POSE S2 Episode 7: BLOW

POSE S2 Episode 7: BLOW

2️⃣, 3️⃣... HIT IT‼️

Damon opens the episode teaching a vogue class of only 3️⃣ 👩🏼👨🏻👩🏻‍🦱. He roots them on as they are trying to master the techniques of yesterday.

“Hey Hey” 👩🏽‍🦱

Arrives his boss with paycheck.

He opens it.

“Great Just enough for 🚌 fare”

👩🏽‍🦱 “Flyers won’t put 👋🏾Vogue🤚🏾 back in charts.”

If you haven’t taken notice Madonna has been moved on and MC Hammer has been move in with requests for the routine from “Can’t Touch This”.

“Girl stop 🛑”, says Damon unwilling

“White folks like to visit. Not live.”

🗣Category is realness... Bring it like brunch!”

“Caviar. Bloody 🍹 Maries. Brunch is for some alcoholic bitches that ain’t gotta go to work in the morning ☀️.”



Cream Bob 🐱 Fur Bitch Grand 🏆 Prize

Seeing Ricky 👀 looking down Pray speaks. 🎙

“Cut the music 🎶. Looky Lues have left the building America’s 🇺🇸 obsession with Vogue is dead 💀.

Told you so!

Ballroom is going to continue to be ballroom we going to continue to create like we always do and soon enough the looky lues will be back and they’ll notice. Yes?!”

Raising his glass 🥃.

“My nerves is still tender...” 👩🏽‍🦱

A story in page 🗞 six of protestors leaving 💉 needles and condoms are leaving Blanca in a bad mood. Frederica using it as an advantage to beat her she realized she has to be stronger 💪🏾 than ever and make sure she holds everyone together.

She goes to check on a glassed eyed and tired LuLu.

“I been hearing bad things about you.”

Checking on 👩🏽‍🦰LuLu she notices that she’s falling apart, Damon🧑🏽 has less work and 🧑🏾Ricky is in the house everyday. Ceasing wine 🍷 coolers and 📺 she 🛑’s Damon and Ricky’s fun time.

“Get your ass up and do something.”

I recall my mother, who is trans, came to my brothers and I one day ripping us a new asshole due to the constant “Boy’s Clubs” and pileups… we got our asses up!

Pray 👲🏾 Tell informs Blanca that they must 💡 the way as elders now being a blessing 🙏🏾 and curse 🔮 with a plan or caper to save them all.

“You’re late 🏫 in session had a 💺.”

The three 🧑🏾👩🏽‍🦰🧑🏽 meet the elders in the ballroom halls to learn self respect, responsibility and motivation. Welcoming them to the 🌎 they give them a job that doesn’t pay in paper 💵, but experience and purpose.

Wrapping Frederica Norman’s 🏡 up in a condom.

highlighting her bigotry and the awareness for condoms.

“Okay so what’s in the brainstorming 🧠 ⛈ list so far”

Glueing condoms and using around the house times they can’t think of anything. Breaking down 👩🏽‍🦰LuLu as a dumb 🙃 stripper outburst of days when her smarts 🧠 existed and having a great reasoning when Candy was alive. Cheering ☺️ her up they let her know they must remember how smart they are.

“☝🏾 step at a time”

They realize they must measure the house first and compare it to Birthday 🦄 inflatables to have their ideas come to fruition, but how without the funds?! 💰

Knocks at the 🚪

“Hi sorry to wake you heard you sneak in early from work last I figured all that hard work deserved a cooked meal so I prepared myself to cook you one.” 👩🏽

“Damn girl I didn’t know you cook.” 🧑🏽

She cooked him breakfast 🍳 as they have a morning catch conversation.

“So what you up to today?” 🧑🏻

“Ms Ford got me a membership at this club. Cornels?! She want me to mingle and be seen.”

Angel has a evening filled with Editorials and photographers At 14th and 8th where Papi would Pick pockets at velvet rope. Moving up in the world... fake with those phony ass people. Seeing her they only see a pretty picture but not seeing her.

“Papi what if they find out about?” 👩🏽

“What?” 🧑🏻

“You know.”

“There not gonna find out Angel.”

