough between working a the sex trade and sleeping at a diner booth. She believes that Mother Abundance will soon succumb to life threatening events that will result in death 💀 being a beautiful corpse⚰️.

“I don’t like being needy. I hate myself for it.”🙅🏾‍♀️

Elektra confides to Blanca of ☝🏾 not being so 🗣vocal when in need or avoiding the label of a charity case🤲🏾. 


Blanca takes in a deep 😤 breath,

🚶🏽‍♀️walks around the table and says to Elektra that her need in help isn’t one of needing leaning in to hug 🤗 her.

'Mirror, Mirror' is what I could only call it or at least some good karma.. 🤷🏾‍♂️ 

“You don’t need a degree🎓 to audition!”

Ricky and Damon sit in the 🛏 folding 👕👖👔 and discussing a big break... dancing on tour for Al B Sure. During 1988, Al B. Sure had released his hit single “🌙Nite and ☀️Day” from his platinum selling debut, In 🔊Effect Mode, as he was bringing light skinned along with Heavy D., Mario Van Peebles, Ice-T and a few others in ERA B. D. (Before Drake). The fellas continue to make an agreement to audition by the other participating.

“Any body 🏡 ?”

Blanca arrives with a guest interrupting their 😘 .

“Elektra’s not joining our 🏡 !”, the boys are told after showing their wanted space to Elektra for the time being.

In Abundance fashion she waste no time requesting new curtains and a fresh coat of 🎨 as she has a love for a ❄️winter lilac.

As the room turned silent 🤫 and cold ❄️, she knew then to accept what’s she been offered. 

“It’s called fashion...

Pray is designing a 👗 for Blanca as they prepare for the Princess 👸🏾 Ball. She shares her nerves about the House of Ferocity making a debut. Tell soon adds in a few new additions to the house though Mother Evangelista is confident the light 💡 won’t last long. 

The conversation changes pace as Blanca hands Pray a ☎️ number from a gentlemen 👨🏾 insisting to 📞call him. We learn of how Ms B played match maker meeting Keenan at the ball to get his number to pass off to P. He refuses to take the number due to his recent loss and status, but soon gives in to Blanca’s persuading stating that “Daddies are in!”

“Am I interrupting something?”,

Blanca is invited by Ms Helena to come meet with her. She delivers great news that Damon’s scholarship has been renewed fit a second year. “As long as his life has value he’ll be unstoppable!”, Ms. Helena says to Blanca, as she’s been a great parent. Excited about the news she asked the dean of dance if she could share the news with Damon first.

“I didn’t have time you dragged me out to this mystery appointment!”

Elektra says to Blanca’s observation to wearing no make-up💄💋 to give a beatless look. The appointment however isn’t an appointment yet an opportunity to seek a greater gain in life or making the first step.

“You expect me to wash dishes 🍽🥣🥄🍴 with these hands!”, Elektra says to the surprise of arriving at an upscale ⛩restaurant⛩ with Blanca, who is pushing for her to gain employment. ✨Glamorous. Regal💋. Defined💁🏾‍♀️. Elektra fits the bill of course being told the position is for a hostess she is encouraged to speak to the employer. 

We learn that academia isn’t a strong suite of Elektra’s not completing her education.

“Excuse me I heard your looking for a lead hostess,”

“Of course follow me”

The ladies walk to complete the documents.

Ricky and Damon are at the audition for Al B. Sure and they are hitting the moves.

I know I wasn’t the only jamming to the sounds of the New Jack Swing.

If you don't know the New Jack Swing era was created by Teddy Riley and Bernard Belle infusing the rhythms, samples, and techniques of hip-hop and dance-pop with an urban contemporary sound. These creators have invented a sound pivital to the careers of New Edition, Guy, Boyz II Men, Levert, Keith Sweat, Janet Jackson and more recently Bruno Mars has credited the ICONS for their impact in music.

“Stay, stay and you stay!”

The boys made it through the final round.

Though he way he said it to Ricky sounded a bit sketchy... next season thoughts at the end though. 🤐

“Don’t change a thing you look amazing.”, Pray Tell is told by Keenan 👨🏾 while looking in the mirror adjusting himself to look his best. 

It’s date night. And Elektra has the job we seen as they dine at her new place of employment. 

“Was it my stunning beauty that scared you off!”, laughs 😆 Pray Tell wondering why it took so long to be approached. Keenan shares that it is true he took his time however glad things went the way they did. Dinner continues with a lovable gesture to reignite a flame.

“I have HIV.”

Pray Tell speaks his truth confessing to even losing a lover and understanding if he wants to end the dinner early. To our surprise 👨🏾Keenan isn’t ready to leave however simply asks

“How can I help?!”

😢😊 It’s touching to know in hidden tragedies a person can be a seen triumph. 

Endearment brings them closer sealing the compassion with a kiss 😚.

Side note: I say Elektra has the right job as she can stay on ready and read the customers, if need be! 😂😩 

Why she send them packing like that!

