POSE S2 Episode 6: Love's In Need Of Love Today

POSE S2 Episode 6:


🗣 “Where my boys at? Where my boys at?”


The category is Back to the Future 🛸 bring it like its 2000 and 1️⃣5️⃣.

Yet the first look was an ode to the times as Reynolds wrap realness was on display for a Tin 🤖 Man effect.

I kept finding myself singing ‘slide some oil ⛽️ to me’.

Judges score 9️⃣9️⃣9️⃣9️⃣9️⃣

Checking for who’s next 👲🏾Pray seems a bit hot 🥵, bothered and off his game becoming slightly nauseous by the ballroom lights 💡.

A futuristic freaky Farrakhan hits the floor next in a neon light African 🇱🇾 tribal look plus mask 🗿 and 🎩 to match.

Kwanzaa ✊🏾 Realness


“Whooo lawd”, yells a hand fanning Pray.

“No No No. I said Back to the Future not Sinbad after Weight Watchers”. The final competitor arrives dressed less of the category and more for a hammer concert. #2Legit2Quit.

Judges score


Sinbad really has a Weight Watchers commercial ? He actually had did NutriSystem.

Grand Prize 🏆 ☝🏾 👁 Farrakhan

“Now I have a...

I have ahhh special announcement”

Pray begins to feel dizzy 🥴 looking into the lights 💡. He announced his AIDS cabaret and 👩🏽‍🦱Blanca is there to collect donations 💰💰💰 going towards the final collection of funding their AIDS project. “A bowl of tick-tick-tickets 🎫.”, he stutters and holds the 🎤 with ✌🏾 firmly gripped hands. Blanca looks on nervous 😟 while to trying to selling raffle 🎟🎟 tickets.

“Alright so.”

He falls through the ground. Blanca and the ballroom y’all rushed 🏃🏾🏃🏽‍♀️ to their most beloved. Blanca tells Pray to open his 👀 urging for somebody to ☎️ an 🚑 as they fan his fainted body.

“I can’t get a read on his blood 💉🌡 pressure”

Nurse 👩🏻‍🦰 Judy is aiding Pray👲🏾 Tell though by the sounds of agony 😖 he begs the differ. She informs Blanca she is trying without bruising him, but even after switching machines still the same results.

“Whats wrong with him?!”

“Yeah what’s wrong with me?!”

Blanca and Pray, himself question what is happening to his body. The doctor 🥼 insist their waiting on blood 🌡📈 test and results to come back, but based on bruising and passing out he believes it’s his platelets.

“Have you been more tired than usual?!”

Feeling like the kicks🦵of old age Pray is unaware of his abilities and apparent bruising on his legs🦵. He continues the series of questions even answering some bowel (💩) movement problems since taking medication 💊 💊 💊.

A Endoscopy is scheduled 🗓.

Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura

Translation for not only Pray Tell, but all of us.

If you wanna know the importance of platelets here is your definition: Platelets are tiny blood 🧬 cells that help your body form clots to stop bleeding. If one of your blood vessels gets damaged, it sends out signals to the platelets

Assuming the effect were HIV related the doctor further believes it’s from the side effects of the medication. He decides to take him off the medication 💊 in trade for other antibiotics to help health his immune system back in raising red 🔴 blood cells.

Blanca apologizes 😔

“This is some bullshit. This is some bull shit.” 👲🏾

Judy and Blanca try their best to comfort him from informing him that most cases are reversible to offering refreshments.

“This virus 🦠 is attacking my cells 2️⃣4️⃣ hours a day.”

He is in disbelief and sick 🤒 of not knowing💭 what’s its doing internally wanting the shit out of his body.

Emotions rise.

“You have a lot of life in you Pray Tell”, Blanca reminds him.

The comforting continues as they even mention how they will take over duties for the AIDS cabaret, but Pray lets them know not to treat him like a child 🧒🏽 as they tried to butter him up.

