POSE S2 Episode 3: Butterfly/Cocoon

POSE S2 Episode 3: Butterfly/Cocoon

MAY 1️⃣ST, 1️⃣9️⃣9️⃣0️⃣


“I’m here with Angel👩🏽‍🦱 from the Bronx


Why do deserve to be the fresh face of 1️⃣9️⃣9️⃣0️⃣?”

“Ion cause I’m a natural beauty and you don’t gotta be my mug to be 📸 ready.”

Camera 🎥 are rolling as Mrs. Ford👩🏻‍💼 head of the model agency questions Angel as to why she should be the agency’s top pick.

A confident Angel informs her of the standards of beauty and how she defies to be above that with a one of a kind face and fierce attitude to coincide. I’d say Top 🖐🏾 out of 💯 girls, it’s must be something refreshing and natural enough for this beauty.

“What else can you offer?”

Angel answers “My 💝”, as being a beacon and go to person for trying or troubling times.

Wrapping up the Q&🅰️ early Angel asked the matriarch. “You didn’t even ask me why I want to be the fresh face of 1️⃣9️⃣9️⃣0️⃣.”

When was the last time you seen somebody look like me in a campaign? Angel expresses the lack of diversity ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 and necessity for inclusion within fashions’ photo frames and lens. Understanding her flaws in being polished doesn’t mean she wants it any less... then the next bitch! 😉

The conversation went even further she elaborates on her family’s discouragement and come downs which pushes her to lead by example for other to become inspired.

“Pick Me.”, Angel stands and extends her hand in return for a hopeful hand🤝shake.

They shake and agree

Bobby Brown’s infamous 90’s hit “My Prerogative” plays through the next scene.

🚪 open to Angel is fresh faced and feeling 🐠-ishy walking or “tipping” through to the many “Hey Gworl” and “Good Luck”.

Category is Femme 👑 Runway

“I need to see you bitches stomping👠👠 in your best 5️⃣0️⃣1️⃣’s 🍯.”,

Pray 👲🏾 declares over the 🎤

501’s are another name for Levi’s Denim 👖.

The crowd is 🗣roaring as Angel hits the floors to compete as she serves the kids. Grasping the attention of the audience she tosses her🧥and heads toward the judges panel:


“That Arch” 👩🏽‍🦱

“You look like one of them catalog girls” 🧑🏽

Papi is back at it snapping💥 photos of the angelic one herself. I am starting to believe that 🦵 up is her signature move **Elektra voice** nonetheless as they continue to Polaris and Pose, the ☎️ rings.

“Okay. Thank you. Bye.”

“What they say?!”

“Pap-Papi stop.”

“Oh, babygirl.”

“I’m so sorry Angel.”

The Evangelista are 🏡 awaiting to 👂🏾the good news from Angel, but once ending the ☎️ call reality hits and a dream💭 is gone. As all mother Blanca steps in to protection mode wanting to give Mrs. Ford a piece of her mind, but...

“Stop 🛑 it!” Angel yells at Blanca. “I’m tired of your scheming, ya’ big plans and ya’ stupid dreams. You always putting 💩 in our minds to make us think we deserve more. Why you don’t just focus on ya’self.”

Blanca and family shocked at the reaction Angel is giving as she is too saying, “Just leave me alone”, walking away.

Damon comforts Blanca.

Easing the mind, Papi and Angel take a stroll in the park to decompress. Angel expressing her desires for modeling and nothing more than this.

Snatch the title

Be a real ford model

My face be everywhere

Papi reassures her of overcoming a corny as contest to realize her destiny. They stare into a trance as intimacy suddenly takes over.

They kiss 😘. They caress.

“I’m so sorry”, apologizing for the moment yet realizing they both loved it too. Eager to exit, Papi is in now hurry or rush, as he has been waiting for a girl like Angel. “I knew you were the one when I first seen you.”, he says to her so affectionately.

He offers to take her out on a real date.

Janet Jackson’s BLACK 🐈 plays…

“So the little bitch is back?!” 👩🏾

“Yes Mistress” 👨🏻‍💼

We return to another night at The Hell Fire 🔥 Club and BITCH YOU GUESSED IT, Mistress Elektra is in the room with her newly acquainted red bottom twink from last week’s episode.