“You cleaning in here again” 👩🏽

“Otherwise we get roaches” 👾

“It’s New York there’s always cock roaches” 👾

“You wanna talk” 👩🏾

“About what”

“About that broken 💔 of yours”

Angel feels she has a device🖲🕹 planted in her by 👨🏻Stan that doesn’t allow her to 👀 or touch 👐🏾 another man. She lets Blanca know that she went back to the Pier and even cried 😭 during a job. “I really need you to get it together”, Blanca says to Angel after suggesting she try night school🌙🎒 and being the next in line to reign. 

“I wanna tell you something promise me you won’t tell the others.”

Blanca confides to Angel of her status🌡💉💊 and instantly she cries 😢😭.

Mother caresses her as she tells her about the legacy she will carry and the children🧑🏾🧑🏾🧑🏽 who will follow after her.

It’s dinner🍽 time and Elektra is giving it! She is already shocked nobody dresses for dinner🍴 and can’t deal with the mix matching or “mitch matchin’” of dining room table🍽 ware. 

As they gather Blanca informs them of having exciting news to share as well as Damon having news to share also.

She insist he shares first.

“We auditioned for Al B. Sure's next video”

🗣 “W H A T⁉️”

🍴Dinner time starts offs on a shocking😱 note as Elektra screams in admiration for Al B. Sure being such a panty 👙👇🏾 dropper after Damon shares his exciting news about the day. 


“Damon you’re still in 🍎school.”, Blanca says not wanting him to miss his schooling. She instantly speaks to Ricky, but Damon’s stops her as it was his idea.

“I am so proud of you!”, says Angel ending the conversation.

“All that carrying on about Al B Sure no one asked what my news was?”

Damon and Blanca are in the kitchen together washing as drying the dishes from tonight’s meal. Blanca tells Damon that he’s been accepted into his second year of school. 

She then says it’s his decision what he wants to do knowing, “sex on 🚎tour is gonna feel the same as it did there it that back 🛏 room”. Opportunities are coming and she wants Damon to take advantage of them making sure to shine so bright🌟✨ that he is only undeniable.

She finished with her word of support and to finish the damn dishes!

🚪 bell rings

“Hi” 👨🏻

“Hey” 👩🏻

“Still weird having to ring the door bell of my own house” 👨🏻

“I can think of some weirder things I had to get used to” 👩🏻

Stan arrives to his home to Patty Bowes cleaning. He shares that they should get counseling and work things out to resolve their matters. She refuses to do so saying she isn’t hiding anything yet will keep somethings 🤫. 

“I want to be completely independent by the end.”

Mrs. Bowes says to Stan wanting to be a woman of her own and on her own.

Pray Tell screams at the crowd as the ball is in their very very best for tonight is the 🗣🎤MUTHA-FUCKIN' PRINCESS BALL!

“I been lighting my candle🕯🕯🕯 all week!”, Angel says to the House of Evangelista as they are on pins and needles wondering if the House of Ferocity will appear. “What will be will be”, Blanca says in good sportsmanship.

“...broke ass losers”, LuLu🍭 and the House of Ferocity make their way through the room to the E-vans.

Candy🍫 starts reading however Blanca refuses to throw shade back at her. Candy🍫 continues from cutting🔪 her hand on stubble to reminding Blanca of being a hungry 🧒🏽boy in her mommas clothes before telling Papi to 🤭STFU😶 and get her a 🍹 admit the interference of going too far.

Blanca 🚶🏽‍♀️walks away in tears😭.

“Your face look like a wet weak 🤧hank.”, 👩🏿Elektra appears to aid 👩🏽Blanca at a time out of respect to her and the House of a Evangelista to be an assets. She touches Blanca up informing her of receiving her first pay check.

“I want to challenge the House of Ferocity.”, a confident Mother Blanca says as she is tired of the “coming for her”, but first Elektra must read a few bitches!

Oh and Blanca... you have always been my ❤️.”

She says leaving out.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?!”

LuLu🍭 says to 🧑🏽Papi for getting her 🍸 order wrong. 

LuLu🍭 continues as Elektra arrives counting the ways she failed Candy🍫 and LuLu, reminding them of the little girls 👧🏽👧🏿 who could never be. The reading cuts deep as Elektra gave very much Mortal Kombat #FINISHTHEM with her collecting Cubby, Lemar and Papi.

Blanca and Papi rekindle having a special moment when asking, “You got room for ☝🏾 more?!”

As the hallmark moment continues Elektra intrudes saying it’s time⌚️⌛️.

🎤 “Alright now a challenge has been issued to the House Ferocity by the House of Evangelista.”

DJ plays Diana Ross the Boss’ classic and ballroom gem “Love Hangover”.

The houses battle down Realness to Old Way to Face to Body.

The girls are in a uproar at the war before them as the finale battle between Blanca and LuLu are selling it down!

I must say I love at the end when they all were shouting “Pose” and then went double time as Pray Tell screaming OVAHNESS PERSONIFIED!

“The battle of the year”

And the scores are...

House of Ferocity 🔟🔟🔟🔟9️⃣

House of Evangelista 🔟🔟🔟🔟🔟

Grand Prize the house of Evangelista 

Everybody is chanting “EVAN-GA-LISTA!” as they walk down the runway trophy in hand.

