POSE S2 Episode 4: Never Knew Love Like This Before

POSE S2 Episode 4:

Never Knew Love Like This Before

🗣Pop 💥 , Dip, Spin ... WERRRRRRK!


As we already on the floors with the Haus of 🌬 Wintour❄️ that is.

Jazmin 👩🏾 sells face while Florida 👩🏽‍🦱 and Silhouette 👱🏽‍♀️ break it down in the old yet new way to the beats of Love Bazaar by Shelia E. and MY MUVA The Purple☔️ Himself Prince🎸. As Prey👲🏾Tell informs the kids to feast their 👀 on the ladies.

💥 👌🏾

Owwww! They hit a DIP!




(Notice not a SHABLAM 👎🏾👎🏾)

Clear the floor

Clear the floor

“We done changed the culture ya’ll!”, Prey share the excitement with the ballroom community of their achieves of vogue into the mainstream world.

However he believes it’s time to switch things up as the everybody in the world is now trying to learn how to vogue.

Category is...


Calling forth the bangy ones... boys and top serving trade.

Trade: DL Guy. No where near the children of the scene. Don’t believe the hype on Drag Race!

Top: Sexual position. The giver not the receiver of penetration.



The speakers 🔊 blaze “I’ve Got The Power” by SNAP! which was a hit maker back in the year of 1990. Funny it’s still played today throughout sporting events.

👨🏾‍🦱Shadow hits the runway showcasing his new way to the floor. Hitting a signature line of vogue into a breakin b-boy stance.

Up next Lamar 🧑🏽 Evannn... E... 🤔 Yes 🗣 WINTOURRRR dances on to the floor as he is Kiki’s about on the floor for being a house hopper. He continues giving her a clocked comment as a sign to be warned. Gravity💂🏾‍♂️Ebony comes forth spinning 🌀 and kicks 🦵 it like a hip hopper.



And full of you know...”

Prey continues

“I need him in my house” says a fanning Angel.

The crowd roars.

🔟’s across the board

“Is there anybody that think they can to this evening. Come on!”, Prey invites the next potential contestant.

“Aww here we go this bitch again.”

Mother Candy 👩🏾‍🦱🍫 Ferocity is ready in her Madonna-esqe effect.

Serving face with performance into a slight sight spectate to see.

Mic 🎤 check!

“You have nerve. But what are you doing?!”

“A tribute to Madonna. The woman who put vogue on the map. Cut that music back on bitch.”

Crowd oohs at the quick comeback.

“The category is lofted. It is a dance category for actual dancers.”

He then continues to read👉🏾👉🏾 her skills of not actually being a dancer 💃🏾, but a concern of his for her health ⛔️ as she might burst💦 that silicone. And no ☝🏾 wants a flat ass cheek after having lovely lady lumps now right?!

The crowd soars, but I’d agreed to with Mother 👩🏽‍🦱 Evangelista as that’s fucked up.

“Why are you always reading the riot act Prey Tell? You go out of your way to put me down.”

Prey and Candy go back and forth giving their usual banter and bitchiness recalling she is always in the bottom 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 of things. The reads begin to cut deeper as the ✌🏾 stand firmly planted in place unmoved, unbothered and unapologetic.

“You stood there on your perch talking about it’s our time”... Candy mimics Prey as the 🌎 needing us to be seen though he’s the only one that doesn’t see her as a contribution.

“I got ❤️.

I got talent.

I’m a star just like Madonna!”

The ballroom cheers in agreement. “Okay”. Prey says in response.

The judges give their scores...


The cards ♠️♥️♣️♦️ never lie 🤥

“You gonna regret your words I’m a 🌟. I know who I am. I am somebody.”

She reminds him.

Though he rather tell her hit the road jack and cue the music 🎶.

Idk why I thought about Carmen the music with Beyonce and Mos Def.

“You are looking fierce” 🤲🏻

“Aight now nurse Debbie WERK it out... may wanna look in the mirror and perfect some of them moves.”👲🏾

Blanca and Prey enter the hospital heading to see Nurse👩🏻‍🦰Judy while embracing the continued craze: Vogue.