“I see you’ve brought something to add to my collection.”

The item itself is quite interesting for the bedroom, but nevertheless he’s persistent on using the gas mask along with the many chains ⛓ , whip💥 and poppers💊💊.

“You screw 🔩 the poppers💊💊 into the mask and it releases👃🏾 a slow steady supply, so you don’t get a rush all at once.”

“I admit I had a moment of weakness the last time played, but I do not condone the use of drug 💊💉💊💉 in my presence.”

Paul has tricks up his sleeve or suit coat pulls out more cash 💰 from his inner pocket. While Elektra agreed informing him of the newly added charges on top of the Internet already given.

“I got passed over by some Ivy League newbie.”

He shares that he had a troublesome day today having been looked over by someone who has performed a at an underwhelming level according to him.

“How’s that?”


🦵 Legs🦵 to the 🌙 and 🦶 pointed to the sky 🌌. He is tired up in an all black leather suite i think matching gas mat.

“Can you come back in 20 minutes, so once everything kicks in I could fully enjoy my beating.”

Elektra agrees and exits for a early break.

Reading 📖 magazines, making ☕️ and filing her nails 💅🏾 she is using her time wisely while in wait.

20 minute and done!

She returns to Room 1️⃣3️⃣‼️ “Is my little bitch ready?!” Walking 🚶🏽‍♀️ towards him. “Nod your head of you’re ready for a beating?”, but he doesn’t comply as she moves forward concerned. Removing the mask, it is discovered that Paul has OD 💀 😵 from his drug usage.

Elektra panics trying to wake up Paul, but too many fucks and shits to give she runs out.

“Elektra, What do you want? What do you want?!” 👩🏾‍🦱Blanca disturbed by the repetitive knocking done by Elektra. “Is there anyone here? Are you alone?”, she says frantically.

“Blanca, I fucked up!”, she confesses while drinking🍸 something for her nerves and a request to reserve judgment⚖️. She informs Blanca of her employment at the Hell 🔥 Fire and client Paul. “Will you just shut up 🤐 and listen 👂🏾”, Elektra insist followed by the discovery of Paul liking drugs and to be restrained📿.

“I swear I didn’t leave him long”

“What happened”

“He choked on his vomit”

“Did you call the 🚑”

“He’s dead. I got scared, so I ran”

“You have to call the 🚔”

“No they’ll arrest me for murder”

Blanca and Elektra go back forth yet she stops Blanca’s interrogation of the fucking fifth degree. Unsure of what to do... Blanca says she is going to trust her handing over the ☎️ to call the authorities.

Elektra hangs 📞 up in fear.

“If you didn’t want my advice then why did you come here?”


Blanca confused at Elektra’s needing of aid yet nor wanting the guidance. But Elektra in return is ask herself the same question leaving out.

“I should’ve gone to 👩🏾🍫Candy.”

Blanca grabs her belongings👟👜 and runs out after Elektra.

Uh... it’s time to JAM

Nasty Girls... dance, Dance, DANCE!

Vanity 6️⃣ is setting the tone of the next scene as the ladies go on search🔎 for Candy, who isn’t hard to find.

“Candy’s on the pole?”

“How else is she gonna earn her living”

The ladies are inside an adult entertainment lounge or STRIP CLUB as in the book of Playa’s Club section 1.5 😂

“I need to talk to you”, Elektra demands while Candy dances💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾 on. “Now!”, pulling out even more 💵 . She 🛑’s and exits stage front!

“You hoes kill me. Coming like I’m dear fucking Abby”, says Candy. “You Gagged a man and he died. He white?! 👀 Oh bitch you fucked.” Elektra frets as Blanca urges for the 👮🏻‍♀️ to be called.

During the conversation a dancer and client come to the dressing room heading towards the dark room. Elektra warns her of the safety allowing gentlemen 👨🏻‍🦲👨🏼‍🦰👱🏼‍♂️👨🏻👨🏼‍🦳 in the back with the ladies and safety precautions.