Deserving of the 🌎 taking notice the ☎️ rings and she runs as Papi cheers her on.

“Hello... OMG. What? Promise I will not disappoint you Mrs. Ford.”

Hangs up ☎️


Grabs fans

“I’m the new BeBe girl!”

“Yo that what I’m talking about you fancy now. You know what I’m coming with you tonight to Nell’s.”🧑🏻

“Only if you go as my boyfriend.”


They 😘

“Alright measuring tape!”

👩🏽‍🦰LuLu 🧑🏽Damon and 🧑🏾Ricky are dashing to and around Casa de Frederica Norman to measure it sizable enough for a custom condom.

Snapping pictures 📸 as Ricky says anxiously “let’s go, let’s go, let’s go” amping up the process and momentum. They then figure out a plan to secure the finances.

“All we need is...” 👩🏽‍🦰

“Some 💵 ?! Absolutely not! I’m not a charitable foundation with children to clothes and rent to pay.” 💁🏾‍♀️

“It’s a shame in the ballroom everybody completely over looked your Marie Antoinnette at the ball.”

Blaming Pray Tell and his glaring preacher act, but she reminded of her creation.

“You built a fucking garatune in a carousel. And all everyone talk about is how he (Pray) read you for filth. Because you didn’t come that protest.”

Tarnishing an icon status.

LuLu soon persuaded her into help assist them in their project to show the Pray council, judges 👨🏽‍⚖️👩🏽‍⚖️👩🏾‍⚖️👨🏾‍⚖️👨🏿‍⚖️ and the ballroom community she is on the streets and in the trenches with all, but being a good citizen... raising 📈 the debt from her for Mother OTY for tings donation.

“Who supplying the condoms?”

“The same company that made the big jump house for the Italian parade on Mulberry.”

A request of 💲2️⃣5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ was asked however, giving her 💲1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ from her 🧤, Elektra feels earning any more would be her earning charity so she helps her with that too pulling out a risqué 😜👙👠 outfit from the lockers.

They walk down the sex hall.

“I have a trick for you 🦹🏽‍♂️Mr. Hosiery. Mistress Lucien’s she’s twice✌🏾 the bitch I am and cost ✌🏾double.”

Looking 👀 at Elektra for approval she whips💥 him with bliss.


she whips💥 again

“That’s my baby girl”

She 😊

Streetlights and club lines. Angel And Papi arrives to Cornell’s nightclub.

“Angel.” 👩🏻

“Hey” 👩🏽


“Katie good to see you. This is Esteban”

Cameras 📸 flashing, club 💡 lights and club 🎉 goers fill the club as Angel is greeted by a business 👨🏻 associate being offered 🥃. They cheers 🥂 and are invited to follow towards VIP.

“Damn they do this shit🌬 out in public in front of everybody.” 🧑🏻

“This not public. This members only baby.” 👩🏽

As the VIP is filled and filed with 🌬coke, the pharmaceutical kind and not uptown. They are offered to take part however Papi declines the party 🎈. Explaining uninterrupted euphoria he persuades a leaning into to Angel until Papi ask for the 🚽. They walk into the bathroom.

“Angel we can do that.”

After being homeless for weed🍃, he isn’t trying to return to the streets knowing Blanca’s policy on drug use. A naive Angel questions Papi’s 👂🏾 to what he said about the potency of the poison ☠️.

“It’s basically medicine. Why would they give it to them if it’s gonna hurt them?!” 👩🏽

Vigorous thoughts💭 of comparing 💊 💊 💊 to being similar to vitamins they waltz joyful out the 🚽 to take in the bathroom favorite. Down on bended knees they grab the metal straws and snort 👃🏾 up the substance ❄️ as the side effects 🦵 kick in.

They own the dance floor 🕺🏾 💃🏾 the night away grinding and guzzling down 🍸. The night ends with the ✌🏾 in bed 🛌 having an intimate 💗 moment as Angel and Papi confess their passion and ❤️ for ☝🏾 another.

They 😘.

“Is there a Ritz Carlton or even a Marriott available?” 💁🏾‍♀️

They arrive at the 🏨 to the displeasing of Elektra however Nurse 👩🏻‍🦰 Judy reminds them of the budget their allowed with Act Up. Moving a long they sort out rooms: 👲🏾Pray and the 🧑🏽🧑🏾boys in ☝🏾 and the ladies in the other.

