POSE S2 Episode 2: Worth It




And most importantly... Shade is the recipe for this episode entry TAAAAA-NIGHT!

“Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yasssss”, Pray Tell screams calling forth fashionable femme queens only honey for it’s the category of the hour. The ladies all strut ☝🏾 by ☝🏾 in a signature look as Mother 👱🏽‍♀️ LuLu makes a solo debut in lavender. Grasping the attention of the audience she holds ☝🏾 finger up signaling for a wait with things to do.

Pivot 👠

Turn 🌀

Strut 👠

🗣 “oh... Oh... OH!”

LuLu reveals a legging number underneath leaving a 👗 and 👥crowd👥 at a stand still... literally like the bitches dress was standing up on its own!

Ballroom Historical Fact: The Legendary Grandfather Hector Xtravaganza debuted the standing dress on the runway.

Ballroom Been Influencing The Pop Culture For Years!

A vision in lavender and complimentary 🕶 she comes towards the judges panel regal in realness.

Spin-Spin-Spin🌀Spinderella right into a 🏆.

“She don’t need no scores tonight. Just give this bitch her trophy!” 👲🏾

Co-Mother Candy 👩🏾🍫 and crew celebrate 🎉 their first house victory. Energy fills the room at request for that same effort at the Inaugural Aeros Ball in sickening looks.

“And Ms. Elektra Bravo” 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Pray showed 👩🏾‍🦱Elektra with praise for upgrading a house though in close ⭕️ Candy disregards the compliment as a couldn’t bitch being a member for not so long. “A praise for one is a praise for all”, Elektra responds running her fingers through her fur.

“You know that fur collection expanded since those Abundance days.”

“Indoshin don’t pay 💰 that much for you to walk yo’ ass to a table.”

LuLu and Candy come at Ms. Abundance inquiring about her collections and coins, but speaking of work she has to take a rain check to cover a working late shift.

“Doesn’t Indoshin closes at 1️⃣1️⃣?”

“How would you know? We never let the likes of you in.”

“Love you to bitch.”

Departing 👩🏽‍🦱Blanca gives gratitude, but Elektra rather the hag save her well wishes for someone else. Heading down a dim lit downtown🏙street in a black▪️ dress to kill she 👠👠 into The HellFire.




A red 🚨 light special of spontaneous sexual pleasure 👅 and 😖 pain. A hallway of doors to each room a fetish to be quenched💦.

Room 1️⃣3️⃣

“Who the fuck do you think it is, of course it’s me”, a firm Elektra says to the bent over red bottom 🧑🏻 twink in response before whipping giving him a lashing. Mistress Elektra continues to ⭕️ the idiotic worthless piece of 💩.

“You like giving you 💪🏾 power to women don’t you❓”

Questioning the gentlemen admitting to helping himself to her wardrobe and 👠 without permission. They agree in the disgust of his ways as she 🗣yells for him to get 🆙 The pathetic creature is told to stay right ➡️there⬅️ however once she turns he 🤛🏼reaches for something from his clothing and inhales👃🏼.

“What is that”

“Emerald Nitrate”

Offering up a try, Elektra refuses, but he insist that this with a little coke❄️❄️ will keep one going all night🌙.

“You charge by the hour don’t you?”

Holding a wad of cash💵 in🤚🏼, he persuades the fine mistress in taking part.

Counting her 💵💵💵 from the 🛋 Elektra is in a career that truly fit her making more from 4️⃣ days than in a lifetime. “Working here brings in the money. And working there keeps my name on the rich and famous.” The lady clearly realizes her strength and abilities to do both for in a booming business and AIDS Epidemic.

“Hand🤜🏾 jobs replace 👄🍆blow jobs. No one can pay the bills.” says a young 👩🏼‍🦱 girl feeling bad for the guys too scared to feel pleasure so they turn to pain to avoid contracting the virus 🦠. “I never feel bad for a man”, Elektra exclaimed as for in a long time she feels great.



Blanca poses at the doors very Club 101 in effort of not being tried by Angel for her prima lewk. She sits on the 🛏 next to Angel having a discussion on becoming fashionable and female... not clockable!