“Let’s not talk about safety at my job. When you just killed a man at yours.” Candy won’t take her 🦶 off Elektra’s neck reminding her of what has been done. Encouraging her too call the 🚔, face the best lawyers 👩🏻‍💼👨🏻‍💼👨🏼‍💻👩🏼‍⚖️ white 💰 can buy plus an article in The Times, Post and news as she says about the lack in respect and truth for trans women especially around crime🔪🔫and the justice⚖️system.

Elektra agrees to call📞 the police, but Candy would like for her to meet someone before her trip to Rikers.

💵💵💵BANDZ AH MAKE HER DANCE💃🏾 And comprose too, coming to an agreement to help.

She leads, they follow. 👣👣👣

Blanca stressing the longer the time it takes for a call to be made the more suspicious his death looks. Candy not 👂🏾 as the right thing to do isn’t always the right thing.

“Hey girl” 👩🏾🍫

“Hey” 💁🏾‍♀️

Candy 👋🏾greets and hugs 🤗 a dear friend far too familiar with the marginalization on black and brown bodies especially trans women of color, who work in favor of the sex trade. Slow business and a Bush economy the scene is shared with Drag Race’s own Peppermint. While not one for ☕️ her character is open to having her on “bought time”.

“Now that happens all the time”, sharing stories of her past clients from 😢 men 👱🏼‍♂️ to vicious vomits 🤮.

BTW did we ever get the name of Peppermints character??

Her name.. Euphoria… O K A Y!

“What did you do to him?!” She questions Elektra about it being some fucked up shit. Elektra gives repeats of not being present, overdosing💊💉📿 and committing a crime of murder. Blanca still pushes for 🚔 the other ladies 👀 at each.

“We’re the ones that are supposed to get beat 💥🥊up and dying⚰️. Not them!”, she says to Blanca and Elektra. Candy interjects to request she share what happened to her last summer.

$20 BJ 👄🍆

5 Mins In

A disagreement over an unhard dick and teeth 🦷 use leads her to a physical altercation until 🚔 arrived. They heard what he had to say from her wanting a ride to a police family member. The story continues of transphobia and sexualization of transgender women in the incarceration system from officers dolling them up to be pimped out to rape.

“For girls like us the system is never on our side.”


According to TransEquality 58% of Trans Women have been mistreated by 🚔 . While 62% do not report none of the sort out of fear to be framed.

Candy shares she has someone she heard can get rid of the body🔮. Blanca turns in shock as Elektra request to speak in the 🏠 somewhere privately. “I know this is your 🏡, but your mother is send you to your👉🏾👉🏾 room!” Elektra ⛔️removes🚫 Blanca from the matters to keep her 🤲🏾 clean💦 being the ☝🏾 who always cleans 🧽 everything up she says.

“You’re not responsible for my sin.”

As she realizes she has no other choice and wants Blanca to 👂🏾 no more of this.

Not doing sub basements may not be Mother Wintour’s ting, but it will do, as the bougie bitch is insisted to come along.

Candy takes Elektra to a familiar face from Season ☝🏾 Episode 4 entitled, The Fever, when she was on her search for the right pumps💉💉💉 of silicone and a sexy frame to match.

Just needing 🖐🏾 minutes to clean up we arrive to ah—

“Oh no! You bitch!” 🦹🏼‍♀️

It’s the black market doctor, Ms. Orlando 🦹🏼‍♀️ for silicone and other injections.

If you recall last season when Candy had her share of injectables.

“You cause me nothing 🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️, but problems”

“Bitch you almost killed😵 me”

Candy is confronted for her rumor mill and gossip being spread around about the things she said about her and her working.

While costing hoes 💰 and making a big fuss Elektra 👩🏾 interrupts to convey business conducting would be splendid.

“I heard you can clean up a little mess”

“For a friend of hers... never!”

🦹🏼‍♀️Ms. Orlando denied helping Elektra due to her friendship with Candy. Elektra offers her a make up for her butcher mutilating the girls. Did y’all catch her face when Elektra said that while stirring? 😂

“We heard you can take care of problems. Like ones that are breathing😳, but not breathing anymore😵.”