“Yeah I wanna live. Y’all know I wanna live. But sometime I just wanna throw a mutha fuckin temper tantrum 😡 every once and a while. Can I have that at least?”

Yelling for them to 🗣get the fuck out.

Blanca apologies again very hurt. 😢

Walking up to read the AIDS cabaret flyer 📰 Ms. Frederica Norman 👩🏻 snatches it off the window, balls in up and walks 🚶🏽‍♀️ inside the nail 💅🏽💅🏾💅🏿 salon.

“We both know you’re going to be out of business eventually. There’s no need to sabotage yourself.”

“Umm my community 🌈 supports each other.”

“Don’t get me wrong I love gays”

“Are you talking about your hair dresser or your personal stylist in Bloomingdales.”

“It’s the AIDS I Don’t like”

The ladies have a moment discussing women and gender identity 🚹🚺 in regards to business and livelihood. Blanca ensures her ❤️ for her community is at a cost of the finer things in Ms. Norman’s 📖. She pushed back naming her hairdresser, cousin Christopher who she made meatballs 🥘 with at grandmas house... dying of skin cancer and being left to transition ⚰️ alone into the spiritual realm.

“You out of all people should be making sure no one is even thinking about it when they come through that 🚪.”

Ms. Norman goes further into her stance against AIDS and not wanting it to effect business 📊 at any rate putting people’s health at risk calling for clean 🧽 utensils and products.

“I got one of those sterilizing machines in the back. Do you wanna see it?”


She has a change of thought💭 suggesting to put the flyer 📰 back on display to have her vacate sooner. Then hands $20 bucks 💸 to Blanca even offering up a favor in donating her time and services in 🎼song. Had spent years at Rucker’s she could have had a career on 🎭stage, but she wasn’t to the liking of being told what to do. She snatched the 💵 back from Blanca and walks out.


“Hey Hey. Hello roomie.” 👲🏾

Pray is escorted into a shared 🏥 suite.

“Louis Carter. Ammonia.” 👨🏾

“Pray Tell. Low Platelets.”

They greet each other.

Pray believing he seen Louis around having to have known all the black queers in town.

“You go to the balls.” 👲🏾

“Oh God no!” 👨🏾

He reveals he used to work else where assuming a popular place of 🏬 business. Shocked Pray responds “oh she a posh queen”, but he rebuttal “I’m a college 👨🏾‍🎓 educated man. I am not a queen 👸🏾.”

TBH in the black queer experience ballroom competitions or “ball kids” are labeled and looked 👀 down 👇🏾upon yet we push and drive the culture in many ways from looks to lingo.

Trust there isn’t ☝🏾 ballroom participant or “ball kid” who hasn’t experienced this including myself.

“You 👌🏾?”

Pray asked a coughing 😤 college educated man, but his coughing continues going into a heart 💔 attack. 🚨 Alarms 🚨 go off and Pray is screaming 😱 for the 👩🏾‍⚕️ as staff rush in to revive the man. Interfering he insist that they are hurting Louis as he is told to calm down... they soon lay 💉Pray down.


Waking up to a room of white 🌹 roses and cards he reaches to the nearest 💐 and reads the card.

“My dearest Pray Tell please die 💀 soon so I can have some goddamn company here in Hell. You know you miss me. Love, Candy” 👩🏾

He puts it down quick.

Reaches do another to the right.

“Die bitch xoxo, Candy” 👩🏾

Looking 👀 around he reaches for the curtain pulling it back to reveal. The one and only spirit of Candy Ferocity.

“Hello Pray Tell. I’ve come to give you good news bitch.”

Volumes and leaving the good 💊 💊 💊 shit here, Candy is all up and through Pray Tell’s 🏥 habitat.

“Are you a 👻 or am i 💀 too”?

“Ooh you look stunning✨ bitch!”

Complimenting herself, she begins causal conversation revealing to have perks in her afterlife from a former Lancôme makeup💄💋 artist, photoshoot 📸 with Robert Maplethrone to Lunch 🥙 with Liberace and dance 💃🏾 lessons from Alvin Alley.