Clocked = A Caught Illusion or Identity

While everyone isn’t born with perfect structure and a centerfold face we all can agree shit style isn’t going to be one either in this case. After a few insults Blanca shares how she doesn’t have the access or passing to alway browse women’s sections let alone for allotted amounts of time to find the correct size or fit.

“A women don’t need to 🚶🏽‍♀️ in a room and tel everybody she’s a women.”

A confident Angel partners with Mother E to show her how less is more. The mention of make-up 💄💋🎨 lessons and throwing away of threads for proper high fashion 🧥👗👠👡 daughter shows mother how she is going to get that 🏬 front.

Mother snaps 💥👌🏾 in agreement after stating

“You’re going to make a excellent mother.”

Leopard prints, mustard and curls wiping settled dust from a dirty window Blanca peaks into the store front.

A grey limousine pulls ups.

“Clark, Keep the car running this won’t take long.”

Mrs. Norman 👩🏻‍💼 arrives (played by Broadway icon Patti LuPone). Blanca introduces herself as the perspective tenant, but is interrogated ironically.

“Are you a PR? Puerto Rican 🇵🇷.”

“No I’m American 🇺🇸.”

“I’m sure, but where’s you family from? Your lineage.”

“I’m Dominican 🇩🇴.”

In somewhat “good” faith Ms. Norman welcomes Blanca to tag along as she doesn’t rent to anyone darker than her Aunt Lilly 👩🏼‍🦳 after a weeks vacation in Palm 🌴 Beach 🏖, but she has good luck 🍀 with Dominicans.

“They’re hard workers for the most part.”

“Well that’s me in a 🥜nutshell🐚 . I plan on making this in to my own 💅🏽💅🏾💅🏿 nail salon.”

As the 🚪 closes on Blanca, we’ve should have already known Mrs. Norman isn’t the door holding type.

Introducing a loyal customer base from her previous job to compliments on the nail care Blanca stays persistent and point with Mrs. Norman.

“It’s Ms.”, she replies in conversations of her half a fag 👨🏻husband being found bent over being plowed by the doorman 👱🏼‍♂️. “Life is pain for women.” She continues on her rant of being 💪🏾tougher and better at being mean 😾 comparing her divorce 💍👩🏾‍⚖️ court properties 🏢🏣🏬 victory to her ex-hubby’s infidelities.

“Gentrification, do you know what that means?”

The two have a conversation of seeing something special inside a shithole leading into gentrification. Sure enough Blanca thinks it’s a newest beauty craze or technique, but in translation: a place where a normal (👱🏻‍♂️👱🏻‍♀️👨🏻👩🏻) person feels comfortable walking. She defines that making neighborhood safe and desirable to allow the increase of good people and property value.

The history of gentrification itself is birthed out of the nation as a system built to marginalize ✊🏿 and ✊🏾 communities by either invading their properties to move/buy them out or create area designed to keep them segregated from privileged people.

Example: HUD, Low Income Housing, Rent To Own in OUR AREAS 

Sizing Blanca 👆🏾and 👇🏾, perching her 👄.

“First and last month’s rent plus security deposit.”

Stunned 😧

Speechless 😶

Stuttering 😬

“Do you take 💵⁉️”


The boss lady turns with such an arrogance as it preferred in order to avoid taxes purposes... soon she mentioned the avoidance of contracts 📃📁 and insurance 🗃as well. Blanca dream💭 has finally came true in pursuit of becoming a business owner.

“It’s real. Don’t blow🌬 it.”

Drops 🔑 in Blanca’s hand exiting.

She jumps for joy.

🚪 Unlocks

And Opens

👨🏾‍🦱Ricky returns 🏡 from his gig back up dancing🕺🏾 for R&B sensation Al B. Sure. He follows the the path of red ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ or 🌹 🌹 🌹 petals y’all decide what they were I say either or... 😂

Checks breath

Adjust clothes

Opens 🚪

“What’s the hell? Damon....?”

“Over here”

The room is turned into a cozy comfort of covers and blankets forts. Ricky enters to see a eager 🧑🏾Damon awaiting his love that’s been away for too long.