She denies such accusations by Candy, but always Candy-girl knows her bullshit and calls out her past of client 👱🏼‍♀️👩🏽‍🦰 with bad work who died ⚰️ followed by a “John” 👨🏻‍🦱 who got rough with one of the girls at The Pier.

Elektra pulls out the 💵 and slams💥 it on the table not being proud of paying for such accommodations meeting her need in help.

“Was he a fat man or a tall man?”

“What does that matter?”

“I just need to know how big of a 🧳 I need to bring”

Ms. Orlando agree.

The ladies are back at the Hell 🔥 Fire Club with less than 5️⃣ hours to get Paul out of that place before the cleaning crew arrives for their shift. “Get anything that could trace him back to here”, saying Ms. Orlando the ladies start scanning the room. Coincidentally, Candy knows the motherfucker, vouching to leave his ass outside for putting his 🤛🏼hands on the ladies previously. Ms. Orlando interrupts to take everything and put it in the 🧳.

The elevate scene was too funny how Ms. Orlando holds the 🧳 like I’m used to this not new to this... 😂

“Shit! Dammit”

“I’m sorry about the other day”

Blanca spills 🥘 onto the floor as Angel comes to help 🧽 the mess while apologizing for the previous day. Blanca accepts apology and share a lot is going on, but doesn’t go into detail switching gears back to Angel as the focus and Papi being the topic.

“Speaking of the 😈”

Papi enters

Angel rushing up to Papi asking him “Why you acting like that?!” He responds with true intent and understanding Angel’s feelings being sad. “It’s a pity 💋 and me you don’t know how to act around me.” Papi is already determined for reject knowing he more then a hood 🐀, Angel wraps her arm around him letting him know she scars and not wanting to ruin anything being family.

“I could be more... just give me a shot!”

He said sincerely.

The two share sweet nothings and kiss while Blanca watches like an Episode of Young and the Restless... she calls for dinner time.

“When you takin me out?!”

“Whenever you want!”

Papi and Angel agree to go on a date night.

Back at the humble🕋abode also known as casa de Wintour, Mother is feeling played in the means of her 💰 and matters at hands, as she says in regret, “I shouldn’t of gave that bitch my 💵.” and then blames Candy who could care less.

Ms. Orlando arrives.

“I have some goodies 🧺 to play with”

“What’s all of this”

She answers Elektra

The Lie⚱️ is for the smell.

The Pleather 🧺 is easy to work with and importantly it doesn’t leak.

She then gives directions:

Wrap him up

🧵 him in

And putting him in Elektra’s closet.

Plus 📦 📦 📦 and a promise of no one ever knowing.

“The beautiful little cocoon

The ladies look in disbelief, but she continues she tell a tale about her friend in Honduras 🇭🇳. Her husband kept beating her with a hot 🔥 hanger and as most women do they react. He was shot dead. Scared of what could happen the ladies in the town came together to cocoon him.

Candy🍫 still on one, questions if that’s the same for others that fallen victim to her💉💉💉 work. Though she says it’s prima shit blaming it on the client and ready to get things started as she has a hair appointment at 10. #BusyLady

“Can we do a 🙏🏾 before we cocoon him?”

An empathic Elektra is wanting to make most of what’s wrong right requesting a group 🙏🏾 before the lack preserving a body. Candy believing he got what he deserves they are reminded it’s someone’s son as they 🙏🏾 to “Shame”:

“Lord the 🌎 can be a cruel place

Especially for women like us

We do not like what we have to do to this man’s body

But we have we no choice

If we did... we would do right by him

At least no one will know how he died

Which I’m sure he would appreciate.”

Heads bowed Ms. Orlando interrupts ready to get to work!

The ladies lay out a blanket and roll the body on to it from the 🧳. Elektra realizing his body isn’t flat, but Ms. Orlando knows the trick of forcing him in a fetal position like a 👶🏽. Hand 🖐🏾 on her ❤️ nervous Candy🍫 reminds Elektra⚡️ she didn’t kill him.