They meet with Judy, gathering around a lunch table to discuss “fish 🐠💼 business” (handling things) as in the cabaret, but that’s according to Prey Tell and Prey only.

“Blanca may I?”

Pulling out a folder 📁 disclosing Blancas lab 🧪 🔬 🧫 work and test 📊 results. After taking the AZT 💊💊 medicine for treatment it’s shown that her results have improved.

Prey gets upset 😠 at Judy refusing to take part in the medication💊. “Blanca told me about that voodoo🔮📿 shit you did over the weekend.” She rebuttals back at Prey who goes the holistic📿 route of scarfing down pounds of 🥘 butter with drops💧of mineral oils to lower chances flushing 🚽 the virus from the gut.

“I really really don’t appreciate y’all talking down to me like this” wanting them to “Please find another way to love 💗 him.”

Leaving the ✌🏾 in tow Tell is in route to a city diner to have a masters of ceremony 🧔🏾👨🏾‍🦱🧑🏾meeting as they decide on changes and continuations in the scene.

The need of paying 💵 dues for 🏆 is a concern of Manhattan’s followed by compiling moments of silence 🤫 at one time during an event to consider timing of event space. They all agree especially with 👱🏻‍♀️Madonna and the interest of making sure to always be on ready, so you don’t have to get ready.

“Which is why I’ve been saying we need to vote on a new modern category.”

Distressed with categories from 1️⃣9️⃣7️⃣3️⃣, they think of what’s new to come though making sure to be protective of their sacred grounds. The points is made clear that authenticity is what’s make them cultivating yet concerned for making sure even the weakest assets is assisted in case the vulture culture invade their spaces.

“One of the children suggest we add a lip 👄 sync category.” Says Manhattan

Shutting that 💩 down right now Prey wants no parts of it as if the girls are wanting to lip sync and drag things out then they need to be down at The Village to be Patti in front of 👱🏻‍♂️👨🏼‍🦰👨🏻twinks in blue jeans 👖. “That is not how you do a ball”, Pray in on a 🧼 📦 about babbling gums to a cassette tape at a runway for competition as “that’s how you do ventriloquism.”

They Kiki


👩🏾🍫Candy appears after hearing 👂🏾 about the gentleman hosting a meeting today and they have it out suggesting to state her cause before killing her dreams. “It’s not just about winning. It’s about getting seen.” After clocking Junior Vasquez at the last ball she is knowing the time is on the Horizons for the scene.

“So you want us to put a pole in the middle of the room, so you can show us all your hidden talents?”


Once again Prey wanting no parts of the Candy crush factor. He suggest she takes her energy elsewhere denying her motion. She lunges at him with a table 🔪 question the lack of seriousness he sees in her. Urging her to stab him in broad daylight she reconsiders the action and backs away.

“You won’t see the last of me. Muthafuckas!” throwing doughnuts 🍩 taking an exit.

🗣 🎤 Category is... Higher Than Heaven in Avant Garde Fashion.

The Wanting of Innovative Interpretation.

EnVogue’s “Hold On” plays and the ladies hit the floor, but it was the one and only…

Kiki Pendavis to hit the floor in a bright blue 🐦 cage effect. The bitch had a bird cage on top of her head... talking about effects bitch!


At the bar Mother Blanca and the boys play wall flower. Angel runs towards her saying she needs her come with her. She lead her in to the dressing room where we seen a 😭 👱🏽‍♀️LuLu.

She finds out Candy is missing. LuLu let’s them know they been taking tricks as being a mother has its risk of handling business. Not wanting to go alone, Blanca says she’ll go with her.

They go to the 🏨 and try to find her but no luck. The motel itself was ran down and used by the hour coming in and out like 🐀 central.

They leave contact info 📲 and a photo 📸.

“I need all ✋🏾🤚🏾’s on deck”

Blanca gives out flyers 📃and assignments📋 to the children while having a family dinner over CASTLES 🏰 .

We call White 🍔🍟 Castle... Castles in STL 😂  

The ☎️ rings.

“No please allow me.” says 🧑🏽Papi

It’s a call for Blanca. She takes the call.