“So I’m gonna take this 🛏 by the window and y’all can take the ☝🏾 by the 🚽. Daddy needs her rest.” 👲🏾

Pray claims his territory, but Damon isn’t down for the ✌🏾 man slumber. Ricky offers up the 🛏 in place for a cot if Damon travel to get it and he agrees leaving out.

“Don’t judge.” 👲🏾

Having a routine to keep him sane Pray sits out his skin 🧴 regiment. Ricky surprised 😲 with “a damn moment”, soon inquired about the flawless face.

“Skin is like leather it must be moisturized 🧴 to remains supple.”

Looking 👀 back he says to Ricky how they back in the day they had elders 👨🏽‍🦱👨🏾‍🦱👨🏿‍🦱 to look up to that were older and wiser. The times have changed and now they’ve become closer to endangered 💀 species. Ricky turns 🌀 his body and lays his head back to release a great sigh.

“What’s wrong with you” questions Pray 👲🏾

“I got a ☎️ from 🧑🏽Chris before we left today. The ☝🏾 from the tour. He was crying 😭 because he tested 💉🌡 positive.” 🧑🏾

“That’s terrible, but you said you didn’t sleep with him.” 👲🏾

“He just sucked my 🍆. Chris is a hungry bottom hoe.” 🧑🏾

“Okay that’s enough of that there’s way too much bottom 🍑 shaming going on in our community. Nothing wrong with a man getting 🍑🍆 what he wants receiving 💗intimacy.”

Walking 🚶🏽 over to Ricky suggesting he needs to get tested and be honest with Damon, as this is our lives now and a feeling to remember to be kept responsible. 💯

“You ✌🏾 queens gonna help out not.” 🧑🏽

Damon arrives with cot.

Goodnight 🌙

“Alright we have 1️⃣5️⃣ minutes before the neighborhood watch calls thee popo 👮🏼‍♂️👮🏻‍♀️.”

The group arrives to the Norman’s residence ready to get down to business. A sighting of news 🎥 crews in tow as they have a ❤️ for angry gays implies Judy’s lover.

“What’s the plan when 5-0 🚔 rolls up”

“We take the fall.”

“Oh no I’m not posing for a mugshot with that horrid lighting.”

💁🏾‍♀️ Elektra isn’t down for the idea. Blanca pushing back saying as elders they must do their job and step up. Sacrifices being made Pray snatching up Elektra bringing her ass on.

They get to work as Elektra offers her help in visibility and a quick distraction as a 👩🏼‍🦳🐕 neighbor comes by being the right bitch for that.

“What’s all this about?!”👩🏼‍🦳

“We’re tenting for termites, but don’t worry Frederica knows all about it. We’re close.” 💁🏾‍♀️

“I find that hard to believe”

“Just last week we had lunch at river cafe and she told me all about how much she adores you.”

“Now I know your lying”

The neighbor says she is still calling the 🚔 as Elektra read her right back to the yellow 🧱 road for her inside look outside.

“It’s the government. It’s ⛪️. They refuse to tell the people the truth. That Condoms are the most effective way to 🙅🏾‍♀️ prevent 🙅🏾‍♂️ the spread of HIV and AIDS.”

“And what would you like our audience to take away from this unique protest?” 🎥

“We’re here and we ain’t going nowhere and if you think that this disease ain’t coming for you too you’re wrong.” 👲🏾

The dynamic duo of 👩🏽‍🦱B and 👲🏾P are interviewed 🎤 for a news segment on their protest ending with the real show beginning.

3️⃣, 2️⃣, 1️⃣

The inflation commences.

The 🏡 has now became a huge condom and masterpiece 🖼 according Judy👩🏻‍🦰 as the group looks 👀 up in Achievement.

“Seen my mother’s 🥘 cookbook 📖 anywhere?” 👩🏽‍🦱

Blanca and Damon are back 🏠 as he goes to his room to grab it after taking a read on the recipe for biscuits 🥖. He vogues down the hall into the room interrupting Papi and Angel.