They help Ms. Orlando in the process leading up to the cocoon 🧵 the pleather tight with no 🕳 or seems as for when the body decomposes it won’t leak out into Mother Wintour’s 👠 collection.





In a look so sophisticated and sweet in pink Angel tried on different looks for her awaited date night while Damon helps from the 💺 flipping through a magazine.

The ✌🏾 have a conversation about Papi.

“He’s a hustler. That’s what I like about him”, Angel answers when Damon askeda out their reservations location. The conversation continues with compliments and why you stressing it’s just Papi.

Damon applauds Papi for his recent accomplishments, but reminds Angel, “You are a girl that can get anything”

**☎️ rings**

Angel is back down at Mrs. Ford’s modeling agency after taking an expected ☎️ call to come in.

“Trust me I have the girl for you. Consider it handled.” 📞

Mrs. Ford is on the ☎️ finishing up a phone📞 call as Angel walks in. She thanks her for coming in, but Angel takes it as a offering of regret for picking a blonde 👱🏼‍♀️ model. Sassiness 😼 being the cost of the title Mrs. Ford says she has “something” for Angel. She says to Angel there’s a shoot 📸 with Ford Models and the photographer is wanting something different.

“I’m those people on the side walk that you look 👀 down 👇🏾 upon from your perch in the sky 🌌.”

Angel says to her difference putting things in perspective for Mrs. Ford in regards to class and color roles.

“Have you heard of Wet N Wild?”

“MmmHmm, they got the best eye liners. You ain’t gotta burn them or nothing.”

The conversation continues as Mrs. Ford says this should be easy as she is giving her a job as a model for their Spring Color 🎨 Collection.

“Wait my face is gonna be up in the make up aisle at Reed?!”

Internalizing what has been spoken to her.

“When do they want me?” 👩🏽‍🦱

“Your already late” 👩🏻‍💼

Angel rushes down to the shoot. A scenery of drape white curtains, colorful racks of clothing, 🥂 and 🍓. Is this the model life?

“I like this ☝🏾 a lot ”, Angel says holding a swim 👙 suit to her body. She puts its on and walks out to the photographer, Eric.

They introduce themselves and the shoot begins on a rocky start as she states her nervousness 😟. Seeing the worries of the photographer and team, Angel looks around to find a case and the moment she put her 🦵 up and 🦶 on it... the photoshoot now has started to commence.

I told y’all that’s her signature even the photographer says that his favorite pose as long with her vogue poses... as he called her a 🌟.

The last scenes of the shoot are group shots with the ladies as it’s seen “diversity in a urban look” was needed 👩🏽‍🦱👱🏼‍♀️👩🏻‍🦰.

“Ooh shit 7:35, I gotta meet someone”

“We have you booked until 9”

“I got plans”

“You wanna be a social 🦋 or a super 💫”

Angel is hit with an ultimatum to stay and shoot or head out for her date with Papi. She decides to stay and finish out the remainder of the photo shoot.

As Papi awaits... alone outside Babrettas with a 💐boutique in hand plus he cleaned up 👔 nice nice nice nice nice nice nice.


“We had our own table and everything”, Angel is sharing how models are the new rocks ✨ 🌟 stars plus meeting Issac Mizrahi calling her the Face of the 90’s during a night out after the photoshoot. Being out with the creme de la creme is 🗽NYC one thing, but standing up to somebody is a whole another situation.

“I’m so sorry I’m late I picked up an extra shift.” Says Papi walking in on the celebratory 🎉 conversation.

Silence enters the room as Blanca gets up to make Papi a plate 🍽... then signally for Damon to follow suit leaving them ✌🏾 alone.

(Side note my Momma who is transgender couldn’t cook at all 😂 , but she could shop and buy unless her sisters cooked and when they did we ate!)

Damon exits.

“You know I was gonna say nothing, but”

“I’m sorry, I feel really bad, but I have a good excuse if you wanna hear it?!”

Papi opened to listen hears how Angel has a photoshop for a real modeling campaign and giving him credit.

“I am so happy for you, but you fucked me up.