The night is going and the house already has 8️⃣ wins. Damon informs Blanca that he is staying for school while Ricky goes on the tour with Al B. sure accepting his scholarship for a second year. 

Another 🏆 snatched as Elektra takes Diva of the Year. 

“Next category is Fem Queen Vogue”

“We are not leaving without a Grand Prize 🏆”, Mother Candy🍫 Ferocity is destined and determined by any means to get a Grand Prize for the house attempting the category.

“Do you have category dyslexia?!” Pray Tell ask them reading Candy as she goes back and forth with him.

The judges inject, but then become threatened after Candy tells the fat fuck to come 🎬chop her.

The judge stands up and Candy kicks off her 👠👠 and 🏃🏿‍♀️ to her clutch👛 to pull out a 🔨. The tables flip, rocks in 🧦 and a ⭕️ is made as the children begin to turn it. I was wondering💭 when they were going to show the girls being a 🤡 🤡 at the ball. I am not saying ballroom isn’t beautiful, but it does have a 🕳dark side that exist. 

They carry on with the House of Ferocity leaving out.

Angelica Ross killed that part and does Candy justice.

“I’m leaving my 💍wife for good.”,

👨🏻Stan appears ok the side to 👩🏽Angel. He shares that he is making changes and wants something real as the time is now with Angel yet not remembering his past. He brings up their first night and wants that he can give her. (🏠, ❤️, 💰)

“Do you remember what else I said back in that hotel room?”,

Angel asked informing Stan they were just good ideas that turned bad once reaching the real world. He doesn’t listen, but she stated he isn’t her first Prince 🤴🏻 Charming and she has a family. She ends the conversation telling him to go home and be a man to his 👰🏻wife and 👧🏼👧🏼kids pretty much.

I laughed when she said she didn’t like kids 😂😂

Blanca comes out to grab Angel for help as they leave Stan outside.

“Ladies and gentlemen we have a very special presentation on tonight.”

It’s time for Mother of Year. The award goes to an individual who has shown great skills in leadership. 

And the nominees are...

Gina Mugler

Keke Pendavis

Tonya Extravaganza 

And last but not least...

Blanca Evangelista 

She walks down the runway to screams greeted with a kiss on the cheek from Elektra.

“Every house needs a mother that is affirming, caring, loyal and inspiring”,

Pray Tell speaks over the 🎤 of the winner, as it is known to be true as she has saved his. 

“The 1988 award for mother of the year goes to my sister, Blanca Evangelista!”

Mother Blanca Evangelista is Mother of the Year!

I had couldn’t hold back my 😭 as I was in that moment so rewarding and so deserving it was a tug at my ❤️.

The episode ends with the House of Evangelista enjoying 🍕 with Pray Tell and Ms Helena celebrating past, present and future success.

“Love is a House” ❤️🏠 takes us out by Force M.D. 

It has been a pleasure ✍🏾 about such a topic and story that is apart of my life and so many others on a national to international level. The impact of black and brown trans and queers lives is something magical as we are the makers and molders of the world especially in the sense of art🎨 , style👗 and 🎶music. 

The second season I hope will goes further into the lives of Candy🍫 and LuLu🍭 so we can have an understanding of their lives. Also what does the future hold for 👨🏻Stan, 👩🏻Patti and 👩🏽Angel? Will the crack epidemic and drug💊💉 hustle influence Papi and others to endure as this is the begin stage? How will Ricky’s life change on the road and in the fast lane of success? Can Damon become one of the 🕺🏼🕴🏾greats like Alvin Alley? What life changes will we see Elektra make for herself and others? How have Blanca and Pray Tell progress moving forward with their health💉 and livelihood? Will we see more non-fictional characters? New characters? More 💥🥊fights? 😂😩 Will the House of Ferocity bounce back? Will new house debut? Will season ✌🏾showcase the debut of House Fathers?! 

Only time will tell, but we are excited about the many ideas and what ifs to come as the show has so many 🎯 points and places to touch on as we are the focal point.

Nonetheless I’ll be ready to 📝 more.

I would like to encourage you all to stream and continue watching the series over and over. Even find a ballroom function/event or vogue clinic to attend to learn and take part in the cultivating culture of ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿🏳️‍🌈 black and brown trans and queer lives.

Until we meet again... I had fun ✍🏾 this series as I am going on 🌴🍹vacay🏖 for a few days and had to have this finale Entry in time for my departure which took place Wednesday. 

I believe by the time you finish this I’ll be on my 4th 🥃🥃🥃🥃 knowing the 🏝 beach is always better.

Until... I... venture on to my next writing prompt.... I have been continuing the second season of John Singleton's ❄️Snowfall⛄️ on FX as well. I’m HELLA excited for Insecure🧘🏾‍♀️ coming back sans 👎🏾Lawrence (😒.... I was apart of the #LawrenceHive F-🖕🏾 YOU!) and 2️⃣Dope👸🏾👸🏾Queens have been renewed by HBO!

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