Unsure of the news yet knowing something isn’t right from a viewers 📺 point of view. Angel is at her knee in tears, a sudden knocks comes at the 🚪.

Anybody think it was Candy too.. 🤷🏾‍♂️

Lulu arrives impatient seeking to hear an update on Candy.

“Let’s wait for Elektra.” Insisting to wait for the news, but LuLu infers that she needs to 👂🏾 it now. “Candy’s not coming 🏠.”

Blanca informs her of Candy’s 💀 death.

LuLu breaks 😢 as she caves into Blanca in denial of the news.

Elektra arrives and Blanca shares what actually happened to Candy according to what had been reported to her.

The housekeeper 👩🏻‍🦱 arrived to the room to clean discovering a bloody towel. Taking steps further she found Candy’s bound death in a closet dressed in lingerie 👙 and blood.

“Do they know who did it?”

“No but they are looking.”

Elektra speaks in denial on the protection let alone interest of trans life after death.

Angel frustrated 😡 in knowing it’s a need to do something more then a moment of silence. “1️⃣1️⃣ girls have been killed ⚰️ this year”, she reminds the ladies of the lives taking away too soon.

They decide on a plan to begin arrangements and recovering Candy’s corpse most importantly.

“We’re going to make it through this I promise you.” Ms. Wintour says firmly.

Judy accompanied by Elektra and Blanca are down at the morgue in hopes of recovering Candy. The employee a gay Asian 👨🏻‍💼 male and member of the community himself doesn’t hesitate denying them access.

“I’m gay, your gay we’re all dancing 🕺🏾 underneath the same fucking 🌈.”

Sorry for their loss be keen on his protocols as their not blood related. Nurse Judy continues and puts things in his perspective of having no right of claiming a lovers 👬💍 body due to being not of blood in which his family could even block him from visitation rights.

Judy finally gets he body released.

New York Mortuary Service ⚰️

The ladies arrive without LuLu invited to come view Candy’s body. They are told of how the expenses were free of charge due to her respect and willingness to speak to the gentlemen by his first name.

“Oh no no no no no!”, Elektra says


Viewing the body ⚰️ giving no ma’am’s to the make 💋💄💅🏾 being torn 🆙 from the floor 🆙 to a ⛪ ladie wig even Blanca wouldn’t wear.

They get to work for a redo so they won’t be haunted in the afterlife.

2️⃣ Hours Later

“I’m a go get this thing started.”

Blanca begins the service. They did a much better job on Candy. Prey walks up to the casket ⚰️, walks to the podium, closes his eyes and then opens 👀 them to speak. “So I’m not gonna lie to y’all today. Ms. Candy she was pain in my got damn black ass.”

He continues to profess the sisterhood they still had regardless of factors as they’re all brothers, cousins, a family 💯. The understanding of family and having differences is alright. Reflecting on a previous passing of a friend he shares how Candy thought funerals were a waste because only the living get to party 🎉 unable to part take to speak on final truths.

Never again to have the opportunity to share those moments and give thanks they intake his words of encouraging of handling unfinished business to protect women from men who are weak and afraid to deal with desires.

“Let us take a moment of silence.”

They take in the moment front the pews. Prey breathes deep and suddenly hears. “I forgive you.... that’s right bitch! I saaaaid I forgive you”, Candy says to a shocked Prey Tell. ⚰️🚬

Come on Candy in the spiritual 🙏🏾 realm.

“You need to know I was a forgiving women.” Reluctant to know how to deal with the backstabbers of the world with forgiveness. “At least I died beautiful.” She says to Prey as if he never noticed.

“You gave plenty of people breaks when they didn’t deserve it.”

“Maybe.. I didn’t wanna look at you. You are Unapologetic. Black. Femme. All the things I tried to hide about myself when I go into the real world.” ✊🏾

Sharing a narrative of some ✊🏾 queer men have toward ✊🏾 trans women tbh and it degrades the identity of equality 🏳️‍🌈 itself.

They continue the ❤️ to ❤️ . “You know I would have killed that lip sync category bitch!”, Prey is awaken from his spirit into the flesh being told it’s time to move forth with the program as he invites other to take part.

“We are all here to love an support each other.”