“What’s with all the ❤️ ❤️ ❤️?”

“I need an excuse to make love to you?”

The boys 😘 each other undressing 👕🧦👖 one another for a few second of pleasure.

As Ricky did say he won’t be long.

“Hey boys I’m so sorry”, Blanca invades the territory asking the boys to gather in the living room for a family emergency 🚨 meeting.

“Can it wait?”

“No 🧑🏽 Derrick died”

Umm Harpo who is Derrick??? As have I missed 🕵🏾‍♂️ something or will we soon find something out...

Paying respects 👲🏾Pray and 👩🏼‍🦰 Judy are at Derrick’s ⚰️ in support. Flowers 💐 , black attire and a long line the House of Evangelista enters the room. Anybody else catch Blanca strutting into the funeral?

Who else is guilty of that?!


“Oh my are you tryna wake the dead from their slumber”, impressed Pray says to Blanca on what he sees before him in design. She shares how Angel has been helping her with a new look, but is soon pulled away by Nurse Judy.

“What aren’t you taking those meds 💊?!”

“I’m afraid of side effects.”

We learn that through Judy seeking a health ✅ follow up with Blanca that she hasn’t even begun the treatment process by taking the 💊 💊 💊 due to the side effects and what it can do to one’s body.

“A part of me feels maybe I deserved this disease”, she says to Judy, about personal guilty contacting the virus. Crazy right?!

Side note: The medication then was known as AZT, an antiretroviral medication that treats the HIV/AIDS virus. 

“Bitches in the post everyday does she really have fangs 🧛‍♀️ like everybody says?”

“No, but she got a set of claws 🧟‍♀️ on her.”

Blanca confirms the news to Pray that she has been allowed occupancy for her store front to be opened in less than a month.

“I accepted terms on a 🤝.”

“You shook on it?”


“Nothing congratulations sweetheart I’m proud of you!”

They rejoice.

Mother wonders where are her boys.

“Not worth it Mother”, Angel says to a mother in wait.

“Oh My Gawd! You are so cute!”

“Oh My Gawd! Like how you moving your hands so fast? Like teach me”

The butch 🧑🏾👨🏾‍🦱👱🏽‍♂️🧑🏻 queens punk in having a Kiki about 🔊 ‘when straights see gays in a club environment’

(You must say it in a deep dramatic 🎥 echo like tone📢)  
Definition - Kiki: Joking; Having a great time… unless if used to describe a terrible look or characteristic of someone. REMINDER DON’T LET #DRAGRACE DO IT TO YOU!


🗣 “How fucking dare y’all not show up to Derrick’s funeral?”

The boys look around and at each other in mad disrespect for being disobedient and reeking of bad breath due to drinking 🍻. “We were downtown socializing like you wanted us to”, Ricky says unconvincing. They believe they took advantage of a moment oppose taking a ⏱ minute of their time for a member of their community.

“But then I started 👐🏾voguing🤲🏾.”

🧑🏾Damon shares when he started to dance🕴🏾like he does at any ball... they all started to improvise and crowd surrounded them as club whole club went nuts at Palladium’s Sunday Tea.

“Like we were some kind of celebrities💫”, Ricky exclaimed.

They strive in validation of free 🍹🍸🍹🍸 and no longer being ‘invisible to 👱🏻‍♂️👱🏻‍♀️ heads no more’ becoming appealing to the American🇺🇸 Dream and commercial appeal to the mass markets.


“Ballroom is about to be more popular than studio 5️⃣4️⃣ ever was!”

“Ballroom is not a trend. Nor is it about some flashy dance moves. Ballroom is about family.”

Blanca scolds the boys for not showing up today sending off to their rooms before drinking some 💦 first.

“You and Florida can dance. Elektra and Aphrodite serve realness. Veronica... Veronica”

“She’s a seamstress girl... that takes some skills.”

Candy and LuLu are coaching the team as they are setting plays for the next functions.

“And what exactly are your strength?”

“What the fuck is that suppose to mean?”