“Ever heard of 🚪 knocking?”

“I ain’t know y’all was in here relax.”

He looks at a not so innocent or quick to hide a possible habit.

“What the fuck is that Angel.”

She tries to speak, but Papi hems Damon up again the 🚪 telling him not to speak 🤫, but he does insisting to release him. Asking about their funds 💵 for a finer drug ❄️ she informs him of the party 🎉 favor though Damon lets them know it’ll come at a cost reminding them of Blanca’s 🏠 rulings as well on drugs especially Papi.

“I’m the new BeBe girl.”

Angel and Papi try their damnedest to tell Damon the reasoning of their use... celebrate her snatching a modeling gig for the newest BeBe campaign. I will say that scene I had laughed 😂 because you can tell that Angel and Papi were already coked out love while tryna disguise it.


...If Blanca catches a whiff of this y’all gonna be buried next to Candy.” ⚰️

They agree as Angel goes to the window and drops glass filled substance. Damon’s warns them then goes further about the time at Frederica’s new condom Cocoon as payback, but he’ll tell more at dinner 🍽.

“Now if this isn’t the best meal 🥘 I don’t know what is.”

The family is at the table and ready to eat. The children have cooked 🥘 using Blanca’s mothers cook 🥘 📖 book to create a feast though that salad 🥗 bowl was small and one serving only sis. 😂 They celebrate the success of operation condom and wanting to do another one.

“Tonight we giving the speech instead of Pray.” 🧑🏾

Ricky school the elders tonight giving thanks 🙏🏾 to them for lifting themselves off the floor. Having future unseen they destined to manage the world and community in wait for them.

“I’m so happy 😀 to see you up and running 🏃🏽‍♀️ again.”

Blanca is complimented by a client at her nail 💅🏽💅🏾💅🏿 shop. She shares of how she won her case in court 👩🏾‍⚖️ against a rich white 👩🏻 woman in 🗽New York City. The client expressed even more gratitude by leaving her with the change 💰 at the end of her nail appointment. Blanca turns 🌀away grabbing a fresh new towel turning her 💺 back around to see seated Ms. 👩🏻Norman.

“You know what I have the right to refuse devices to anyone.”👩🏽‍🦱

The ladies have a fierce backs and forth due to the fact of one feeling insulted and humiliated in front of her kind.

“I almost admire you.”👩🏻

Blanca take the kind words lightly and disregards them.

“Do be careful at night when you leave here though this neighborhood isn’t improving as fast as I thought it would.” 👩🏻

“What you gonna send somebody to bust my knee caps?”👩🏽‍🦱

Not wanting to underestimated at their peril Frederica takes an exit.

“I can’t believe we won”

Blanca is back 🏠 telling 👩🏽‍🦰LuLu all about the day earlier with Ms. Norman, but she still focused on the unwanted food before her. The ladies converse over a What I believe is a macaroni and 🍖 type casserole 🥘 .

“How you holding up” 👩🏽‍🦱

“I’m better.”👩🏽‍🦰

LuLu take lead in the conversation giving appreciation for all the help Blanca has given her since Candy’s passing and her recent downfall.

“Happiness don’t come easy.”

LuLu tells Blanca that she has enrolled in the Bronx Community College planning to finish out her Accounting 🧾 Degree 📜.

“I have dreams💭 to. I figured I make them a reality. Thank you for inspiring me and for pulling me out the dark.”

At the clinic 🏥 Ricky is learning what an adult looks like according to 👲🏾Pray Tell as he realizes this is first time he’s been tested without Damon to hold his hand🤝.

“It’s alright” says Pray holding his hand.

Ricky calls Pray “Daddy” and she ain’t having it. Bitch!


“That’s me”

Ricky 🚶🏽 to the clinic room.

“Gay male birthdate. June 2️⃣2️⃣nd, 1️⃣9️⃣6️⃣7️⃣.” 👩🏾‍⚕️


“It says here that the test 📊 came back positive do you have a general practitioner 🥼 or will you be needing a recommendation for a doctor.” 👩🏾‍⚕️

“What” 🧑🏾

“We’ll also need a list of all your sexual partners with their ☎️ numbers so we can contact them.” 👩🏾‍⚕️

“Hold on what are you saying” 🧑🏾

“Your are HIV positive were you expecting a different result 📊.”