“So you spending eternity with people who died ⚰️ from AIDS.”

Candy says how he will see, as she makes heaven 🙏🏾 her own with people who understand and are like her.

“I’m gonna 🥊fight”

“For what another ball”

👲🏾Pray tells 👩🏾Candy how he will continue yet she questions if he wants to be the only one being left with Saint Blanca wishing he left sooner.

“Wait what did you mean when said those people understand you. Candy did you have AIDS?”

“I never told nobody. I was careful with all my tricks. Condoms every time no exceptions. I’m not tryna hurt nobody, but people treat you different when you’re sick, but...”

As his 👼🏾 of Mercy she walks and sits bedside 🛌 Pray Tell giving his a handful of 💊 as she taps the bottle empty. Promising it won’t hurt and next thing he’ll be on a 🚲 ride with Perry Ellis and Steve Rubel.

“Trust me”

He throws them down not wanting to. He awakens to a dark room and emergency sounds. He is heads towards the hallway to have seek help, but he is informed the power ⚡️ has went out in the unit and is escorted back to 🛏.

Laying down he starts to 👂🏾🎶 humming.

“Why are you singing?”👲🏾

“I’m singing for you son” 👴🏾

“I’m not your son. Don’t call me your son.”👲🏾

Another spirit has come forth to visit and it’s an unwanted one. His 👴🏾 stepfather. He suggest his singing used to relax him, but Pray quick to budge acknowledging what followed after the relaxation occurred.

“You’ve got to forgive me son...”

Unwanted 🙅🏾‍♂️ and undeserving 🙅🏾‍♂️Pray is indifferent of forgiving his stepfather, but does it anyway for him and not his stepfather. Unsure of what he’s done wrong Pray tells him if his years of abuse and corruptions on his 👩‍👦mother to then himself.

“You seduced me” 👴🏾

“I was twelve when you started playing footsie with me under the table.”👲🏾

The play out of a predator 🤢 🤦🏾‍♂️

“I forgive you. I forgive you. I forgive you”

Pray finally forgives his step father for the harm and having ☮️ only when at his ⚰️.

Screaming he in empathy Pray is comforted.

“Pray. Shhh. Baby you gotta get dressed.”

It’s his former lover 🧑🏻 Costas here to stop the stresses of those negatives Nancies as it is time for him to get dressed 🕴🏾.

“Where are we going?” 👲🏾

“To the AIDS Cabaret” 🧑🏻

Costas 😘 him and escorts him along while reassuring that he is here with him always.

👲🏾Pray walks to the thrusthold and turns back before exiting from 👨🏻Costas.

🕺🏾🎩Dressed in a very dapper yet dramatic effect. We see Pray wearing a silver metallic suit with cream colored vest and white button up, but let’s not forget about the dramaaaaa that is that train as it came with bulbs and bright lights 💡.

Walking down a dim hall. Pray begins to sing 🎤.

“The night is bitter. The 🌟 have lost their glitter✨ ...”

Reaching the 🚪 of the cabaret he is hit with a spotlight and a line of lives lost to AIDS 👨🏻🧑🏼👨🏽‍🦱🧔🏿👨🏽‍🦲👴🏻 and HIV. Pray greets them as he sings with handshakes 🤝 and 😊.

Finally ending with a 😘 to Costas

He pooches to the 🎤

Flips train and...

“Tuh! Good riddance.”

He continues to sing the tribute to a room a taken too soon.

I’ll be honest and say I enjoyed the musical aspect given. It brings more dynamics to the episode and series.

“Thank you thank you I hope I entertained you.”👲🏾

“Pray. Pray tell baby” 👩🏻‍🦰

He is awaken from his dream and found in an empty room by Nurse Judy realizing he is possibly losing his mind 🧠.

Back at the house of Evangelista 👩🏽‍🦱Blanca is trying her best to coordinate the cabaret 📝 without Pray Tell the best she can, but becomes easily distracted by the kids in the other room.