The mothers soon have a minor spat over brown bags and blended 🍶drinks leaving out the kitchen with dinner to serve. And on tonight’s menu fit for the runway: Slim Fast🥤 and 🍿.

“This absolutely will not do”, an unpleasant Elektra indifferent in the dietary decisions wanting 🥡 takeout.

Our 🏡

Our Menu 🍽

Our Rules 🗒

After few reminders and a thank you bitch they digress and digest.

“It’s not about what’s on the 🍽 plate

It’s bout communion 🍞

Conversation and the 👯‍♀️sisterhood👯‍♀️.”

Plus a side of hot sauce in the bag... #Metabolism

“Well sisters”

Elektra states that she is in need of closet space for her finer luxury and things, but unless willing to share the most of a walk in she’ll get is under her 🛏. “You ain’t talking to Blanca bitch”, Candy yet again with the reminders to Elektra in disagreement. Realizations of a failed try at motherhood Elektra questions why does one keep themselves around lowering ⬇️⬇️⬇️ standards.

Over the hill. Homeless. Sex change

“That’s it that where it all started.”

Elektra has an 💡 epiphany 💡as to when she lost her 🏋🏾‍♀️ strength... lost herself. She listed points from Operation or Reassignment Surgery to Mr. Ford’s departure.

Hands to hips, she reaches to snatch the table cloth from underneath creating a signature move before exiting the room.

“I’ll send for my things”

A woman on a mission hunting for new talent she recruits her first potential.

“Ain’t no white girls in ballroom”

👩🏻Tess, a Vogue Femme Fatal played by actress and ballroom Overall Mother for the House of Mizrahi, Trace Lynsette. She is a very white passing trans women and employee of a clothing store.

I’d assume she’s the manager.

Catering the children with Cartier 🧰💎💎💎🧰, the recruitment continues:



The Queen & King of Vogue played by The King of Vogue Legend and Choreographer Da’Shaun Wesley with Tati from Viceland’s Ballroom series “My House” .

Lastly, a triple threat Ms. Jazmine 💃🏾 to complete the perfect package of opulence daaarrrrrhling. 😝

It story 📚 time children, as the crowd is in for a night of 🧚🏾‍♂️ fairy 🧚🏾‍♀️ tales 🧚🏾‍♂️ dipped in romance ❤️ and drama🎭🎬. The category is.... well Pray Tell didn’t say 😂 , so I’m a assume and say #Production. 🤷🏾‍♂️



Where Art Thou Evangelistas? 🤵🏽Papi and 👰🏽Angel recreate a scene from Romeo + Juliet. Dressed in the 🎭Shakespearean style🎭 they perform the poison ☠️ scene drinking to their deaths.

Now what story is Ferocity telling?

Rags II Bitches.

A true Cinderella story as Florida scrubs 🧽🧼 away in her worn out clothes and shoes. Glitter✨ and glowing💫 is Aphrodite as the Fairy Godmother, granting a wish for the ball. And with one flick of the wrist 💥Florida spins🌀 and spins🌀 and spins🌀 to reveal a bright blue ball 👗 gown.

The crowd goes crazy.

Bibitty Bobitty Boo Bitch #DisneyClassics

💡 OUT 🌑


Me: 🗣 Who didn’t pay the 💡 bill?!



Enters Elektra followed by Tess, Jazmine, Silhouette and Shadow. “Ooo’s” filled the room matching that of the unexpected entry.

“Elektra were in the middle of a category”

“We’re not here to walk”

Candy become upset inferring that stunts were being pulled however Elektra insist on only making an entrance. The crowd participation grows in tolerance of ⛈ storming ⛈ balls to make statements.

Having enough Mother Ferocity reaches for a weapon to attack. “It’s 🔨 time bitch”, but Elektra unafraid send one last shot of shade before pulling out a 🔪 in hopes of hitting one like the 🐠 they never were to be. The crowd circles as they attempt to attack each other until Pray sends for security.

Fish = Term for describing a woman. 
Example: Why FISH try me at the counter?! 