Crying 😢 at the casket Angel doesn’t even know what to say as she realizes it could have been her in there as well. “This needs to be a reminder to you”, Candy reappears to let Angel know to leave the coins 💵 and Piers 🚦🚏 alone looking to her dreams of being a centerfold 📸. “Who better than you bitch?!”, she gives duties to Angel unless she wants to be haunted by her spirit. Encouraging her to put that energy in another Candy girl and thanking her for the reach out to her parents. Angel exits, but caught off guard by LuLu.

“I can’t go in there.”

She confessed to Angel now she doesn’t want to see Candy in a box. Knowing they have many memories it’s the bad ones that replay to her. Scared 😱 to go in she is comforted by Angel.

👩🏻‍🦰Judy and 👩🏽‍🦱Blanca discuss Prey Tells health but cut short by 👩🏾Elektra.

LuLu enters the room. She arrives to the casket. “Girl I can’t believe your gone.” 👱🏽‍♀️She goes into a spill of having to carry the ☝🏾 without her and can’t trust others for nothing. Missing her as she leans in to announce she was a thieving bitch 😵 snatching away a golden broach 🔱 and 🧤 next going for her head.

The boys step in while other gasp.


“Get out my way bitch!” LuLu pushes them away heading outside.

Seated 🛋 on the bench having a 💨 break she is graced with Candy’s spiritual appearance of this being the talk for years to come. “Seems like a waste to bury ⚰️ with you”, LuLu says of her actions taking Candy’s personal items.

“I was bored hearing all those crocodile 🐊 tears 😭.” Candy shares of his she got no love while in life so why now in death, but stating at least LuLu was honest.

It is revealed that she never liked Candy as she felt they were never Laverne and Shirley being resentful of her being light and thick. Going back down memory lane Candy reminds her of a time a Burlington, snatching 6 trophies in one night to 20 below 🥶 without heating 🔥 having to cuddle for body heat. No matter what they were there for each other in stilling that time will heal them in way never known before.

LuLu sobers.

Humming Jesus Loves Me, we see Blanca and Candy have a Clark Sister moment until Elektra interrupts to let her know George and Weezy Jefferson are outside taking part in their refreshments.

“Hi I’m Blanca.” She introduces herself to the 👨🏾‍🦱👩🏾‍🦱 parents of Candy. As the father introduces himself, the mother questions “What kind of damn name is Candy?!” As Blanca replies, “It’s the one she chose.”

They continue to speak in Candy in the past as in subjecting her to make pronunciation and adjectives like him and son. Blanca let’s them know she was loved 💕 and they can follow her inside.

“I don’t know if I can do this”, Candy’s mother says to her father as she reassured her it’s okay and they continue forth.

“I can’t believe you showed up.”


The mother and daughter have a ❤️ to ❤️ over wigs and trying on Charlie’s 👠 not being punished thinking she was creative or at worst gay. Thought of becoming a women she didn’t know how to react even after abandoning Candy.

“I see that”. The mother takes in the realization of knowing who Candy. “All I see is my baby.”

She then speaks to her father. It’s know that he always had a sweet 🎯 spot even if unable to throw a spiral one could still tackle. They bond over Candy saying how she pretended to be sleep as her father set up the dollhouse she asked for at ✌🏾 birthday 🎂 🎁 and finally got it on Christmas 🎄.

“I wanted my baby to have what 🚺 he... I guess what 🚺 she wanted.”

That moment took me… as Candy felt seen by her father. Could you imagine if ✊🏾black father’s stood in for their trans children especially daughters... the magic✨ of what could happen.

Prey leads the Johnson’s to their seating area to then make an announcement.

“We will be offering a lip 👄 sync category at each and every ball. We’re going to call it Candy’s Sweet Refrain.”

They put their lighters 🔥 🕯 up... To Candy

The Paul Bearers come taking Candy away ⚰️ to a celebration 🎊 of life, love 💕 and liberation as Stephanie Mill’s “Never Knew Love Like This Before” plays.

The Lip Sync commences as she owns the floor circling ⭕️ around the room. The crowd shows her love and such admiration like never before.