“Of course I was...”

“And your questionnaire you stated that you had multiple same 👬👬👬 sex partners and that you rarely used condoms.”

🧑🏾Ricky learns he has be tested📊 and found to be HIV. He suggest they run it back, but the doctor👩🏾‍⚕️ insist they tested the result ✌🏾 to confirms. Having no fevers 🤒 or sweat 😓 Ricky is still in denial, but she lets him know that everyone doesn’t experience the symptoms of Cerebral conversation.

“So that’s it.”

Ricky leave the doctors room. He looks ok to Pray Tell.

“Baby I’m so sorry.” 👲🏾

“I’m gonna die” 🧑🏾

He caves into Pray 😢 as he is reminded he will not and Pray has him.

I will keep my mouth shut on a possible situation manifesting for now.

“She didn’t get in the 🚗 . What time is it?”

“9️⃣:1️⃣5️⃣ ma’am”

The call time of 7:30 we are at the photo 📸 shoot for BeBe as Angel arrives more than 2️⃣hours late, hungover 😵 and Mrs. Ford isn’t having it at all.

“Can I take it from here.”

🧑🏻Papi takes a much needed exit from the shoot as Mrs. Ford doesn’t need his presence.

“I’ll be outside.”

He leaves.

Mrs. Ford grabs the arm of Angel taking her along to see all of the production; cameras 📸 , lighting 💡 , make up 💄 and more to which she is the 🌟 of the production, but the unwanted late arrival the head honcho isn’t pleased with. Not wanting to know the details of her evening escapades and ventures she questions Angels seriousness to to the job expected.

“You don’t know me” 👩🏽

“Darling, girl haven’t we’ve done this routine?”

Reminding Angel of how close she is to stardom also seeming her fare share of shining✨ 🌟 deem their lights with nightly activities.

“Do you want to burn 🥵 out too?”

Angel puts her head 🙇🏾‍♀️ down as Mrs. Ford calls for the push on hair💆🏾‍♀️, make-up 👄 and the photographer 📸...

“Hello Mrs. Ford. Nice to see you again Angel.” 👨🏻‍💼

She looks 👀 up and yes it’s the photographer that tried to fulfill his fetish of taking nude photos 📷 for the free of Angel, but Blanca had Papi put them 🥊 paws on him to recover the originals and all other prints.

Let’s hope. 🤞🏾

The episode ends with a quote by Peter Staley:

“I think it’s a great way to live, to fight for yourself, to fight for your friends, to fight for a community of individuals who are sharing your experience, and to fight for dignity and better life and there will be a tipping point they will be victories and they will be joyous.”

I will say that I believe that photographer is about to try it with Angel in the worst way from sexual favors to humiliation.

I feeeels it.

A little history behind the infamous condom operation. It’s actually based on the 1991 act that took place around then Senate Jesse Helms’ home in September that year. Only difference is that on Peter Staley’s operation had the words “A condom to stop unsafe politics. Helms is deadlier than a virus.”

Ouch sis. 😂

After this episode my thoughts are...

When will Ballroom come back and become the craze yet again? What will Pray, Ricky and the children do next? Where will the drug use and model shoots take Angel and Papi? Who will be after Blanca now since becoming a successful businesswomen? Why nobody say shit about that body in Elektra house yet 😂

Until then you know where I’ll be, but I must say from the preview I feel like the drama is still picking up and more gagging to be had.

-Justin Michael Hendrix

I wanna give a shoutout to Tituss Burgess the four time Emmy nominated actor and singer known recently for his role in Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schimndt Series. His recent appearance on Andy Cohen’s late night show Bravo’s What What Happens Live truly was a segments, as he was there to promote his series and recent album Saint Tituss, nonetheless let’s just say a certain person tried it on the Saint’s time. #ShesAMessyQueen #WhiteGayMalePrivilege

I’ll let you watch and comment below what your thoughts are... however I would like to know how affected Andy Cohen was coming out as a white, gay, male in regards to a black, gay, male during the infamous Eddie Murphy stand-up, in which he has since yearsss ago apologized and moved on from.