“This is a ball, not a brawl”

The defiant one ST🛑PS in hopes of the allowance to introduce her house however the final ruling would be up to the judge panel.


Still taking “no” for an answer.

“We are the House of Wintour. Name after the legendary 👩🏼 editor and chief of the sacred text that is Vogue. Quake bitches, Wintour is coming.”


The house heads out toward the exit 🚪.



“The house is bangy... take us back”

Lemar and Cubby are quick to the term 🏡 hopping bitches leaving the Evangelista to a 🖐🏾 member house, a situation above Pray’s pay grade and a needed break.

Definiton - House Hoppers: Ballroom participants who join multiple houses with an allotted amount of time. 

It’s a Meeting In the Ladies Room and at the 🥃BAR🥃, Damon is approached by a gentlemen as they both head nod in greeting the gentlemen soon speak.

“You look like you could use a 🥃 ”

Damon appreciates the kind gestures, but refuses to then state he’s taken.

We learned of the gentlemen name being Chris and has been on 🚎 with Ricky as a dance member and bunk mate omitting to having sexual 🍑🍆 relationships. He continues to shame Damon harassing him until Ricky arrives to the commotion.

“No I didn’t 💤 with Chris.”

Ricky denies having fucked Chris as the conversation continues. His provoking continues making mentions as to why communication was difficult while on tour pushing up on Damon.

💥 🥊

🥴 Down goes Frazier 😵

🥴 Down goes Frazier 😵

Damon knocked TF out of Chris as they fight to the floor.

“Is this really fucking happening again?!”

Umm yes Pray 👲🏾 Tell.

“Get out!”

Pray Tell shuts the function down for the many fights.

🗣 FUCK‼️

Fights are common in ballroom rather it’s shade or a lack of competitive spirit nonetheless the community has been making grounds for growth.

“Y’all have been going back and forth for hours.”

Arriving home Blanca suggest Damon and Ricky handle things accordingly in the morning, but not for Damon. He insist Ricky swear the sexual encounter with Chris is lie nonetheless he tries to reverse the roles playing off of insecurities that Damon may have.

“You right 🤷🏾‍♂️. You ain’t never jealous”

He continues to play the role even of Damon never jumping to conclusions and him being the crazy 😝 one.

“I thought we were being monogamous”


It is now known that Damon and Ricky have continue having unprotected sex after the last health scare. Blanca confronts Damon, but his innocence takes over as he leaves, she looks to Ricky untrustworthy and undeserving, he takes an exit 🚶🏾‍♂️.

Y’all catch Angel and Papi peeking the entire time?



“This one is cash💰 and the other one on the left is 💳 credit.”

Ms. Norman is sitting centforfold with a purple back drop for an interview by a top ranking publication. She flexes her muscles of control making sure it’s not some kinda torpedo piece, but the interviewer, Elizabeth suggest it’s about powerful women can have it all even after a tough divorce.

It’s settled.

Moments later a man enters 👨🏻‍🦱.

Jonas the executive to the women with the largest real estate portfolio 💼 in the city 🌃 , if not the 🌎 .

As he is formerly introduced, Jonas pulls out racks💸 on racks💸 on racks💸 in the air yelling about his run out making collections. Keeping things streamlined, efficiency is key, as she calls the in-person collections a personal touch that only can happen in a family business.

“This is Oombre. It’s more expensive than a Ralph Lauren suit.”, he says interrupting.

Ms. Norman request a break as the interviewer exits.

Not taking the situation lightly she comes down on Jonas for flashing cash and using the word collections like some mafioso not considering it could trigger the IRS.

He changes subjects.

“That’s a 🚹 guy”, he says to Ms. Norman referring to Blanca, when checking on the store front. In disbelief, the superior sends Jonas down to the store front saying, “If that’s true. He has to go!” He rushes into the building and forcefully hands Blanca her money and verbal eviction.

“I got clocked!”

Blanca and Pray discuss the matters at hand. “Since when a poor brown transsexual got any rights?” She stressed by her stupidity having no paper trail or contracts. Continuing on rant she shifts gears to her children.

“You know gay black boys ain’t never been trained to have a dollop of self belief.”