Flexing mad hard for the girl of his dreams had Papi believing he’s done something right. He was ready to sip champagne 🍾 Angel 😭 Damn Angel! #BottlePop

“I’m not gonna let you apologize for doing something you had to do.”

He encourages Angel for living her and him being happy for her for real. After they hug he let’s Angel know that she is his dream and one day he’ll be her man protecting.

“I am a Prize too. And I need you to know that!”

He says to Angel. She 😘 him on the forehead. He sits alone.

Papi is that fucking deal man 💯

“Your late”

“The ☀️ rises when it’s ready Blanca”

Arriving late to meet Blanca at the Kitty Lounge Elektra sits down for a round of cocktails 🍸 and conversation plus a corpse🧟‍♂️.

“What’s so important you’ve been needing to speak to me face to face.”

Elektra questions her presence being needed, but Blanca replies about the twos weeks since The HellFire Club and she’s been silent.

“I heard what you did to that body”

“Is that bitch Candy running her 👄? I do the same to her if she keeps 🗣yapping”

As always 🍵 is spiked and spilled throughout the community ✊🏾🏳️‍🌈 as Candy has been dishing the dirty of recent events. Contrary to belief half of the girls don’t believe her and the other half understand that Mother Wintour did what she had to do.

“I know you’re a bitch, but even you gotta be hurting”

Blanca confides into her Mother about nightmare and inquiring if she has the same.

“I have nightmares too”

She shares that she see him, moving 📦 📦 📦 around to avoid smells 👃🏾 even late at night thoughts of humanity and 🙏🏾 take place.

“He mine now. And he’ll be with me for the rest of my life.”

Blanca comforts Elektra in hopes of his missing will soon fade into the background and newspaper numbers.

The game ain’t fair

We may cut each up like a pack of alley 🐈 but when the 🌎 tries to tear us down

This army closes reigns.

The ladies mend fences and make peace of the matter.



The Evangelista are running into the 🏬 in search of their family face.

“Is it out yet?!”

Blanca looking around the cosmetic and beauty isles for Angels face as she was promised ✌🏾 weeks since than it would be released.

The search continues on...

“Oh My God! YO, YO, YO, OVER HERE”

Damon excite signals and yells for the rest. They stand all together take a step back and breath looking agar at the beauty that is Angel.


“You look so beautiful” Papi says

“Oh My God! You did this”, Angel says hugging Blanca, who as a mother pushes her daughter to her truest form of potential thus far.

She celebrated 🎉 showing off her accomplishment.

The episode ends with a quote from The Legendary Icon Dorian Corey:

“...everybody wants to make an impression some mark up on the 🌎 then you think you made a mark on the 🌎 if you just get through it and a few people remember your name then you left a mark”

I must say Pose Season ✌🏾 Episode 3 is basically to put it in terms BIGGER THAN RAP, as The Butterfly/Cocoon is actually a play off of the Legendary Icon that was quoted.

Dorian Corey, 1937-1993, was an American 🇺🇸 designer 🧵 and performer, but to the ballroom community she was more than that. A huge pillar in the community (watch Paris Is Burning kids) and a drag queen that took no shit!

Literally, as for when she passed in August of 1993, a 1️⃣5️⃣ year long mummified body was found within her belongings 🧳. The body was of Robert Worley/Wells who suffered a gun 🔫shot to the head. It’s suspected that the individual was a lover or a killer of Corey’s either in business or betrayal. The new outlets went crazy as publications describes it as “The Drag Queen Had a Mummy in her Closet!

The gagger though... watch Paris Is Burning (Netflix) and catch that Pharaohs head behind her during the interview.


Now that’s how you turn it!

Don’t believe me... ask a few ballroom Legendary ones Andre, Jack and Dorian as they were questioned the night the corpse was discovered while during the 1993 NYC Awards Ball.

Last, but not least The was the homage I’d being paid to the Legendary Icon Tracey Africa, the first model that is trans for a major brand or companies.

Until then... I know a bitch that’s standing in the back!

-Justin Hendrix

Pride Collection still available online of hitnhomeboy.com SHOP section. ✊🏾🌈💛