“What the hell is wrong with y’all? Y’all ain’t got nothing else better to do then make all this rocket in here. How about y’all maybe clean up this damn pigsty.”

“We were just celebrating cause 👩🏽 Angel booked another campaign.” Says Papi 🧑🏻

The children 🧑🏻👩🏽🧑🏾 let mother know that this could be Angel’s chances to that Guess 👖 ad.

“You know what. That is wonderful and all, but you know how hard it is for me with my dyslexia 😐. I’m tryna book talent and Johnny Mathis manger isn’t even returning my ☎️ calls.” Becoming stressed 😫 handling all of Pray’s jobs Angel goes in for a hug 🤗 as the boys apologize and exit.

“You want me to help you” 👩🏽

Angel offers help, but Blanca feels it’s not it yet her choices on Pray taking the medication as she is responsible.

Angel tells her to stop as it was for Pray’s betterment.

They hug it out.

“You look fine.” 👩🏽‍🦱

“Well I wasn’t going to show up in my scrubs” 👩🏻‍🦰

Blanca and Nurse Judy compliment each other as it’s the day of the AIDS Cabaret. Feeling like she failed to secure enough talent she is told a success is a success with the accomplishments of what she was able to do.

“Where Pray”👩🏽

“Don’t get me started”👩🏻‍🦰

Resting in his room Pray has no interest in the event he created. Mother E storms in on him demanding he get his ass out the 🛏 as he is in better health.

“You 😡 Pray”

“You think? I have good reason to be.”

Blanca trying her best for herself and him confronts the thoughts of being spiteful and wanting to blame others when at times accountability falls oneself yet we can’t dwell in it especially with family.

“Fuck You” 🖕🏾👲🏾

“Fuck You too”🖕🏾👩🏽

They fold their arms and turn away from each other to give in and 🔑.

“Get dressed and put on some Cologne that makes you smell like a old whore?”

“Ex-queeze me!”

Blanca walks out

The cabaret begins. Nurse Judy sings 🎤 a song of lovers and friends gone always.

“Sometimes It Snows In April” By Prince and The Revolution ☔️

Did you notice 🧑🏾Ricky hold 👱🏽‍♀️LuLu’s hand. 💛

And all good things they say never last

Love isn’t love until it’s passed.

The ends with 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 then the children start to house call their respective houses.



👩🏻‍🦰Nurse Judy introduces 👩🏻Frederica to the 🎤.

“I know what you’re thinking💭 . Who is this broad and why is she at a AIDS cabaret? My dear friend Blanca made me realizes I haven’t done enough for AIDS, so from here on I’m going to be an advocate. I’ve always fashioned myself after Elizabeth Taylor with my jewels 💎 and my furs...”

She carries on gloating about herself 🙄 but 🗣go off!

“...the 🌎 wanted me to be a tycoon. Today, I fashion myself after Elizabeth Taylor with my Philanthropy.”

She walks towards Blanca handing her 💵. She snatched it as Angel suggest to check if it’s real 😉

Remember she a crook now. 👁

He 👂🏾 Papi try to get his cut too!

She ends with calls for a 🎁 of song and in a E flat.

The accompany begins to play. 🎹 (pianist played by show writer Our Lady J)

Her song of choice. Stephen Sondheim’s “I’m Still Here”.

As she shimmy and shake her performance was truly ☝🏾 to watch considering she is known for her Broadway Bravado.

You catch the notes and that long ☝🏾 at the end!

Ovation 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

I see 👀 you carrying Kelly Mizrahi

Blanca and Frederica 🤗 it out learning to never underestimate a New 🗽Yorker as the tycoon steps out to make a ☎️ call.

Blanca calls for a break in the festivities for the silent auction as Frederica is calling for an update on boarding up her business... closing Blanca’s shop yet needing a little more time as this is a distraction by attending.

🎹 plays

“I’m going to love you like nothing you’ve known...”