Pray openly says in results of pleasure and penetration without protection. Thinking how they got to the point in life of where they are.

Reminds me of when Jennifer Lewis played Tupac’s Mother in Poetic Justice and have him his news on how long time doesn’t last. 😂


“You’re their mother. Set an example.”

Leading by example Mother Blanca has a coming to Jesus Moment knowing her parental duties in smart decisions making.

Ms. Norman arrives to the pink painted property. “You are trespassing”, she says to Blanca. Standing firm she rebuttals giving Ms. Norman first and last month’s already being her place for at least ✌🏾 months. Doing work with thieves and murderers is smooth criminal business to the divorcee, but a liar she can’t conduct business with feeling deceived. Kinda funny when you think about that how in your own families or OUR own families the killer🔫, crackhead💉, molester, rapist, adulterer and 📿crooks are all welcomed, but the homosexual🏳️‍🌈 is welcomed.

I digress. Bible 📖

“Norman properties reserves the right to evict at any time”

“Was that in rental agreement contract📋? The one you told me we didn’t need.”

Blanca informs her of the meeting with New York City’s Commissions of Human Rights, so that property owners such as the Misses couldn’t discriminate based on color.

(Catch that color not gender or identity)

Having squatters rights, a lawyer pro bono and confidence Blanca isn’t worried at the threats of Jew lawyers and knee cap breaking Italians🇮🇹 fighting back to the bitter end.

“I’ve had more beating then you’ve had breakfast 🥞🍳. I have a grand opening in two days. Now 👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾shoo!”

Blanca reacting to her verbal harassment.

The family is gathered around the table in thanks of more space with the exit of Lemar, Cubby and Elektra. Yet realizing their house has only enhanced and their still the underdogs. “I have seen plenty of bottoms🍑 flip and become 🍆tops. It’s not that hard!” Blanca jokes, but soon takes serious toll taking direction action. Recommending prelude and protection she passes out condoms as the boys jokes.

“Enough!” Angel says to end the humor as it’s time for the hard truth. “Tell em”, she says to Blanca.




And poor she begins her story of living in a world desperate for love. In ‘8️⃣3️⃣ or so when no one understood this plague we flashback to a younger Blanca at a bar flirting and feeling her fish. Using her body for love she would misuse and abuse for seconds of pleasure in alley ways left alone pulling up her own panties completely basing herself.

“And now I got AIDS”


The children learn it was to protect them and now being truthful is the only way of protecting them the right way. The next scene alone I teared 🥺😢 up even ✍🏾 it because it shows how our🏳️‍🌈 mothers are truly there for us.

“You are ☝🏾 brave woman. You know that?”

Papi kneeling into Blanca. “You looked after me when no one else would”, promising to look after everyone making sure no bad things happen, not even a little sniffle 😪, as they are to “come to me”, he says.

They embrace her. 💓💓

I already see Papi as Father Evangelista whenever they bring the fathers in ballroom storylines.


Damon is up next for his health🔬🧬 check ah the clinic since the return of Ricky.

“Negative➖”, he comes out to kiss Damon.

“I just need honesty.”

Damon believes he 🔎lost🔎 without a good feeling as Ricky is that for him. Ricky promises to finish the conversation later as he has to leave for rehearsal.

Welcome to the Aeros Ball

Celebrating Passion reveling in Love 😍 and Sex 😜.

💋Lust.. Sweet 👃🏾 Smell of Nude 👣 Passion and 👅 Desire.

Pray wants everyone to have dignity in loving yourself when being nasty 🤪 as a guest passes around condoms.

🗣🎤 “The category is high fashion in feathers”


First up, the house of Evangelista.

Angel leads the house as the fellas carry Mother high up in a little black dress and cape with feathers.

Scores: 8️⃣8️⃣7️⃣8️⃣8️⃣

“‘Cuse me. You got your scores!”

Candy rushes to the runway in attempt to snatch a solo win. In true fashion Pray Tell stresses the difference between feathers and foam.


Girl Bye 👋🏾

The House of Wintour ❄️ has enter the floor. Lemar and Shadow cat walk in complimentary white 🥼 outfits down the runway followed by Silhouette in silver then Tess.