Set Secrets this was actually actresses Angelica Ross’ final scene on set, so imagine emotions.

“Judges you're scores!”



Candy continues singing 🎤 and dancing 💃🏾 on underneath the disco lights.

“Hey I bet you candy smiling in heaven right now. She finally got what she always wanted. For you Chatty Cathies to shut the fuck up!” says LuLu

Back at casa de Evangelista family is sitting st the table 🍽 to have a meal 🥘. They laugh 😂 🤭 and rejoice in celebration as Prey gives 🥂. “To Candy, she was a funny bitch and we will all miss her”.

They all say “To Candy.” 👩🏾‍🦱🍫

Silence 🤐 takes place until Elektra comes through on a lighter note 📝 inquiring about what the hell is going on with Lamar’s wig.

“Next time you need to make them kids stick around.”

In the kitchen cleaning 🧹 🧽 Blanca and Prey wash and dry the 🍽 dishes. They discuss having a rough week and needing to let loose especially after holding on to stress, but have each other to lift up.

“That cup 🥛 is clean”

“Fill it up I’m thirsty”

Blanca proceeds to fill up his cup and hands it back. He pulls out a bottle of 💊. Explaining he he went to visit Judy believing it’s time for a change and time to stay alive going to his casket ⚰️ with nothing undone as he realized through Candy’s death life is precious and he has an obligation to continue life.

They take 🥂 together in greater spirit and health... “To Life!”

We end with a quote from the face goddess, herself, Octavia St. Laurent.

“Gays have rights, lesbians have rights, men have rights, women have rights, even animals have rights. How many of us have to die before the community recognizes that we are not expendable.”


Followed by a fact that more than 1,000 trans and gender nonconforming people ace been murdered globally since 2016.

Pose Season ✌🏾 Episode 4.... a game changers on harsh truth we must recognize to reconsider our opinions on real realities and injustices ⚖️ that still do exist. ✊🏿Black and ✊🏾brown trans women have suffered generational curses of unwanted crusades in forms of masculine caricatures ie; men. The fetishes 😷 that overtake these men to live in weak minded states of insecurities unwilling to love a trans women (or man) openly result in physical dangers and in most cases death. 💀 ⚰️

This story of Candy is one of many Candy’s, but most importantly a take on Venus Xtravaganza. She was an undeniable figure in the scene and is known in the ballroom film feature Paris🗼 Is Burning 🔥 for her one liners such as “Touch this skin darhling” and more.

After the filming 🎞 and release of Paris Is Burning, Venus was killed and left for dead 💀 in a cold case like most trans death either reported or not.



How many more until we realize the epidemic needs to 🛑? Is there an extermination goal to create an endangered life such as in regards to an animal species❓

We must do better. We must wake up❗️

Take a moment and show some love to a Candy in your 🌎 or anywhere in the world to let them know your are appreciated.

Parents and family ❤️ on your children and don’t allow religiosity ✝️ and personal opinions💭 lead to missing out on life until it’s too late. And for my ✊🏿 and ✊🏾 queer🌈 brothers make sure to protect the Candy’s of our community as they as the heroines of our “homo-ness” and the reason why we’re able to exist.

I too have had trans and nonconforming friends/family be murdered with no justice, it really hits 🏠 I won’t go in to details as I too am still processing even years later.


Ballroom community let’s start nurturing and molding the generations from here on out, so there is more uplifting and less shady politics and girlfriend panels.

I wanna leave off with saying Ms. Angelica Ross, it has been a pleasure watching 👀 and ✍🏾 about you throughout my Pose episode series as I wondered what was your back story and wanted more as Candy.

I already know Ms. Janet 👩🏽‍🦱 Mock ain’t letting you go away that far from 🏠 base.... I foresee🔮 a Netflix 🎥 📺💻situation as Janet have hints in a thank you tweet 🐦.

Angelica has already this week been announced to join Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story 🇺🇸😈📖 series on FX as well, this season entitled 1️⃣9️⃣8️⃣4️⃣ #AHS1984 and I’m ready!!

Until we meet again. Remember #BlackTransLivesMatter ✊🏾🌈💛👸🏾

-Justin Michael Hendrix