Umm 😐 Elektra no fucking ma’am why did she offer up her Dionne Warwick styles to the setlist? I’m like LuLu finger to the 👂🏾!

Thanking Blanca for her rendition it is announced that they have raised over $4,000 💰 for Minority Task Force on AIDS.

“Raising 💰 for HIV and AIDS have always been a passion of mine. Not because I like sing and carrying on, but I’m someone who lives with the virus 🦠 . I’m not saying that because I want your pity. I’m saying it so you can see what this disease looks like.” 💛

Blanca let’s the audience know of her status and more importantly to take 📝 that the first letter in HIV is “H” for “human” and to never forget that. 💥👌🏾

The final number is Stevie Wonder “Love’s In Need Of Love Today”.

As she sings one of my favorites by Mr. Ribbon 🎀 In The Sky 🌌 a less Superstitious Pray 👲🏾 Tell arrives dressed 👔👞 and has a 💺 until they encourage him to take the 🎤 for another moment to rejoice in song.

When will we get an original Pose FX Cast Soundtrack?!?!

After the magical✨ number Blanca is approached by Frederica as they mend fences unknowing of her mischief she offers the boss ladie a free mani and pedi 💅🏾🦶 on the house, but trying to keep her away from the boarded 🏚 up building she persuaded Mother Evangelista Into dessert 🍮 .

Sneaky bitch.

“That bitch!”

The next day comes and Blanca is gagged by her moves.

It’s 8️⃣PM so you knows it 🥘🍽 and Pray is wanting some booze 🍷, but mother insist they take things lightly from no liquor 🍹 to heavy helpings of healthier food options including no seasonings... but at least they did butter the 🍜 and 🥖 to flush out the meds and gain weight.

“That witch really played you.”

“I filed a lawsuit at the housing authority.”

Blanca let’s the family know she has filed a suit and plans to protest putting her hidden talents on display.

“A Crook!

A Crook!

Frederica is a Crook❗️”

The House of Evangelista is out protesting as Blanca inquires If entertaining enough for a Pray who insist they need more people 👥👥👥👥👥👥 to protest.

Turning Blanca around we see LuLu Ferocity leading a back from one end to 👩🏾‍🦱KiKi Pendavis from another meeting Blanca at the Mecca To magnify their message.

“A Crook!

A Crook!

Frederica is a Crook❗️”

With 5️⃣0️⃣ people or more in tow they’ll be sure to bring the news out and even Mother 👩🏾❄️ Wintour who only dressed for the occasion in an outfit seen by the world.

Frederica 🚙 by and 🛑 ... “Shit!”, she says before driving away.

Yeah “CIS” they coming.

🌑Nightfalls and Pray is preparing for 🛏 walking passed a chair he is greeted by 👩🏾Candy once again.

“Get out”

“Oh miss thing get ready...”

Candy is reminding him that’s she is here with an open 📭RSVP to leave all the pain away as the travel guide of the ultimate destination 🏖.

“I have plenty of 🥊fight left in me. Go head keep haunting me.”

Persistent Pray let’s her know to keep coming as it’s not his time.

Sitting on the 🛏 and turning off the lights 💡.

The episode ends with a quote from creative visionary behind ‘Tongues Untied’, Marlon Riggs

“It is necessary to constantly remind ourselves that we are not an abomination.”


Love In Need Of Love was an unexpected episode. From Pray passing out to the musical performances I will say this episode only leaves me to wonder how many more trick they have up their sleeves or wig bitch! 😂

I can wonder where Pray will go now since Candy is on the prowl and how Blanca will handle the adversities against her as a black trans businesswomen.

Buckle my seatbelt now I know it’s about to be a ride from here on out.

I wanna leave y’all with some new BLACK QUEER MUSIC by duo TERRACOTTA MAFIA whose released their debut project The Muse + the Machine which is out! They have a great project please check them out.

Until we meet again on the runway,

-Justin Michael Hendrix