Living for the production value they gather around a large shell.

🔨Mallet in hand Jazmine cracks that bitch open💥 and the ☄️Kraken Elektra is out for blood from the Deep Blue Sea🌊.

“House of Wintour didn’t come to play tonight”

Scores: 🔟🔟🔟🔟🔟

Mother Blanca sits sour 💁🏾‍♀️ as Pray lifts her spirit as being a businesswomen of the year as an entrepreneur👩🏾‍💼 and advocate fighting for our rights in excellence.

A Champion 👸🏾

“Can I talk to you?”

Damon pulls Ricky off the runway. He reveals he’s been doing some thinking, but stopped 🛑 loving himself along the way and a 💔break💔 needs to happen.

“I know you’ve slept with Chris.”

“Don’t do this. Fight for us”

Damon doesn’t after a tearful 😢 Ricky wants his 🍰 and eat it too. Pleading he rubs his face uncertain of what he will do without him. Helpless Damon apologies then kissing 💋 him on the cheek, walks away.

“I’m so happy you’ve came to see me.”

“For free booze🍷. Anytime 🍯 honey.”

Nurse Judy takes Blancas visit as a medicinal agenda being a pusher of western medicines.

“I’m not a pusher I’m an advocate”

Sips of 🍷 and water💦 Blanca confesses to Judy it’s time she starts taking the medicine 💊💊💊.

“I’m scared 😱.”

“To die? Or to live.”

Anita Baker’s “Giving You The Best That I’ve Got” plays as she takes her first dosage💊.

“OMG you’re my first customer welcome to 💅🏾Vogue 🤲🏾 Nails💅🏾”

“Y’all got acrylics” 👩🏾‍🦱

“Yeah. How long you want them?”


Business has begun for the boss lady’s grand opening for her nail salon 🏬 and I am excited as what’s to come as she is largish her territories.


The episode continues out with Papi and Angel hit, strike and 📸 Naomi. Ricky takes a final 🎒🧳 exit as Damon L 👀KS from his window pain. Elektra has found a new humble 🕋 abode as Cubby and Lemar organize her fashions in alphabetical order📌 Chanel, Dior, Fendi.

Side note: Idk why I’m singing Louis Prada Gucci 😂 Karlie Redd from VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta?

Respecting Damon for his decisions the Evangelista round table leads to discussions of Ricky joining the house of Wintour.

Let’s 👏🏾 Make 👏🏾 It 👏🏾 Hot 👏🏾

Unbothered by the news Blanca isn’t a bit worried however Pray Tell is as Elektra doesn’t play ⚖️ fair.

“We can do anything as long as we got each.”

They 🥂 cheers 🍻 to family.

Ending with a quote from Grandfather Hector.

“Blood does not make family. Those are relatives. Family are those with whom you share your good, bad and ugly, and still love one another in the end. Those are the ones you select.”

Episode 2️⃣, Worth It, has so many meaning from Blanca having worth in life, Damon finding worth in a feeling, Elektra owning worth in herself and Candy yearning for worth in ballroom. I can already sense something about Candy and having to find validation in the scene wanting to be seen. Wonder how Ricky’s debut will be? Will Angel and Papi take things further?

We will find out next Tuesday 🗓.

I want to congratulate Janet Mock on her historic 📰 Netflix deal. I am so excited to see what see bring artistically to the 🎥 . If you didn’t know she wrote ✍🏾 the script for episode two as well as “Love Is The Message” in season one among others including an up incoming Netflix series with Ryan Murphy entitled Hollywood 🌟.

Ms. MJ Rodriguez is on the cover of Variety magazine’s Pride🌈Power edition serving a stunning shot.

Pose has been nominated for 4 TCA Awards including a solo nom for Overall Mother Billy Porter.

Indya Moore is on the cover of Elle magazine with a great editorial spread and interview.

👀 where the boys of Pose at?? 😂

Until we meet again at the back of the runway.

Happy ✊🏾🌈💛 Pride,

Justin Michael Hendrix